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Altair Club Cars The Worlds *Most* POWERFUL Truck: The F-150 Lightning

The Worlds *Most* POWERFUL Truck: The F-150 Lightning

Ford has taken Electric Vehicles to the next level. Lets hope everyone else can keep up. The new F-150 lightning can power an average home in the USA for THREE WHOLE DAYS. The massive battery pack and electric motors are a beast off road, can tow up to 10,000lbs, while still coming home at night to keep your entire house safe from power outages. Mind blowing. Nice work Ford!

Foreign most people who have an electric vehicle use their house to charge the vehicle this vehicle though is used to charge a house this is the ford f-150 lightning and i’m going to show you how it’s the most powerful truck in the history of trucks let’s get started foreign so if i talked about everything this truck can do this video would take well over an

Hour so i’m just going to hit on the important bits and what makes this truck the most powerful truck ever made and we’re not talking just about horsepower which it does have 580 and 775 pound-feet of torque this truck isn’t specifically made for off-roading with only nine inches of ground clearance but it does have off-road capabilities because sometimes the job

Site isn’t always paid so we are in off-road mode and it does have a rear locker which physically binds the rear wheels together so they spin at the same speed if one wheel starts slipping it won’t just spin by itself it’ll transfer power to the other wheel giving us more traction to move forward all the power the horsepower and the torque that goes down to the

Wheels makes this the fastest truck that ford has ever made which is saying something because they’ve been making trucks for over 100 years and this series the ford f-150 has been the most popular selling vehicle in the united states for the last 40 years and now that they’ve electrified it and called it the truck of the future it is a game changer moving forward

Going up a super steep incline all-wheel drive traction on all four tires and it still blows me away but it is also completely silent the only thing that we hear outside isn’t the motor revving or the loud engine we still get to appreciate nature or like i like to call it nature right there’s two routes ahead there’s a hard route and easy we are taking the hard

Route the road less traveled oh foreign thanks now that we’ve been off-roading for a bit let me give you a tour ford has stuck with the same physical design as previous ford f-150s which is good this means all the accessories for the back and the front should still fit the new lightning one of the perks of being an electric vehicle is that the front where the

Motor used to be is now storage space with the ability to hold 400 pounds on this surface we also have four outlets and some usb ports and some additional storage space under here along with a drain plug the drain plug allows this whole thing to be filled up with ice and act as a giant cooler for uh instead of tailgating it’s front gating this can also be set in

Different positions as a divider to keep things organized and i’m curious as to what’s behind this ah it’s the 12 volt battery because like with every electric vehicle there is a high and a low voltage system it is nice that the 12 volt here is so accessible though so if you do need to jump another vehicle that maybe has their 12 volt battery dead the terminals are

Easily accessible let’s make our way around to the back of the truck the tailgate is powered down as well as up and the tailgate has some cool features of its own one we have a measuring tape that runs lengthwise across the bed as well as an extending step so we can get inside the truck easier my favorite thing though is this power here it’s an additional four

Regular outlets and one outlet that can do 240 volts for welders or high powered equipment and while it might seem like the 240 volt is the one that would power your house it is not the one that powers your house is the same port that’s used to power the truck which is right here this is the same j1772 that we saw inside of the mustang as well as my own electric

Military humvee that i made except for this has two additional dc ports down at the bottom so when you park the truck into your garage at night and plug it in the truck immediately acts as a home backup system and this ability to bi-directional charge in my mind is what makes this truck the most powerful truck ever made remember in texas last year when 5 million

People were without power for multiple days in a row this truck has the ability to power the average american home for three days and both versions of the truck can do it the smaller battery pack as well as the extended range battery pack there is additional hardware that needs to be installed at your house to keep the battery power from flowing out to the grid

And when the power does go out the charger can recognize it kick this battery pack on and your house is lit up for three whole days or like 10 if you can ration the power and if you’re connected with solar panels you can pretty much run indefinitely all of the this is complete off-grid energy independence made right here in the usa i don’t know if it’s too late for

Rivian to start implementing the vehicle to grid technology but i do know that if the tesla cyber truck doesn’t implement this same technology they will very much be falling behind the only other thing inside of the front trunk is this the only fluid you have to worry about is for the windshield wipers ford is said that over the first five years or 75 000 miles

Maintenance costs on electric vehicles will be 40 percent less than their gasoline-powered counterparts meaning that electric vehicles are cheaper to drive not just with fuel alone but for the actual maintenance that’s involved foreign every electric vehicle made in the last year or so has a sound to it even when it’s backing up it has another sound and that’s

So people who are hard of hearing can still tell when the vehicles are driving around on regular roads keeps them safe the truck we’re driving right now has a 320 miles of range the battery pack underneath is watertight can afford up to two feet of water the pack is made from pouch style lithium batteries and is protected by skid plates underneath so nothing ever

Gets damaged ford has integrated heating and cooling into their battery and as a bonus if you do get the extra towing package to get up to the 10 000 pounds the cooling system will have two chillers in it to keep the batteries extra cool while working super hard so we just finished towing an 8 000 pound electric boat behind and dan did a pretty fantastic parking

