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Altair Club Cars The VW Atlas Is The BEST Family SUV| Heres Why. 2021 VW Atlas R-Line

The VW Atlas Is The BEST Family SUV| Heres Why. 2021 VW Atlas R-Line

The VW Atlas Is The BEST Family SUV| Here’s Why…….

So to sum it up i would say the three main things it’s very stylish it’s very functional and it’s safe hello everyone welcome back to the channel the punishment from all right and happy new year to everyone because yeah i mean it’s more than half it’s more than halfway to the new year the first month in the new year but it’s our first video for the new year all

Right and today we’re gonna talk about our family vehicle that we use so we have this we i mean we had this this model vehicle for like four years but this is this is yeah we had a 2018 model and we recently upgraded to the 2021 version a year ago pretty much and we just want to talk about how we love it why we love this as our family vehicle so much and the

Reason why we chose it and we chose to stick with it with this um vehicle all right so we’re just gonna talk about this week real quick again let me thank you guys for keep watching i’ll keep watching our videos regular viewers thank you for your support if you’re new to the channel please and consider subscribing turn on the notification bell to get notified

When i have pop loads all right so let’s jump into this small review and walk around up this week right okay guys so first off i know it’s a family vehicle yes we said family vehicle but regardless if you’re a family or not it doesn’t have the stigma of just family vehicle when you see this look look at the styling the design this particular one is an airline so

You do get like this bigger wheels on there 20 inch rims and um they do have different trims that come with different size wheels and different prices out but this one particular one is our line this color pretty much looks nice we didn’t had a white one before and we chose to get a different color this time so if you look on the outside this doesn’t speak just

Family vehicle it’s pretty much all around whether you have familiar okay so as far as styling it’s up there looks really nice so let’s look at the front as you can see all right really nice shape design from the front as well going around and you get nice wheels as well and again it’s an airline so you have a hardline battery okay i know it’s a little dirty

Probably you cannot see it on the camera but it needs a wash right about now okay and we’re gonna come around the back and show you how it looks from the back all right and that’s it from the back all right so we’re gonna get into the main reasons why we chose this vehicle as a family vehicle and my wife is gonna demonstrate that for us so here we go okay so

As you can see now we’re here we have three little ones and we have our oldest child our son he’s currently at school right now but um normally we see four kids okay so right now we’re going to show you how we see these three inside the suv right now so all right so the main so the main reason from my viewpoint as a mom my son is in school and when my husband is

Working i’m the one that has to pick him up and with these three he’s fine with these three rambunctious little kids this one is always trying to run off yeah yeah this one is trying to run off and you know i’ve been this week it’s very easy to get them in and out while maneuvering the kids at the same time not only that it looks stylish it doesn’t look like a

Minivan my husband can’t tell i hate the minivan look so that’s why we opted for suv and an suv that is very convenient at that and also the safeties and oh yes very safe all right well to be realistic i need to have all of them because when i’m by myself it’s just me and them and how i would get into the car so first and foremost it is keyless entry so once i

Come here first up let me give her the key well he would be yeah the key would be in my bag so i wouldn’t even have the key let’s put it in the jacket yeah so the key would be in my my my bag which would be on me i don’t have it no because my husband is driving but the first thing i usually do is put her in stop stand up here because she will run off into traffic

I put her in so come on let’s go she’s acting very after this yeah so that’s one down and that’s two down so and then the older one is here so yes she’s gonna go in after usually she’s like standing right beside me because you know so she’s not too far away so once let me make sure you guys are seeing everything let me zoom out a little bit so first and

Foremost i get these one you know all that was safe and the thing with this is i can choose to have a going from right here so even while both of them are in the seat i can move this and put them in so but i’m not going to have her going from this side i usually do that and then come here let’s go so then i will walk her around here all right so so here are

Seats right here but usually when i’m going to pick up my son my son will just jump in and sit right here so it’s usually look how easy it is i usually just pull it jada let’s go pull it back you know or see it is in here and i will just put her in but today she’s sitting right here but that’s how easy it is guys like my son can do this by itself he’s nice and

He can just come and pull this if you want to sit in the back so easy it is and this one she can just jump in inside yeah so before before we actually um tell you how why um it’s pretty much the best choice as well the height the height from the floor to the ground is not too tall for a suv so as she’s five years old and she can just jump in and jump out by

Herself you don’t have to pick him up yeah because we’re concerned though the running board and we eventually didn’t go with it yeah because it was an additional um charge and it’s not necessary yeah so all right so everyone is strapped in and i usually let them in okay guys so now we’re gonna actually go to the third row so we just pop the trunk automatic comes

