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Altair Club Cars The Worlds FASTEST Dakar Truck in Dakar Desert Rally

The Worlds FASTEST Dakar Truck in Dakar Desert Rally

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Welcome to dakar desert rally a brand new racing game that just came out today and it’s made by the same people who make snow runs today we’re going to be jumping into this game for the very first time thanks to my awesome friends over at saber interactive for sponsoring today’s video if you want to check out dakar desert rally for yourself click the link in my

Description it’s available on the pc xbox one xbox series s ps4 and the ps5 alright so without further ado let’s jump into dakar desert rally i’m your co-driver i’m here to help you win the race i’m gonna need a lot of that so be ready my guy if you’ve never seen a dakar race before they are some of the most intense races in the entire world you basically get

Dropped off in the middle of nowhere and it’s up to you to figure out your path to the finish line you’ve got to go through and hit all of these waypoints every now and again but between the waypoints it’s kind of up to you to figure out how you want to actually get to your destination and that is definitely easier said than done because there are 20 000 square

Kilometers of map for you to explore in this game you can get lost super easily i am so pumped that this is actually a game this is something i’ve been wanting to try for a very very long time anyways there’s a bunch of really cool features in this game that you will see shortly as soon as i have a skill issue but i genuinely didn’t mean to do that um i didn’t

Mean that type of skill issue anyways in the dakar desert rally game i’ve gone the wrong way in the dakar desert rally game there’s a bunch of different types of vehicles like the cars we were in the motorbike and now these yes it’s got actual dakar trucks and they are as big and as heavy as you imagined they would be no okay let’s not figure i think i just smashed

The bottom off of my truck sorry on the left hand side of the screen you can see kind of the trail that we’re on with all of the different waypoints and stuff we started dss and then have to go through waypoint two four five six seven all the way to the ass that is over here checkpoint 27 that is our arrival point p1 in the dakar rally truck thank you i will gladly

Take that one those are all of the people we were racing against lovely stuff after our first race we get some xp we level all the way up to level one thank you very much you have completed dakar desert rallies first qualification event and you have won 500 des car points you can now buy a vehicle and its respective team let’s see what you can afford like i said

There’s a whole bunch of different types of vehicles we’ve also got quads and side by sides it’s just super cool all of the different stuff that’s in here so like this is a polaris razer 1000 that has clearly gone through a couple of upgrades anyways when you buy the team you do just that you buy the team so this team score is three the speed of the vehicle seven

Acceleration to seven handling six and so on and so forth they cost 187 dakar points if we jump over to something like the trucks for example this is a praga dakar rally truck that just looks so so cool we’ve got a driver a navigator and a mechanic to usually put the spare tires on that’s super cool what’s really cool about this game though is these are brand new

Rally trucks from 2020 these are classic dakar rally trucks this is a big old daf rally truck from back in the day you can also buy this this thing’s actually free anyways me being me i think i’m going to want to focus on some cars look at this thing a classic rally that’s so cool anyways what can we get that’s brand new we’ve got the audi rsq e-tron these things

Are actually free the t team score for this one is a 10 on 10. wait so there’s actually different versions of this this is a different team and the driver is carlos site senior i think we gotta be mr carlos signs this thing is so cool it’s gonna have one gear it’s all-wheel drive the team score might be an eight but it’s got carlos signs we are going with that one

Very nice now let’s select the most suitable game mode for you sport if you like to compete side by side with other vehicles then this is the right mode for you okay professional if you really want to navigate and drive like a professional then this is your game mode in professional mode there are no rally beacons and navigation is carried out by professional road

Books you will have to pay attention to the road book and follow the instructions to complete each stage yo that sounds so hard this is for those who want to experience the real dakar rally no save games no assistance no repositioning options you must do it all yourself this option requires a minimum exp variance level of 25. yeah no i’m never going to be able to

Do that ever ever ever that is insane here are the options right you’ve got normal painful and very very very very very painful you might as well be carlo sign i’m going sports because i don’t know where i’m going all right so where is our first race we are out in saudi arabia this is our starting point dakar qualifications and then these are all of our other

Races very cool line the cars up oh whoa whoa whoa we’ve got a proper race for this i guess because i picked the sport mode it doesn’t actually base you on time it is just a full-on race across the desert that is crazy yo this is so cool i am starting all the way at the back and i’ve immediately basically stalled into the back of someone beautiful anyways because

I picked sport mode we are having an actual action race here or at least right now i should be same a dust storm race this is not a brilliant start just saying i have no idea where i’m going geez i’ve literally got stuck in a raw i literally just beached myself on that tiny little minuscule rock down there and i’ve dropped down to ninth place i’m not gonna lie

I’ve wanted a game like this forever that basically just puts your off-roading skills to the test in a proper race format and that is exactly what this is i’m actually not that far behind people sorry sorry so at least my vehicle’s not broken i think the reason all of these guys are driving slowly is they they must have broken their car i’m not sure this is a huge

