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Altair Club Cars The Worlds First Modified Ferrari SF90 – EXCLUSIVE

The Worlds First Modified Ferrari SF90 – EXCLUSIVE

My first visit ever to the legendary RDBLA on Sunset Blvd! I meet up with Peter (1016 Industries), Parker (Vehicle Virgins) and Vik (RDBLA) to check out some of the awesome projects these guys are working on!

Yes guys what is up welcome to supercars in london back in the bentley continental gt speed which is an absolute dream to be driving in and out of la in it is so comfortable has so much power and the sound system as you know is uh utterly ridiculous it’s the perfect daily driver for out here and uh today as we hear a little bit of the as we hear a little bit of the

Famous los angeles traffic a little back story about today i woke up at 6 00 a.m went down and had breakfast in the hotel got back into bed had a little afternoon nap it’s not even 11 a.m and i’ve had an afternoon nap already so i’m slowly coming to being quite energetic i still feel like i’m going to need a kick of caffeine to get me ready for today but today we

Are meeting up with peter from 1016 industries and going to rdb la a globally famous car shop that specialize in fixing cars modifying cars have an incredible youtube channel and instagram page and for the amount of times that i’ve been to los angeles and driven past rdbla is always an eye-catcher and a head turner when you drive past them on sunset boulevard i’ve

Never actually been in so today for the first time i’m going to be meeting the guys behind rdbla checking out some of the cars that they’ve got in at the moment meeting up with peter i’m pretty sure he’s in his lt which is ridiculous and who knows we’re on sunset boulevard traffic yeah i know anything can happen on sunset boulevard now the old rdbla was somewhere

Along this street i don’t actually know the exact location but i’ve pulled up to their new headquarters still on sunset boulevard and been greeted with a wide body red lamborghini urus peters wide body 1016 industries 720s this is a monster and we’re going to find out as much as we can look who’s here hold on a minute hold on a minute peter how’s it going okay

I mean this is a dream come true for me to come down here i’ve driven past the old place so many times yeah but this is your new place right thank you man yeah we’ve been here like six months okay yeah so it’s we already jam-packed it and it’s uh it’s crazy the cars are ridiculous yeah other than that which i’ve seen about 400 times since i’ve been here can we

Have a look around at some of the cars and the projects yeah we’ve got some variety of cars here crazy car supercars regular cars everything so what’s your favorite favorite i mean yeah i’m biased a little bit but the urus of course but uh can we have a look at it yeah yeah let’s check it out let’s check it out so this uh has the 1016 full forged carving kit on

There yeah we did a few little modifications to it like extending the front lip but other than that it’s been the same for about two years so full storm troopers back yeah yeah it’s slammed on 24s it has our deep concave wheels on there and everything so uh really really amazing car it’s my favorite car one thing that i’ve noticed yeah hold on yeah yeah yeah yeah

One side is black one side is the silver wheels yeah i walked in and i was like oh cool it’s on several wheels and then came this side and it’s on blackwell yeah it’s been like that forever and it’s probably the biggest talk of this car is that really it’s the bipolar side so and you daily drive this ideally drive this so yeah yeah every day i’m excited to drive

It’s the only car that does that to me so yeah yeah i love it yeah triple black sf90 coupe um slammed on novotech springs we figured out a way to make it even lower than novatek does so it’s lower than that it’s got 21 22 inch custom wheels all black just murdered out yeah it’s nice it’s a crazy spec car i’ll pull it out but we’re gonna do a novatek exhaust on

It and stuff so yeah oh we’re also developing a whole body kit for it with 1016 we’re going to be developing that’s coming but yeah let me let me move this up front a little bit now this is one of the party tricks for the sf90s the way that it moves and sounds under electric mode this is seriously a dream car right here in this spec the wheels are perfect all

Right that’s one of the weirdest things in the world seeing a ferrari that looks that exotic making literally no noise yeah see i love the rear end of the sf90 but i’m not as big of a fan of the front what do you think oh i’m the other way around that’s what yeah i love i love the front and the rear is not so much it’s just like it’s so modern in the front and

It’s like yeah it’s like like the tail lights but like it’s so aggressive i don’t know why this works yeah i don’t know whether you can hear peter but he’s basically said the front end looks so futuristic yeah this is a dream car obviously a lot of the cars they don’t come inspect with carbon this one this one does but the reason they don’t do that as because if

You do you don’t have nose left yeah so there’s a big opportunity with these cars they have a lot of plastic the acetone if your own attack correct so so if you order that which is the spoiler in the back and everything you lose your nose lift yeah which here especially like it’s a big problem from ferrari yeah i don’t know but i mean so what we’re gonna end up

Doing so most of the cars these these sections up here are plastic the oem side is going to be plastic so we’ll offer those as well we have a side skirt design that we’re going to put on top we have a front lip we’re going to do um there’s two really really cool hood vents that we designed to go in here which is kind of similar to the f8 that we did which i wish

The yellow one was here um but i think it’s at the dealer right now and then we’re gonna do a room spoiler a trunk spoiler very similar to the factory one and then we’re gonna end up copying the rear diffuser because i i don’t think there’s anything to do there so it’s like an oem plus correct so it gives people the opportunity to get rid of all the plastic on the

