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Altair Club Cars This Car Has A Noise-Cancelling Cabin Genesis G80 Electrified

This Car Has A Noise-Cancelling Cabin Genesis G80 Electrified

Jack heads to Germany for an early test drive of the new Genesis G80 Electrified. With a price tag tens of thousands of pounds lower than the high end luxury electric EVs it seemingly goes up against, and jam-packed with cutting edge technology, could South Korea’s latest EV be the surprise bargain of the year?

Hello and welcome to jsmr you join me in the genesis g80 electrified a car which is bloody quiet and it’s very quiet because well it’s electric electric cars are quiet but also because it has active noise cancelling in the cabin it’s an interesting car a car that on paper will stand toe to toe with significantly more expensive models from bmw and mercedes cars tens

Of thousands of pounds more expensive than it can what is ultimately a jumped up hyundai stand toe to toe with the old guard of german luxury today we’re going to find out because this is the genesis g80 electrified and this is fully charged right then genesis g80 electric here it is here is some german forestry i’m gonna quickly caveat this video in

The way that i do sometimes and just let you know we don’t have a lot of time with this car today this is pre-production this event we’re at today is not really designed for filming at what i’m saying to you is i’m seeing this car for the first time with you this is going to be pure stream of consciousness i’m going to notice things and i’m going to say them into

A camera and it’s going to be fun and spontaneous or rubbish let’s find out so what is it well it’s a big five meter long luxury car it’s designed with refinement and quietness and long distance driving in mind and that on paper puts it in line with a mercedes eqs a bmw i7 but here’s the interesting thing this car will start at just over 65 and a half thousand

Pounds when it arrives in the uk that’s give or take 40 grand less than the i7 and the eqs it’s cheaper by 10 grand than an eq e despite being a fair bit bigger so this potentially and this is i realize a weird thing to say about a 65 grand car but this potentially represents a massive bargain let’s find out also worth noting this is electric genesis number two

That we’re going to see this year number one was the gv60 that shares its under bits with the ionic 5 and the ev6 then we’ve got this which is actually fundamentally an ice car with some batteries pushed in there is a petrol g80 which looks very similar this is based off of that and then later this year we get the gv70 big electric suv again slightly after 30 engine

Out batteries in job but can genesis make that work for them let’s find out so design what have we got well what do you reckon i think it’s quite a smart looking face i really like the genesis design language i’ve liked every car of theirs i’ve seen so far from a design point of view we’ve got the two-strike headlight design that’s a staple as is this crest shaped

Grille to match the genesis badge here’s a fun game this car’s got the best hidden charge flap i’ve ever seen where’s the charge flap go on guess say it out loud that’s right it’s down here i’m sure a few of you at home are thinking i got that right well guess what you’re wrong it’s actually here it’s this one look you see it was a ruse i’ve had too much coffee

Come on round the side side profile of the g80 what do you notice well it’s awfully long isn’t it over five meters long that is full-size luxury saloon length but let’s notice the fact that those wheels are not pushed out to the very edges that’s because this is not a bespoke ev it shares this platform with an ice car is that going to hurt the cabin space we’ll

Find out in a second what else chrome you don’t see chrome very much on modern cars it is quite shiny this thing not sure entirely how i feel about that each to their own i suppose it’s a bit marmite i think chrome trim i do want to flag the fact that the launch color is absolutely glorious it’s called matera blue and genesis says that it’s made using chroma flare

And liquid silver so naturally they’ve given me a white one battery 87 kilowatt hours they’ve crammed a big old battery into this thing which they reckon is good for 323 miles maximum range that’s combined city and motorway so a proper long distance car that is proper range that’s impressive what else solar roof solar roof this is an optional extra and it’s nice

To see it’s nice to see this start to trickle in as an option on evs surely they should all have them right how much juice do you actually get from this genesis reckon a maximum of 1500 kilometers a year which in normal people terms is two and a half miles a day or about 18 and a half miles a week that’s maximum long story short it’s not going to save you a ton

Of money because it probably costs a bit to add it on it’s not going to be the difference between you getting home without having to stop and charge or needing to stop and charge but it’s just nice to know isn’t it that over the course of your several years of ownership a good few tens or maybe hundreds of miles of your driving came purely from the power of the