Jump thankfully we didn’t break anything there or at least i don’t think we did here we go straight line speed audi audi no no all electric cars at least i didn’t get a penalty or blow anything up it definitely could have been worse like look at these guys these guys picked up damage and penalties that sucks at least we didn’t run into a problem like that we get

Enough xp to go up to level two so now that we’ve done that event we get a brand new event all the way over here down on the coast okay so this is actually four different stages this one well how hard can it be oh it’s raining never mind it’s actually not snowing my vehicle has clearly seen better days it’s got a massive smash right in the front of it anyways in

Dakar desert rally there’s actually full weather conditions there’s also some crazy storms that blows up the desert sand there’s rain and snow in this game as well it is very very cool anyways we’re actually leading for the first time very nicely done this stage is actually super super short so let’s not mess it up please finish line let’s go okay hopefully i can

Repair my vehicle because the front of it is not looking good the sun is already setting i wonder if the third of the fourth stage here is gonna be a night we will see anyways before we move on i’ve got some dakar points that i can use to repair parts of my vehicle so like my battery i could go in and repair that my wheels if i popped one of my tires i could go and

Repair that for example my suspense chin i can repair those these are all actually very very cheap if i want to repair everything it’s only 33 points so that’s probably worth it i’m gonna do it let’s not bottle this one away we go i think this is our series to lose at this point so go for my corner cuts where i can but at the same time play it safe so i don’t have

A problem one of the things that the developers were telling me is there is actually deep mud in this game yes a la snow runner and you can actually get stuck in the mud i don’t know if we’re gonna find any mud out in the middle of the desert but if we do i will want a pretty hefty lead so we don’t lose too much time we are looking so goddamn good nearly went the

Wrong way oh oh no oh no uh uh uh can i get back up can i get back up oh uh um guys someone help me well it was definitely a good thing that i spent all of those dakar points fixing up my vehicle yep that was so worth it yup it lasted so long wait i think this motorbike had a big skill issue because he’s oh speaking of skill issues i probably could have helped

That guy probably could have towed him out just say it i need all of that straight line speed right now what are we doing that did not go how i planned it would remember all of that stuff i said at the beginning of this stage like oh yeah i’ve got p1 let’s not bottle it it is my race to lose and then i smashed into everybody else who decided to please let me

Repair my vehicle and now we’ve got some rain so if i go to vehicle service this time 31 points is it seriously mainly cosmetic damage that’s that’s awesome if that last race was anything to go by this race is going to be difficult so for right now i’m in third people have crashed everybody has crashed there was a quad there that stopped for some reason and all of

The ai just barreled into the back of him uh i will take that as a blessing in disguise i needed that i genuinely have no idea how you would do this without like a racing line like i get it’s possible using the road book and everything but it’s just it would be so hard all right there we go there is the finish line uneasy p1 i i gotta see the finishing times there

That must have been i was literally three minutes in front of the guy that’s crazy we win the entire thing we level up level five i will take that and a bunch of dakar points nice yo that’s really really cool i love the branded race gear can i just say that like red bull gear looking so good carlos signs take the trophy thank you very much looking good wait wait

Sponsor wheel see sponsors wait wait wait what is this what is this uh do i get a car and a car and 300 points this sponsor is providing you with a new vehicle you have to complete at least one event with your new vehicle to keep it carlos science is still in play for the extreme rally this guy is just by being over here so wait what if i buy a new vehicle what

If i buy one of those big rally trucks what if i buy a 2021 rally truck we’ve got the most horsepower they cost a thousand dakar points but they do look really really cool i think i like chaos professional this will not go well just a warning this is what i’m supposed to study that is insane so there are night 21 checkpoints i’ve got to go between a tree and a

Rock then i’ve got to go between another tree and another tree it’s never ever ever ever gonna i’m never gonna get to the finish line i would like to put out a formal apology before we even get into this so at the top of my screen i can see the next waypoint is two kilometers in front and i’ve kind of got to just point my vehicle hopefully in the right direction

So i think it’s probably at the top of this hill the game should tell us once we’ve reached the first checkpoint so it’s this way checkpoint validated beautiful then it’s this way this thing is so slow actually okay through the trees through the trees through the trees going this way okay we’re looking good looking good looking good i am in 12th place waypoint

Validated okay when we get onto a trail like this where i can kind of see where the game wants me to go left or right left or right left last here we go we’re back on track now go go go that was two wheels that was literally two wheels through the left i accidentally just skipped the checkpoint i skipped checkpoint 19. sorry ah that didn’t go stage not complete

I’m out i withdraw anyways the career mode is not the only thing that’s in this game there is also online free mode i’m recording this video before the game actually comes out so there’s nobody online to play with but one of the things in here that you can see like if i just choose an event for example and then when you actually get in here that’s when you can see

All of the different vehicles that are in here so these are all of the 2022 dakar cars that are in the game they look so good then you can go back to 2021 for example 2020. all in all there are over 150 see different vehicles in this game which is just crazy anyways though that is where i’m gonna wrap up today’s video if you guys enjoyed it make sure you hit that

Subscribe button don’t forget to check out this game by clicking the link in the description down below thank you so much for watching i’ll see you guys soon with some more see you then bye

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