the worlds first tesla swapped a
Altair Club Cars The worlds first tesla swapped Acura NSX, did it get better?

The worlds first tesla swapped Acura NSX, did it get better?

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Acura nsx honda’s halo car nsx stands for new sports car experimental and yes we know experimental stuff with an e and not an x but the x is the cooler letter but then again n sex would have been a good name for a sports car too but the car was just that experimental at the brink of the 90s when we needed something as cool as the fresh prince of bel-air and cups

That looked like this now gordon murray designed the almighty mclaren f1 supercar and went on to state that he used the nsx as the inspiration for the f1 after test driving many high performance cars and finding the chassis the nsx to be the best performer murray also said the design was monumental to sports cars at this time and if the man that made one of the

Most perfect cars in the world said this then i’m gonna believe him now how good was the f1 well even elon musk owned one that he put 11 000 miles on in one year yes the electric man himself even loved gas cars which he later crashed while showing off with a friend in the car while driving with no insurance but elon musk is so rich it didn’t matter he’s so rich

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Highly productive teams using click up today use code rich rebuilds to get 15 off click ups massive unlimited plan for a year meaning you can start reclaiming your time for under five dollars a month so anyways someone decided to swap a tesla motor into an nsx one of the most perfect well-balanced cars made now i want you guys to tell me is this electric motor

Better than the engine it replaces hi i’m jeff i brought my 1994 acura nsx why would you bring a gas powered car to an electric vehicle event i don’t think i would i think they would kick me out i have swapped it uh with a tesla model s large driving unit so i actually posted this car on instagram and there are a lot of polarizing responses how they felt about it

Some people loved it and the people’s hated it so what was the purpose of you swapping an iconic japanese sports car i didn’t do it for other people i did it for myself wow an an individual unbelievable who thinks on their own i have a newborn and i’m someone thank you who uh has tends to have a lot of car projects i generally have like five or six ongoing at a

Time what do you have going on right now mostly this but i have a ls1 swathed miata it’s a pretty car but like aside from the fiberglass the rest of the car is rust i have my grandma’s 1965 thunderbird which is the car that’s just gonna be in my driveway forever because i’m allowed to get rid of that you have to have your newborn just kind of just sit in it this

Is your play structure playing here i have a newborn and i have all these like cars and i just had zero time i was like figure out what it is that i want to work on right and get rid of all these projects and just have the like you know the minimum projects to work on which i still have more than i probably should but you figured you’d add another project to it i

Would say you know i really want you know nsx is a beautiful car that i’ve wanted for an incredibly long time i finally had a point in my life where i could buy one and i’ve also really wanted to do an ev swap right for a really long time this is your first tv swap i’ve helped a friend with a nash metropolitan right but it’s actually less done than this but sir

This is a gen 1 nsx you know what those go for yeah you know it came with this carbon fiber hood it’s got bc racing coilovers did that answer the question though yeah he didn’t answer the question is bc racing something to brag about i don’t think bc racing is a little bit you know it is i would not be yeah it’s like that’s why i think it came with that not i put

That we’re gonna pronounce this with this walking stick yeah yeah oh no it is the money shot the money shot isn’t this bizarre look at this you know this is a model s uh large guide is it a sport or just a just base actually you know but it’s backwards so the differential should be in front and so that was so that i didn’t have to cut out all the suspension in

Order to make it work oh so wait a minute so this is this a oem nsx subframe you have to cut any of it uh yeah oh i cut a little bit right here i i notched the rear cross member on the subframe okay but i think that’s more than a notch yeah well ebay is the place for everything everything we do know that everything automotive ebay do you have your your cooling

Reservoir here so what is what’s controlling all this what do you have for a controller uh i’m using a board called open inverter it’s open source i ordered that up i put it in it’s got a web page that you can go and change the parameters but that allows me to run it in reverse at full speed because if you do a can buff spoofing yeah the tesla motor like the control

