the tune is done stage 1 on 2022
Altair Club Cars The tune is done Stage 1 on 2022 Audi S5 Sportback

The tune is done Stage 1 on 2022 Audi S5 Sportback

034 Motorsport and European Motorsport to the rescue. The tune is finally here.

What is going on street drip welcome back welcome back to the channel thank you guys for tuning in man man we got a we got a good day today so if you haven’t watched the last video go back and check that out we try to do the uh custom tune uh but unfortunately the ecu is locked for custom tunes but thank you to you guys and um and doing a little research i figured

Out you can actually do uh one of the big companies that do tunes as well and a lot of them have those for example apr zero three four so today we’re gonna head out to a local shop that uh is able to do that and we’re about to get that done so yes thank you guys uh in the comments good looks um so we’re gonna get that tried out today and uh see if we can get

This baby lit a whole new car um well i should say a whole new car feel is what it’s going to feel like but man i’m super excited i hope everything goes good on this these are one of the things that yeah you can do yourself at home uh but just me the way i am just to get a piece of mind and make sure everything comes out legit and solid uh you know i’d rather

Leave it to the guys that damn they do this every day they know what they’re doing uh not saying that i can’t but you know when you can do surgery on yourself but it doesn’t mean you should um so basically that’s how i see it um but yeah man i’m super excited can’t wait going uh drop this off right now we got a beautiful morning sun’s coming out early you know i

Hope you guys are having a good day as excited as i as i am today so uh stick around we’re gonna give um last minute pulls hopefully this time it really is a last minute pose but uh we’ll make sure everything’s good um before i take off uh so we won’t have any uh any upsets again so um yeah stick around and uh let’s see what happens what magic uh that this tune

Can do so yeah i’ve been doing research all over looking around hitting every uh dealer up different um websites going on checking out vlogs and seeing what’s good out there and the consensus is is pretty much my first way i wanted to go is the zero three four tune so the zero three four is very solid it’s been getting uh a lot of positive reviews out there and

That’s the one i decided to go with um for for what it does and you know for where i want the car to be um so everybody that i’ve seen has done it has been super satisfied has had no issues um and yeah that’s the one we’re going to try out so i did different views looked around for the 22 s5 or the b9 and a half um nobody has it so to my knowledge uh on youtube

Nobody’s done this so we might have a first guys actually a second first first on youtube doing the review on the 22 s5 as an actual owner um and also the first to do the zero three four on a 22 b9 and a half s5 so big things guys big things things i like to be proud of not trying to brag but uh yeah it’s definitely cool to be a part of that all right guys

So here we go beautiful morning get this baby going i know we’re gonna run into traffic soon so i had to uh get it in where i can yes sir oh man it’s going to be it’s going to feel so crazy i can only i can already imagine i’m telling you guys i love driving this car i love the power that it has may not be a you know svj to me in my eyes it is and that’s how

It feels so that’s all it matters is how it feels to you like i’ve said before in in the previous videos it’s how the car feels to you and to me that’s how it feels and doing this tune man oh man i can’t wait this thing’s gonna it’s gonna be another beast just unleashed and uh just the potential but yeah with this one similarly to the other tune that i was about

To do um i should be up there with the rs5 power rs5 stock power which is about uh 445 um is what this is gonna be at here we go on the road again damn look at these drivers look at that you saw that almost an accident this is how it is every morning matter of fact it was just an accident right before i got on the highway crazy got the statis on the on the low

Lurking oh i can’t wait to hear the extra cracks and pops it should get a lot more pronounced and uh i’m gonna do a definitely an after video to compare it you guys are gonna get my genuine reaction to it to the tune and how it feels how it reacts to me um see if i notice any difference i mean i definitely will but just how big of a difference is the uh because

The main thing there we go never fails all right gotta take the back roads get off the highway it’s too crazy out here surprisingly nobody out in these roads yes turbo’s warmed up kicking in nice talk to me nice man all right so we’re almost at the shop just gonna get some last-minute enjoyment here turn right onto parkman street of course the gps is going

On all right guys we finally made it here to the shop european motorsports it’s a nice spot look what they got under here got a nice oh lotus when’s the last time y’all see one of these i remember this that’s the spree right yeah yeah it’s free wow that’s crazy yeah oh we’re gonna refinish it we’re gonna put an ls in there in there remember these this is the

First sports car that i actually saw in person that when i was little i fell in love with yeah oh you got a carrera yeah yeah we’re gonna the guy uh we’re gonna re-uh redo this we do this you know what this reminds me of you’ll probably remember what movie arnold schwarzenegger oh uh ah commando yeah commando they had the yellow one yep it was a very similar to

This but it had the black wheels when he when he lifted it yeah yeah that’s what that reminds me of that’s a nice shop here on the end that’s mike that’s a monster there this one no i’m not this one oh that one up there okay that’s a 335 it looks wow sleeper that’s crazy so yeah guys this is the shop that we bumped into did some research european motorsports

Make sure you check them out they’re over here in uh dorchester so if you’re in the area you want to get your done right these are guys to come to so definitely check them out all right guys so here’s the shop here european motorsports got the baby in she’s gonna do her surgery today come out with some massive brain surgery and uh we’re gonna take the wifey’s

She’s picking me up here so stay tuned we’re gonna see how this car drives after that soon three hours later all right guys it’s about that time i just got the call the whip is ready oh man i’m super excited if you can feel my heart beating right now it’s going crazy can’t wait to get this thing and uh just step on it and just hear it and drive it and feel it uh

This is crazy it’s been a long time coming um we finally got it done and hopefully uh it it stays up to its expectations or should say my expectations but i’ll definitely let you guys know what i think and how it drives so let’s go pick it up a few moments later alright guys here it is moment of truth yes we got that truck out there so it’s giving a little bit