Up as you can see we have the stroller here the kids tablet is back here and they just um finished their chick-fil-a so here you can see we have enough space we have our second row up third row is down and the kids we’re gonna they’re gonna eat and they still have a lot of space here where we can have them sit down and they can eat right here so it’s not bad it

Has a lot of space more than enough look i can stretch my hands all the way here still can’t reach see let’s go inside and the strollers and the car seat one of the car seat is here so we have a lot of space even after the second rosa all right so we’re gonna show you more convenience with this truck yummy okay so let me show you here so we remove the stroke

Let me get this stroller out of the way here okay and then all we do is pull up on the string and we get another seat up all right and it’s two seats it’s the same thing on this side it’s a 50 50 split and this is one side and it still has a lot of space in the back here where we can actually fit even the stroller would turn the other way we could turn this

Sideways let’s turn it sideways so now the stroller is set sideways and we can still close the trunk so try close the trunk and let’s show you that you still have space in the back with all seats up to and you can close the trunk all right so you can feed your groceries and everything and still have everyone seated in the back right so here we bought a tv i

Just got a tv at best buy it’s a 55 55-inch tv and as you can see second row is up kids are in the car and the tv we still have a like i’ll say about an inch and a half on the edges of the box in the middle we have around two inches three inches and then still close the back sorry about sorry about the noise guys this is a bike passing so here we go we have the

Back here as you can see the tv fits nice and flush inside i can close the door and the second row is up that’s how huge this is so doesn’t lag when it comes to convenience so we’re on the road we just got this tv and it fits perfect in the back with the kids all as well so that should help you out as well if you want to know if it’s if it fits a tv there we

Go and it closes okay as far as getting in and out as my wife showed before with this rule here okay so it’s open uh but if you want to get in the back from here you don’t have to pretty much be pulling any strings on the floor or anything you can actually just pull this step and move the seat forward with everyone in there and put it right back okay so let’s

Put that back and you don’t have to be trying to fold seats or anything everything moves with everyone inside and trust me we’ve had other suv so we know what we’re talking about so we had a durango and sienna everything before and this is the most functional function when it comes to function this is the best choice it takes all the box as they would say yeah

It takes all the boxes yep all right and as far as i would say technology goes and functions you can see you get i mean i installed the dash cam and everything here yeah and it’s pretty much the standard stuff that comes in here you get this one particular one come with like a panoramic sunroof so that’s a nice function as well yeah so my wife’s gonna pretty

Much turn turn it on and show you so that’s it so it does open the shade the glass itself is still closed but you can open the shade and get some lighting or something it goes all the way back okay and also the trunk if you’re sitting in here you want to have someone grab something from the trunk you can simply use this button right here and open the trunk

There you go see it’s open and i can close it with the same button here so all i have to do is just hold it down again hold it up pull it up and there we go the trunk is closing okay so we have a previous video where we showed you the functions of the trunk on the atlas before and you can go and watch that we’re gonna have it linked in the description all right

But um i think that’s it as far as why we chose this as as our family vehicle and the safety yeah and the safety rating as well yeah okay so yeah so to sum it up um i would say the three main things it’s very stylish it’s very functional and it’s safe as well we saved so much and conveniently yeah it’s i mean functional convenient and it’s it’s um safe because

We had the white one we we met my husband went in an accident and nothing was wrong with the car yeah some electricity and everyone else who was in that accident i pretty much i was rear-ended yeah so pretty much what happened with the previous one um i got rear-ended someone was on their phone not looking that’s like 60 miles an hour pull me in the back and

He they pushed my car in front of in the back of the person who was in front of me and the car in front of me and the one behind me they’re pretty much almost totaled and my the suv the atlas it just got a couple minor scratches not even a dent i called my wife sitting in the car didn’t get out was that the car didn’t check the front of the back or nothing i

Was just sitting in there just seeing the car in front of me and the one behind me yes so hopefully this video helps you out if you’re trying to decide to get a family suv and also before we forget this particular vehicle fits three car seats in the second row so let me show you so this fits three car seats across which me a lot of suvs you can only use two

Seats okay which is both nc the middle one normally you can use but this one you have child hooks for the car seat and all three seats in the second and it looks small from the outside it doesn’t look big and bulky like it’s not made from the outside but yeah it’s pretty huge on the inside all right so hopefully this video helps you out if you’re looking into

Purchasing a family suv all right so if you got this far and you like what you saw please consider subscribing and if you want to request more videos on the atlas that we didn’t um cover today then you could let us know in the comment section and we’ll jump at it all right thank you for watching guys peace you

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The VW Atlas Is The BEST Family SUV| Here's Why……. 2021 VW Atlas R-Line By The Parchment Fam

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