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Altair Club Cars This Audi S6 with Stage 2 Tune is a stealth monster | MGUY Australia

This Audi S6 with Stage 2 Tune is a stealth monster | MGUY Australia

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Beneath this family car exterior beats the heart of a monster!!

Hey everyone welcome back to the channel and welcome back to this incredible audi s6 so if you’re new to the channel thanks for stopping by i really hope you enjoy it and if you like this kind of content with some random car reviews and my own personal cars a couple of amgs and a ferrari 360 moderner be great to have you as a subscriber so in this video we’re

Going to take a look around this incredible audi s6 this is a 2013 model it’s currently for sale at the old timer center i’ll put a link in the description it’s an absolute bargain if you want a real muscle car with some really special mods then check this one out so here is this fantastic 2013 audi s6 first thing you can notice is that it has the upgraded rs6

Grille just gives it that slightly more aggressive front end beautiful light design with the led running lights which audi actually introduced with the r8 and everyone else followed suit these enormous upgraded 400 millimeter discs give this car astonishing stopping power and just look how tight those calipers are against the wheels so we’ve got the twin turbo

V8 badging on the side the silver door mirrors indicating an s or an rs model in the audi lineup beautiful black paint work coming round to the back we’ve got that full mil-tech exhaust which gives this car just an extraordinary sound it’s a real stealth monster this car looks like a standard sedan but when you hear it and see it go you realize it’s anything

But standard gorgeous looking car 2013 but still looks completely up to date so let’s have a look in the cabin and we’re greeted with the familiar audi cockpit and when we turn on the ignition so just having a look around the cockpit here we have the infotainment display which you can actually close away if you don’t need it or you don’t want it distracting

Going down you’ve got the typical audi mmi got cd player here and sd card slots there as usual air conditioning controls here nice carbon fiber center console and dash inserts and door inserts as well coming down you’ve got the gear shifter electric part brake then you’ve got a i believe this is a touch pad for putting characters in entering characters for the

Navigation system this is uh obviously a very standard audi mmi controls uh with um rather nice upgraded metal metal dials there have two helpfully sized cup holders there center console storage area here with two separate compartments underneath got beautiful diamond stitching on the seats the integrated headrests and the s6 badging and in the rear as well

Beautiful diamond stitching as well in the back there’s really plenty of room very comfortable you’ve got your dual zone climate controls in the rear as well and you’ve got your blinds for a bit more privacy yeah just a really really lovely interior audi always does interiors extremely well but the s and the rs models always go that extra step in the luxury

Appointments even at idle that miltek exhaust gives a fantastic note we’ll do some rev tests so let’s have a look under the bonnet which is where all the magic happens in this car so here we see the audi v8 twin turbo engine which even in its stock form is an incredible unit but this one has some very special upgrades has a revo technic intake there which

Is equivalent to the rs6 intake it’s also got some enlarged turbo intake pipes from the rs6 a stage 2 tune after-market downpipes high-flow cats and a full mil-tek exhaust which gives this car something in the order of just over 600 horsepower at the crank very impressive performance from this upgraded engine anyway let’s get it out on the road and see what it’s

Like to drive okay so driving the s6 wow it sounds amazing oh gorgeous feels so responsive so quick and those blips on the downshift just sound incredible incredible let’s give it some beans wow that is freaking fast and obviously being quattro four wheel drive it really gets the power down to the road and i also forgot to mention this has this beautiful

Aftermarket steering wheel carbon fiber beautiful leather great position for the hands so as you’d expect from an an audi of this kind of quality and this position in the range this is an extremely refined car to drive even in its complete beast mode which we have now the brakes are sensational as you’d expect given the size of them and they need to be because

This is a heavy car a couple of tons i think so not only do you have amazing power but you also have amazing stopping power as well yeah it shifts wow this must be the ultimate sleeper i reckon four-door family car blacked out flies under the radar but my god you put your foot down it’s something completely different really exciting to drive but if we put it

In comfort mode granny mode as we call it you can just pootle around town no trouble at all beautiful comfortable refined quiet so this car is currently up for sale at the old timer center i’ll leave a link in the description as i say it is an incredible amount of car for the money it’s obviously with these um very special upgrades it makes this a unique s6

With some absolutely outstanding performance and if i didn’t already have a c63 i would be very very tempted by this i mean they’re different kind of cars the c63 is a rear-wheel drive this on the other hand is a all-wheel drive it makes the the handling very much more secure maybe not quite so playful but but still incredibly fun to drive so it’s still for

Sale as of the date of this video so uh yeah if you’re interested in a real beast of a car which can also function as a perfectly acceptable family car which you’ll get past the wife or girlfriend then this is the one for you snap it up now so thanks for watching i hope you’ve enjoyed this video i i think you’ll agree that the audi s6 even in its stock form is

Pretty pretty incredible but with these tasteful and sensible modifications it’s an absolute beast so anyway thanks very much for watching if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to smash that like it’d be great to have you as a subscriber hit that notification bell you can follow me on instagram down here and i look forward to seeing in the next video bye for now

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This Audi S6 with Stage 2 Tune is a stealth monster! | MGUY Australia By MGUY Australia

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