Sun what else around the back really sharp bit of design on the back here i again really do like the two-strike light design that genesis is known for it’s quite swoopy this back end a bit coupee esque again is that going to hurt cabin space we’ll find out when we fold a huge man into it in just a moment’s time boots open by a button just here i like that doesn’t

Get as dirty there’s this bit underneath here that always gets really grubby and then you get yucky fingers button civilized it’s a decent sized boot it’s not colossal we’ve got all of our camera equipment in here quite happily there is a weird lump at the back there which might irritate you slightly presumably that’s got some batteries underneath it i don’t know

Because this is my first time seeing this car inside right then back seats we’re starting in the back for a change because well in a car like this we probably should shouldn’t we the back seat’s quite important in a big exact limit if you’re going to be chauffeured everywhere this is the seat that matters most so what have we got well this car’s got the special

Exec pack that gives me a telly hello look at that i can check on the sports scores i can watch a bit of tv i can decide what’s on the radio and if i don’t want to use a touch screen oh control center just like the one in the front i’ve got my spinny wheel i’ve got my thing i can draw on again volume knobs heated seats cooled seats it’s nice to be in charge from

The back this makes me feel powerful and this is another thing i really like we saw this on the gv60 these buttons here on the passenger seat allow me to move the passenger seat forward and back i can lean it forward and back excellent if you the rear occupant want maximum legroom or if someone you don’t like very much is sat in the front passenger seat and you

Want to well crush them literally you can that’s nice however there is one glaring issue with these back seats as a as an executive man on my way to a meeting i’m a bit short on headroom and this is a downside of a couple of things a the non-bespoke ev architecture which presumably means that the batteries are eating up more floor than they otherwise would be

And b that sloping roof line this is a bit of an oversight i know that heads of industry tend to be quite shocked but even so in a car that pitches itself as a luxe limo i don’t think this is an acceptable amount of rear space and immediately that rules this out as a sort of eqs uh i7 rival because those really are cars where spec’d correctly you can sit in the

Back and lord over the road in this thing immediately i’m thinking that’s where i want to be sat so that’s quite interesting let’s go sit there first impression really quite old-school in the design that they’ve gone for again accustomed to seeing a giant telescreen either mounted portrait or landscape in the middle you compare this to an eqs hyperscreen and it

Feels positively retro and some people will like that some people won’t what i will say is you do get in here and it just makes a lot of sense we’ve got big physical buttons for our radio and our sat nav and our media and we’ve got a special hotkey on the steering wheel pretty clean not a huge number of buttons to speak of but they’re all big and physical that was

My main gripe with the eqs 100 thousand pound car with haptic buttons on the wheel how dare you and i liked the hyper screen it looks phenomenal but i didn’t love it to use i found it a little bit intimidating it’s just a lot of screen to get your head around this situation here so easy to understand nice narrow strip of screen up here really near your eye line for

The road which is a good safety feature you don’t have to move your eye line very far in order to see what’s going on to cut a lot of waffle shorts this looks verging on outdated but it does work very nicely and some people will just prefer this more familiar layout 3d gauge cluster now this gauge cluster again at face value a kind of old-school setup we’ve become

Accustomed to a little thin strip of information but they have gone with something resembling a traditional gauge cluster it’s all digital and it really changes depending on what driving mode you’re in it’s actually really quite beautiful it’s also 3d there are cameras tracking my eyeballs enabling this slight kind of depth of field effect with the information it

Doesn’t serve any practical purpose just looks really really really nice it’s a really nice cabin it’s a lot better in the front i think it’s a lot more roomy in the front even i can fit although another slightly heightest observation the heads-up display not visible not visible not visible there it is this would be my driving position in the genesis g80 electric

Should we go for a drive so then out on the road in the genesis g80 electric hello i’m going to start by doing something very juvenile and probably completely irrelevant i’m going to pop it into sport mode and as i do that the dials get all sporty and the seat bolsters squeeze me and then i put my foot down and yeah that’s that’s real fast north to 60 miles

An hour 4.9 seconds in this car top speed 146 miles per hour they’ve actually designed the motors for this car specifically with efficiency and top speed in mind and that may sound completely pointless but spend a bit of time on the german autobahns and you will appreciate that top speed because that is that’s middle lane speed in this part of the world and yes

It’s excessive yes this car could probably do with half the amount of power it’s got but in a high-end luxury car you want more than enough of everything that’s part of the experience it’s part of the opulent pleasure of it i have more than what i need in every regard and that is certainly true all of this performance okay let’s stop being silly pop it back into

