these 3 simple mods transformed
Altair Club Cars These 3 SIMPLE Mods TRANSFORMED The Look Of My Kona N

These 3 SIMPLE Mods TRANSFORMED The Look Of My Kona N

Today’s video is really exciting as we add a few exterior accessories to the Kona N! The smallest changes can make the biggest difference and I think the additions we made look amazing. Hope you guys enjoy as always. 😎

That looks so sick oh my god dude that looks so much better than i could have even freaking imagined that is so sweet what’s up everybody welcome back to the channel today we have a super quick but super exciting video um we’re going to be putting just a few little accessories on the car some of these stickers um i think that the smallest things make the

Biggest difference that’s really my philosophy when it comes to cars and really anything in general i think the small things can make the biggest difference so we’re gonna throw these on um the first one we’ve got is gonna be our instagram handle um i got this off of i believe etsy and i’ll definitely leave the link down in the description all this stuff it looks

Super cool and i don’t know how well you can see it but it it’s got like this um i don’t know iridescent finish to it to where you can see different colors so it looks really sweet then we actually have this end club usa one and i’m trying to remember where i got this from i got it online somewhere if i find the link i’ll share it with you guys but i thought that

Was really cool looks really good with the sonic blue and then if we walk around to the back of the cards you can see i have an n logo right here we talked about this in a previous video where i was going to black out the end emblem so um i actually already added the the black um overlay for the side and then also the gloss red one here i would have done that

For that but they only had gloss i think i actually got this on etsy as well um but again i’ll put the link down to this stuff below but this is just gonna go over like over this like this and uh i think that these are really subtle changes but they’re going to make everything look way better so um we’re going to go ahead and throw them on and let’s hop right into

It all right guys so we’re going to start with the end club usa sticker and i i wasn’t going to film me you know wiping down all the surfaces i already did that so we got clean surfaces to work with so we’re going to go ahead and put this on and see how it looks all right guys so now we’re going to throw on the instagram handle um this is something i

Got off etsy and i think it looks really sweet you can change like the color um and the font of it and then i actually had it like cut into the instagram logo which i think looks really cool i think this is gonna look great against the sonic blue because it kind of has like a blue and purplish and almost like a silverish opal tone i think this is actually called

Opal so um i’ll leave the link to this down in the description of course and also if you have not yet followed the instagram now is a great time to do it we share all sorts of cool stuff over there um so we’re going to throw this on and we will see how it looks real quick so wow that looks so sick oh my god dude that looks so much better than i could have

Even freaking imagined that is so sweet yo let me get the camera real quick look at dude look at that like this the camera isn’t even doing it close to justice like that looks so sweet oh my gosh i am hyped about that let’s go alright guys so last but not least of course going to do the end logo like i said we talked about this in previous videos this is actually

Matte black so once i peel this off it’s going to be matte it’s going to tie in with the hyundai logo that we’ve got right here and also the license plate cover so i think it’s going to look really really good as you can see down here already i know i already showed you but we got the black here in the red here i think it’s really going to tie in everything in the

Rear end together um and then i think it’s also just going to time with all the stickers we’ve added today i think it’s going to look really cool so let’s go ahead and throw this on and this will be the last one we do so all right guys i hope you enjoyed today’s video i hope it gave you an idea that the smallest things can make the biggest difference um

This looks so sweet i love the uh nclub usa when we got here i i think it’s actually in performance blue but it actually looks really good against the sonic blue you can still tell that it’s blue um it just brings out the color of the car even more that’s awesome and then of course back here i’m stoked about this this makes the the back end of the car looks so

Much better like the end just looks oh my gosh i’m so i’m so hyped about that and the cool thing about this kit that you get with this this end logo it comes with like four um pieces of each so you get like four pieces for the end four for the red spot and then four for the black spot and you get to choose the color so definitely worth it it was like i think it’s

Like 12 bucks or something um and then this is absolutely the best part dude the true enthusiast part oh my gosh like do you guys see how that’s like glistening like that that looks so good that is the best part of it so i’m stoked about this guys i hope you enjoyed i will see you in the next one peace out

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These 3 SIMPLE Mods TRANSFORMED The Look Of My Kona N! By True N-thusiast

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