Job of getting it here in the parking lot so i’m gonna fix it the ford f-150 with the large but you said it’s fantastic why are you fixing fantastic what and by fixing it i mean keeping the trailer on the parking lot oh man so how we’re gonna do that it’s a pretty long trailer but if we start the truck and throw it into reverse the ford f-150 makes it a little

Bit easier for us with all the different camera angles they have so we have the top down view here we have this camera angle which shows us the back of the trailer but we also have a ton of other cam reviews but the one we’re looking for is this guy here which actually has two cameras on either side of the mirrors and gives us a better view of each side of the

Trailer so i’m going to pull forward get us a little straightened out here and then i can reverse using those camera angles to get the trailer they’re using the camera angles or your drones a little bit of volt you can use those camera angles to get the trailer positioned back where we want it anyway now we are in the parking lot and the trailer is a little better

Off than it was before fantastic parking jobs zach fantastic on the freeway inside of the ford f-150 lightning there’s two motors one for the front axle and one for the rear axle and a single speed transmission what’s nice about electric vehicles is that the acceleration is the same when you’re off the line as when you’re on the freeway it’s something you have to

Experience but the acceleration and passing ability at high speeds or something you just don’t get in a gas powered vehicle another thing i really like is the information that ford gives us we can see both motors on the display how much power they’re generating as well as when we’re slowing down how much power they’re putting back into the batteries we also get

The coolant temperature as well as the battery temperature which is something i have not seen on any other electric vehicle i do wish my rhythian had more technical information available just because it looks cool and it’s good to know so we’ve been on the freeway we’ve been off-roading we’ve been towing we’ve been through the mud now it’s time to check out the

Inside so as you know at the moment i am driving a rivian and before that i was driving a tacoma so this f-150 has way more room than what i’m used to but with that comes a lot of perks we have the front display right here by the steering wheel another massive display off to the side for navigation and changing drive modes physical buttons over here on the side

For adjusting the mirror the windows locking buttons for the headlights and exterior lighting as well as a button to move the steering wheel back and forth but my favorite button is probably this one right here when this button is pressed the shifter lays flat down in the console and we have a full-on workspace opened up right here for laptops trays food it’s like

Having a desk inside of the truck the other thing that i want to mention is that this truck so you do have to take it and charge sometimes and this truck has the ability to lay completely flat super cozy so if you do ever have to take it to a charging station you can charge it from 15 to 80 percent in about 40 minutes you can you still get work done and or take a

Nap and you probably don’t want to tell your boss that this also has massaging seats so you get to pick whether it’s going to be a work truck or a spa i guess we have wireless charging down here at the bottom an upper glove box and a lower glove box for some reason go up here there is also sunroof in the back this is still a full-size pickup looks like the seats

Can lift up for more storage this is a ton of room and it does give you the option of locking this into place so that the space underneath the seat is closed off from the rest of the cab kind of cool this is also a tie down point right here as well as a spot for c-clamps to hold down wood or whatever you’re working on on the tailgate so it’s kind of windy right

Now but the front and rear suspension of this truck are independent of each other they are not air suspension it’s the same coil shocks they’ve been using for a long time but it does have the ability to weigh the cargo that’s inside of the truck bed that stack of lumber behind us is putting us right at 2 000 pounds so these trucks are delivering now and as a bonus

The factory that’s producing them is a zero waste to landfill facility meaning that none of the material generated from manufacturing is sent to a landfill not even the shipping pallets everything is recycled in one way or another the ev components of the vehicle are warranted for a hundred thousand miles and lithium battery technology has proven to last far beyond

That and when it does come to the end of the lifespan at the moment lithium batteries are are 95 recyclable the internal chemistry of the battery can be reclaimed and reused again in future evs all of that being said you probably know already that i do own a rivian which does cost quite a bit more there are four motors instead of two we also have a slightly more

Towing slightly more power that comes with the extra price and a smaller form factor which i’m a fan of so i have no regrets with the rivian but i can still appreciate the game-changing technology that ford is bringing to the table with the lightning and i think it’s crazy that all of this starts at under forty thousand dollars i don’t want to get into details

Just yet but i have built my own electric military humvee and my final cost was nowhere near what ford is selling these for it’s pretty amazing what you can do when you’re making vehicles at scale fortis said that next year their plan is to bring their factory up to speed to make 150 000 of these trucks next year and that’s one of the perks of having made trucks

For the last 100 years they already have the systems in place to expand that quickly for reference rivian who’s only been around for a little while has the plan of making 25 000 trucks next year not dogging on rivi and it’s just really hard to scale up from scratch like i said earlier though this truck is a game changer and i am super excited to see them on the

Road let me know which truck is your favorite we’ve seen the cyber truck the rivian the ford f-150 lightning and the hummer ev the future is looking good and there’s a lot of exciting new technology coming to the roads let me know which is your favorite down in the comments come hang out with me on instagram and twitter and thanks a ton for watching i’ll see you around thank you

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