the year 2023 innovative cars th
Altair Club Cars The year 2023 Innovative cars – THE 2023 BMW i7 ALL-ELECTRIC EXECUTIVE

The year 2023 Innovative cars – THE 2023 BMW i7 ALL-ELECTRIC EXECUTIVE

Welcome to Future Innovative cars. We have already passed more than half of this year. Whatever new car model comes out next will be considered MY2023. I remind you to subscribe to the channel and wish you to enjoy the lineup with all of the relevant information.

Welcome to 2023 innovative cars youtube channel before starting this if you like this video ring that bell and subscribe to my channel for future updates all electric executive the 2023 bmw i7 bmw’s first ever all electric 7 series built for the luminaries designed with next level style and substance the i7 is undeniably alluring from the inside out the expressive

Aesthetic and latest technology not only ensure your complete comfort but transform every drive into an executive lounge the i7 offers all-electric innovation groundbreaking design and powerful driving dynamics so that you can drive the world what design means to you visionary design serves a purpose that expresses who you are and has the power to set ideas into

Motion your day and your impact on the world around you starts here meticulous magnificence the first ever bmw i7 makes a striking impression with a new illuminated kidney grille and headlight design available crystal headlights are precisely crafted with the most exclusive crystal glass making a luxurious statement while illuminating your path a clean modern

And refined aesthetic is reflected in the flush window design enhancing aerodynamics and eliminating undesired noise the rear taillight and bumper design signify a powerful presence from start to finish the available crystal headlights new illuminated kidney grille and flush windows are among the visionary design features of the i7 exterior your private lounge

Luxury can be as simple as having time and energy for the things that matter the interior of the i7 is crafted with your busy lifestyle in mind setting the tone for every drive atmospheric ambience with the new 31 bmw theater screen your passengers will experience cinematic bliss 5g connectivity via personal sm up to 8k resolution amazon fire tv compatibility and

Integrated with the sedan’s high-end sound system indulge in the available luxury rear seating package with ventilated heated and massage comfort seats perfect for revitalizing during long trips light the way feel connected with an all new curved display and dashboard design which features the bmw interaction bar this faceted glass bar provides both ambient and

Dynamic illumination integrating controls for air vents the glove compartment and more a larger panoramic sky around lead roof dazzles with its graphic design brighter light intensity dynamic lead control and customizable colors you have arrived the i7 stands out with its radiant presence advanced technology adapts to your preferences with every drive and gets

You there in style a luxurious entry awaits you with a stunning exterior light welcome experience and available automatic doors plan less live more everything you need to stay informed and entertained is at your fingertips because you don’t have time for anything less the cockpit of the i7 is the nexus of all the most seamlessly advanced technology including the

Latest operating system with wireless apple carplay and android auto intelligent personal assistant and adjustable my mode settings with the innervate operating system on the all new curve display you’ll experience next level personalization and customizable layouts your drive simplified and when you’re on the road the available driving assistance professional

Package keeps you calm centered and safe through every situation features like available highway assistant even provide the option for hands-free driving in gridlock or at speeds up to 80 miles per hour bmw charging a comprehensive charging program for bmw electrified vehicles offers tailored solutions for both home and public charging convenient charging anywhere

Every bmw i7 comes equipped with the flexible fast charger this portable device compatible with any 120v or 240v outlet delivers optimized charging wherever you go charge from 0-100 in under 12 hours at a 240 v outlet bmw wall box for optimal home charging the bmw wall box is the ultimate in electric convenience a level two charger that installs in your garage or

Outside for rapid charging whenever you need it charge from zero one hundred percent in under twelve hours nationwide public charging on its way relax and recharge look forward to a tailored program for convenient public charging that gives you access to the largest open dc fast charging network in the us what do you think about this video do let us know down in

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The year 2023 Innovative cars – THE 2023 BMW i7 ALL-ELECTRIC EXECUTIVE By Future Innovetive Cars

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