Board in the tesla says no it’s just a temporary battery yes in here three years later yeah batteries use my walking stick here hood stick oh oem honda oem h it’s a really really nice h yeah thank you it actually came with the car all right oh so is this uh this is your this is your ground here yeah um barefoot how many shoes on i i don’t really yeah i took my

High heels off because i like to get grounded first i do that too that’s great i’m actually favorite as well yeah absolutely wow like what a coincidence he just happens to be so what so what is this out of it says toyota on it what is it this is a 2006 toyota prius hybrid battery um i don’t know it came from pick and pull but so wait a minute so is this the only

Battery that you have in the car yeah right now so my question is have you driven this yet i’m only asking because that battery is very small to be pushing that kind of power to a large drive unit i’ve sat in the car yeah and i have stepped on the pedal yeah and the car has moved that far it didn’t move he is right he’s right you know it is it moves he’ll move

Under his own power so technically he is finished he did accomplish the task there’s no bms on this because it’s just looks like it’s just two wires i’ve literally been taking it out of the trunk and putting out on my bench and charging it with uh rc car hobby truck got a boy boy balancing the cells by hand right all right oh that’s well yeah i almost i i almost

To say that the original engine in here was better but i’m not going to say that we can’t we can’t knock it off we can’t belittle this man in front of this thing i’m not even mad i’ve never even seen the original he didn’t even tell us what he paid for the uc there was no engine in here when you bought it no i bought the car it’s got 229 000 miles right so who

Knows how many owners i mean technically i have a car max but i know but at some point the original motor in it yeah something happened and someone decided to k-swap it and so it had a turbo case swap right and then that person tried to sell it with the k-swap and it seemed like it wasn’t really going anywhere and so i said you know hey sell it to me without the

Decay motor so that i can go do this awesome project and he was like that guy was all about it because he was a troll and he was like oh my god i guess i definitely want you to put an ev motor in this and make people angry so you bought it from him how much money did you give him to take possession of the car what did it cost yeah let’s look under the hood no

But what does it cost it came with this beautiful hybrid keeps going back to that that’s okay you know look at that vis racing i don’t think the is that something to brag about either so really everything else is intact but the entire wiring harness of the car you left intact it’s just what’s powering it is it’s pretty much the same right yeah i mean the interior

Of the car like i’ve done basically nothing to i ran the wires up so that i could have my forward and reverse switch yeah switch and in the back there’s you know they unplugged where you unplugged to take a motor out and i just never plugged anything back in was it manual or automatic but it’s uh it’s a nice little came out of the power wheels yeah i figured you

Know it’s good enough for power wheels it’s good enough for an nsx of course it’s got it yeah this is oddly familiar i think um people are we might have until we could post this video stephen he’ll be really mad at him to protect his identity and safety we’re not gonna put this video up you know what i want to put i don’t i don’t feel comfortable doing it so why

Are we protecting a random stranger let’s just yeah it’s true we’ll keep playing keep going in in all seriousness this is actually kind of cool and it is going to piss off a lot of people when do you plan on is it what’s the next step for it besides finishing it i mean so the next step is to put well get it actually rolling more than that far yeah you might need

A bigger battery pack yeah you might you might need that which may actually just be a larger battery pack i’m assuming for this car you’d have to have maybe two battery packs so the plan is to i don’t want to cover the motor like i could probably put a bunch of batteries on top of the motor yeah but then there’s room for it when you look down from the top i don’t

Want you looking at batteries i want you looking down at that beautiful nicely nice design element yes i get it uh so the batteries are gonna go in the front yeah it’s not really fun but whatever but there’s not a lot of room are you planning on switching to tesla styles you want to keep the same toyota ones i think the tesla cells are too hard to fit because of

The size they’re big yeah and so i’m actually i bought a 2015 leaf at auction oh you did uh and i drove it around i had a real i had a good time i did the gambler 500 right in oregon and like rallied that car hard oh awesome uh and the plan is to pull the pack out sell the rest of the cars and basically have a free 24 kilowatt battery and you put it in here and