Car have something a little bit different and then like guys like this car that already have carbon they just do our exterior add-ons that are not oem parts so it gives you like a nice mix between if you have something or not you’re able to do you know something like that peter’s 765 lt which is going to get a load of carbon on them is this going together i mean

So it has our this is our roof scoop that’s uh for the 720 765 okay functionally non-functional which is a joke because like the first iteration that we did it had a ton of wind noise so we actually went back through and did like noise and flow calculations so that your scoop doesn’t make noise even though it doesn’t actually function so we actually did put some

Engineering engineering making sure it doesn’t make noise or blow off and then this is our hood oh yeah i i think you need to freaking tune it so it has a specific note and you can you can get a e sharp minor so the roof script for the svj we actually did that we have a vape we have a vein down the middle of it so that the ala it makes like a nice like whistling

Suction noise above your head it’s amazing that is sick so we just finished like the collar to make it work on the roadster so it’s really cool like you can actually hear like the suction noise above your head oh that’s pretty cool i mean look at the cars so this one so this is the nardo gray uh wide body same as the red one outside regular carbon and then up on

The rack there’s another one in black that it’s another wide body here it’s up there um there’s a wide body four five eight oh yeah well with like rose gold pinstripes yeah oh wow oh rose got wheels holy sh my god so now we’re here in the back of the shop where all the work is getting done so we don’t often show all the dirty work but uh this is a g63 pickup

Truck um with a foot wide body on the side yeah portal axle so it’s not just spacers not big wheels it’s wow portal axle so it goes on to the hub comes out another about four inches and then it has a 38 inch tires um we’re custom making these flares right now to make it look more aggressive obviously but yeah you see this is all yeah this is all custom and made

Um yeah how do you do that where did this come from so this part of it is actually used to be the back of the truck oh yeah okay yeah so we cut it off we extended it we built this whole back in that’s actually the old trunk uh glass it’s all reused so it’s like almost like its own car recycling back into it so yeah stretched out the inside cabin is the same size

Wow we’re building a custom hoop roll cage in the back roof cage all that stuff so it’s all still in the works but you get to see it now so yeah how long is the project from start it’s about an eight month project eight-month project eight-month project very pretty fast so probably sooner for the next batches this is the first one this is why we love los angeles

This euro starts revving and the motorbike goes crazy i’ve actually parked my bentley here and i say my inadverted commas this is going to be our wagon to go to lunch where peter is going to drive myself and parker to a cafe so that we can grab some lunch and come back to rdbla and apparently we can take it up onto the roof here and get an incredible view of la to

Finish the video so uh what a ridiculous way to go to lunch in this car i’m gonna live at earth cafe when i’m up here to lunch please lunch lunch yeah lunch charles jeeves jeeves here we go cruising to lunch peter talked to me about this field in particular because you were saying and this one is like every every single box ticked yeah so i mean like the way

We design the kit we have different versions we have fiberglass we have carbon we have forged carbon and then we have like three four different trim packs this one literally has everything we make in carbon like including on the interior so this is factory carbon here from lamborghini but these trims the two here all the ac vents um all the doors everything comes

From us this is a full custom carbon steering wheel from chrismo my friend corel owns the company does forge carbon as well it literally has like on the exterior has the mirrors or ours like the side vents like all the little trims every single thing that we’ve we’ve made for this car is on this one so i think give or take like between labor wheels exhaust because it

Has a full capristo has our sport cats it’s tuned you know i think everything’s probably like 125 130 something like that into it so this literally is is like what you can do with regular carbon the forged carbon probably would be 5 10 grand more we try not to tax on it but it is a very different process when it comes to making a part so yeah yeah from our provider

Perspective is mainly tooling to be able to make forage but it’s actually easier to make the parts okay and it looks unreal check this out we have got this is ridiculous i like the red i think i prefer the white this has got the forged carbon kit a few differences to the front and side skirts but my god what a ridiculous combo one of my favorite features on this

Car is the fact that on this side you have the black wheels on the other side you have the silver wheels but this is unbelievable it’s so cool because peter has basically created 1016 industries and this is his child fundamentally they have sold so many kits and to see this parker in the rearview mirror this was yeah i was talking about when i was driving just

Seeing that in front a secret there’s a secret button in the back for for photo shoots it’s the load it’s the loaded unload button it’s like a secret button oh and you can dump the rear that’s incredible yeah these are absolute monsters what a ridiculous day down at rdb i think we’re gonna get some photos of these two cars we’ve got the hollywood sign in the

Background the weather is perfect today it is so warm but not too warm that i’m sweating so much and then i think i’m gonna head into beverly hills but how ridiculous is that as a combo rdbla have been killing it for years on sunset and in la as have peter and 1016 industries the amount of stuff that’s coming the amount of stuff that i’ve seen off peter’s phone

There’s a bright future ahead and some really interesting cars coming that are gonna look so good on the road but i will leave it there guys thank you so much for watching stay tuned for more california adventures head over to parker’s channel and i will leave the link in the description for 1016 industries so you can check out what they do and their instagram page

Thank you very much for watching take care goodbye

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The World's First Modified Ferrari SF90 – EXCLUSIVE By SOL – Supercars of London

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