Of noise but let’s go cold start oh man super excited about this let’s go put the window down here let’s see if we can hear some pops and bangs already i can tell it’s a lot louder but yeah huge shout out to these guys definitely check them out um if you guys are in the boston area or the surroundings they do a crazy crazy job here european motorsport check

Out the garage nice and clean and tidy they know their stuff they got a lot of history in the game and uh they’re about their business all right so let’s get our first pull out holy damn oh my god wow big difference big difference holy that was scary oh there goes the pops definitely a lot louder wow all right this hold on i need better roads for this

That thing just felt like a straight tesla that instant launch roller coaster launch wow and you can see here uh that’s actually updated too the rev limiter went up this thing is definitely unleashed and unlocked ready to go wow all right hopefully we get some open roads here man come on let me put the window up all right so we’re gonna find a little bit

Of open road stretch and see if we can get another pull wow oh this is worth it guys zero three four check them out this tune is incredible all right so we gotta stretch a road here here we go holy moly damn yeah this this is oh oh my god night and day night and day i felt like i just got a new car no new car wow and this is just a stage one guys this is

Crazy the ecu tcu tune uh combination that zero three four has this thing is worth it wow get out of my way here we go wow a lot louder man is in dynamic mode with sport this thing is alive it just wants to go wow it feels so light right now i don’t know if it’s in my head or like just oh man this is like rs5 level not joking ah come on we don’t want to

Get out the way people don’t know how to get on the highway damn it just wants to be pushed with this tune definitely worth it guys definitely worth it this is my first reaction with it first time driving it i’m telling you it’s worth it if you got an s4 s5 you’re on the fence go with zero three four you heard it here it’s worth it man that sounds so crazy you

Definitely get it more pronounced instant power and uh the sound is is a lot more get a lot more of those pops but just the the torque you can definitely feel that when you when you uh when you push it it just gives it to you instantly all right so we’re bumping into traffic again we’ll try to get some open back roads down in uh good old mexico all right guys

We got out of traffic man even in traffic this thing is enjoyable oh damn yeah i can’t get enough of this i just want to drive everywhere now gotta hop on the back roads just to feel this out man oh of course that’ll be a car here wow the power is serious you will definitely feel the difference this is so worth it yeah comment below below guys i i can’t even

Talk right i’m like super excited comment below let me know what you guys think uh which tune do you have on your uh s5 or s4 this zero three four is definitely where it’s at you guys need this asap um anybody who has the the b9 and a half s5 and you’re looking to do it no questions just go ahead make that move it’s worth it you got a whole new car it feels like

I just bought another car again as crazy as that sounds man you definitely feel the power difference this is the way that they should have made it pretty much from the dealer and if they did then obviously they’ll have to slap the price tag but you know what i mean like it just gives you it unlocks that true potential of what the car can do and what it was made

For and you you feel it it’s definitely pronounced and you feel it kicking back in your chair the pops and bangs are a lot louder um i shouldn’t say a lot louder but a a lot more frequent and depending on um you know what gear you’re in but the way it shifts is so smooth like you could put it in manual mode but i mean honestly it you’re not going to shift better

Than what the car can do and what it’s programmed to do it’s it’s that nice so we got a little bit of twisty turn roads here let me give some space man hold on all right let’s see how fast we can uh catch up to that car wow before you sense a slight bit of turbo lag when you when you step on it um the car did do that but now it’s it’s gone like when you when

You step on it it’s it’s going it doesn’t care if you’re not ready or not you you step on it it’s like all right let’s go this is so nice so yeah comment below let me know what you guys think uh how you been with other tunes that you had um what do you think of this uh tuned from zero three four or just them in general um so far their customer service is insane

Like i’ve been hearing they’ve been getting back to me with any question that i have um definitely hit up european motorsport if you’re in the boston area and you’re looking for true true professionals true mechanics with years of experience without a volkswagen they’re definitely the people to go to super knowledgeable um the whole crew there the whole staff is

Really nice uh kelly on the emails really quick back and forth with me and responding and uh any questions i had or concerns i also wanted to mention they did look out for your boy they clean the interior wasn’t expecting that well that was pretty sick to find out when’s the last time you’ve been to a place where they do any type of work in your car and you know

You find the interior immaculate all vacuumed up for you they didn’t even have to do that so there’s little stuff like that to me that goes a long way um they’re not paying me by any means they didn’t do anything free although i wish they did uh they didn’t do any free work for me so you know i don’t work for them this is just me speaking on customer service um

You treat people good they’re going to come back to you they’re going to see you and they’re going to speak highly of you so all right so we got one last special treat i’m going to give to you guys as you can see launch control is active so we’re going to get this going and uh get a pull on this car ready damn oh my god she screams she’s screaming oh if this

Car was just going a little bit faster but let me stop let me stop damn there you go guys there you have it first first reaction this is it’s impeccable i can’t believe it super sick wow that was even better than the last one sheesh so crazy thank you guys for watching man i appreciate it thank you for supporting the channel as always uh we’re at 500 subs so

We’re almost there to get in our thousand goal and the only way to do it is with you guys supporting so if you haven’t already make sure you like make sure you subscribe that’s huge that’s important that’s going to help me grow and give you guys some crazy content um the bigger i get you know the more stuff i can do for you guys more amazing videos i’ll i’ll bring

To the table and partnerships and collabs and such in the future so thank you guys for watching like subscribe comment street drip we’ll see you on the next video we out you

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The tune is done! Stage 1 on 2022 Audi S5 Sportback By Street Drip

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