I’ll take the cells apart and the cells are you know they’re real small they’re like a binder basically right and so i’m gonna put those cells and put a bunch in the front uh i don’t need a radiator anymore i plan on keeping all the coolant into the back of the car and then the gas tank is behind the seats and between the motors what’s your end goal with it do

You want to make is it a track car cruiser today to 60 daily driver it’s a daily driver just put miles on it have fun with it and then you know every now and then go have fun like go to the track i plan on being here next year at holly uh high voltage and have this thing ripping around the track and you know drag strip passes maybe a few laps before the battery

Overheats because the the leaf cells are air cooled right yeah right you see a lot of air cooling in there maybe on the list um at getting rid of the fake bolts maybe and there’s some real bolts on there those are not fake would you put how come you don’t have the bulk sticker on them like everyone else does i don’t actually think the sticker looks good yeah

So i don’t it also came with red valve stems i don’t think the red like i think it would have been two like mcdonald’s yeah very transparent well i mean it is anyways but yeah i did but it doesn’t you you do you bronze it does it because on right now yeah ronald mcdonald would drive this car yeah he absolutely would see some yellow and there you go yep uh some

Cool stuff so i was blown away when so the cv shafts came with the motor when i got it from the record and there was no cc shafts in the car when i got it yeah so i took the outer cv and i shoved it in from the outside and the splines in diameter of the tesla model s cv perfectly matched the nsx really good to know so for those watching this that want to convert

Their nsx electricity as well yeah it’d be really easy to drop a tesla motor in there the only thing you really got to shorten the shafts because the the tesla’s a little wider if someone wanted to buy this from you without the tesla stuff in it with the way you got it of the original person what could they give you i mean i would probably go on you know your

Common like trailer related auction site and look at the prices and say okay somewhere around there but i understood okay all right excited to see you here next year so this is really fun all right let’s push it out here i mean if you need just a few more it’s not bullets he’s not in there okay he puts his shaft in the trunk you’re going to break it come on yeah

Oh jesus chris there you go i like the nsx eb that’s cool you know throw back to the nsxr that’s clever i liked it i like it i can’t wait to see this thing rip but it’s cool and once you load up with batteries i mean if they’re right when you think about it the out of the box the nsx for the time it was great in today’s calendar in today’s standards did a v6

Camry would take this down anything would take this out at this point i made like 200 horsepower it really wasn’t yeah but it doesn’t look this good yeah it’s the look but it’s you know what like as like i always say nostalgia is a you look at that wow it’s so iconic in today’s world it’s just a pretty car yeah it’s a pretty calm yeah yeah i’m sure it handles

Great but i mean there’s cars out there that’ll handle this ass but then people don’t want to reel they don’t want to accept that they say to themselves you know what i bought a genuine nsx i’ve always wanted this car i’ve paid a hundred grand for it i had the poster on my wall and if you insult that car they’re gonna go berserk but it’s really it is what it is

It’s it’s in the past it’s a great design but i mean that is really nice like the fact that it’s all aluminum is just yeah like this car was in on the east coast like 200 thousand miles of east coast time seriously the only rust is like you know the random steel bits here and there you go you go under the car just it’s clean yeah no it’s nice this is nice all

Right when you get bored of it i’ll just sell it on one of those sides three weeks later so just so you know that this is all real it’s not fake car actually drives here’s a new batteries temporarily mounted in the trunk chrysler pacifica hybrid hopefully won’t light on fire that worrying you here in the background is the coolant pump running watch me scrape my

Lips on my driveway i’ve been working on in addition to the new batteries uh a dc dc basically an alternator replacement for an ev and then the charging system i need to be able to plug it in so i have a 10 kilowatt tesla charger going in and a dc dc out of a chevy volts so those will go in the batteries will get mounted and then the car will really really

Be driving around and then she can go for a ride car doesn’t make that noise anymore how’s it feel so the electric nsx is in fact a better car now did he ruin it it’s more powerful and more efficient and completely silent tell me what you guys think in the comments section and make sure you check out his build on instagram at red underscore goes underscore

Green which i think is very cheesy but either way i’ll see you guys next week

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