Comfort mode my dials go a calming blue and let’s talk about some more relevant features because this car does have some very clever tricks up its sleeve that tend to be exclusive to much more expensive cars i’ve got active cruise control and active regen braking let me explain what that means active cruise control that means if i put this car in cruise control i

Set it to 80 miles an hour but then a big bend approaches in the road the car will know that bend is coming from the sat nav and it’ll slow me down accordingly it’ll do the thinking for me likewise active regen instead of you choosing from the four different strengths of regen i simply set it to auto and again the car is now reading the road ahead of me it’s reading

My driving and it’s giving me the amount of regen that it thinks i need based off that information i’ve only experienced this in the bmw ix before it was brilliant then and it was brilliant now i am doing so little thinking to move this card down this road quite quickly and of course genesis being a hyundai brand i’ve still got that clever hind-eyed thoughtfulness

Implemented in this cabin little things designed to make life a bit easier for example when i indicate right there in my gauge cluster blind spot camera showing me exactly what’s going on in my blind spot love that feature tesla nicked that by the way and added it in a recent software update which is highly flattering i’ve got an all-wheel drive system that’s only

All-wheel drive when it needs to be when you’re struggling for traction or you want to do speed most of the time it unhooks the front wheels and it’s rear-wheel drive for efficiency to increase range performance is ample at all times in any driving mode but i do like how much smoother the power delivery is in eco and comfort something we’ve got a lot better at with

Modern electric cars is really uh fiddling with the way it delivers the power so it’s not just spiky and jarring every time you stamp on the throttle i should mention that we’re now out on the motorway we’ve come out of the twisty forest roads and this car sits at motorway speed with such maturity it’s not got that ultra refined waftiness of something like an eqs

That witchcraft suspension that you get for that you get from really high-end luxury cars but it’s not far off it’s real floaty in here a little bump there barely felt it concluding thoughts on this genesis g80 electrified then i think it’s a really interesting car first of all we can rule it out as a chauffeur-driven luxury limo it’s just not got the room back

There and realistically if you are looking to be driven around by a man in a silly hat you’re going to buy an eqs or an i7 or an ix because they have so much more room in the back due to their bespoke eevee architecture and what’s more what’s 40 grand to you if you can afford a chauffeur but i think there is a specific use case where this car absolutely shines

If you are someone who travels a couple hundred miles a day for work and you want to do that in comfort and luxury and you have a little bit of budget but not insane money there is almost nothing out there for you right now you’re looking at a thai can which is lovely but expensive or you’re looking like something like a pole star 2 a tesla model 3 an i4 which

Don’t have the same refinement and comfortability that this thing has this is a taste of the luxury life on a bit of a budget and it does that really really well this multitude of clever tech features that are doing all the thinking for me making driving so much less tiring the comfy seat with the massage features the posh heads up display the augmented reality

Windscreen we hadn’t even talked about that today it feels like a really luxurious car sitting in the front here i like it that’s my detailed summation right then final thoughts on this genesis g80 electrified well first of all definitely not final thoughts early thoughts this has been a quick speedy glimpse a quick first drive at this car we couldn’t resist

The opportunity to get a quick early go in it because it isn’t an interesting thing an interesting brand in fact this video was so hasty i forgot to mention it’s got a vehicle to load that’s quite important didn’t mention that bad jack can i also just quickly say how good does it look in this blue that i was telling you about with the tan leather oh this is the

Spec i would have so what do we reckon i think it’s really impressive i think genesis have been really impressive so far gv60 lovely little posh sporty crossover ev really good car but that car’s problem is it comes into a very congested space there’s a lot of good cars in that segment including its sister the ioniq five this however sort of carves out its own

Niche it’s a taste of the luxury life at a semi-accessible relatively affordable price point it’s a shame it doesn’t have bespoke architecture and big room in the back because if it did we’d be talking about the upset of the century right here but as it is still a very interesting package i think if i drove hundreds of miles a week for work i don’t know if

There’s anything i’d rather have with a sub six figure price tag there we go on that bombshell genesis g80 electrified hopefully give you a more detailed look at it as soon as we possibly can in the meantime please make sure to like and subscribe and if you have been thanks for watching well i hope you enjoyed that and i think you would also enjoy this very

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