the story behind the building of
Altair Club Cars The story behind the building of your BMW X3

The story behind the building of your BMW X3

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But we wanted to really create something special it had never been done before and i think the technology of being able to stitch together these different camera shots was something that was truly unique and it folded into a concept we came up with which was called dream it build it drive it this holistic view of how a car comes to bay since most customers can’t

Go to the factory to see their vehicle being built we thought it would be a great opportunity to use our website bmw as the place to show customers on how their specific vehicle is actually built at our factory in south carolina but we didn’t want to just show an x3 being built we wanted to show your x3 being built that was going to be the challenge and

Providing a video like this i think is a great thing to keep people excited about the process and waiting the arrival of this this new vehicle conceptually we knew that we could put cameras in here we had no idea that down on the ground the reality of doing that how complex this plant itself is in this case there were people involved from starting with the plant

People who whose job is to make that assembly process happen it people of all the different flavors we have third parties involved that create the applications we have the whole creative side of the project where people have to come up with what should we show in the video basically when we chose the locations to start with even though the plant was not filled with

Cars i sort of used my own judgment as far as what would be interesting to someone to see if they had never seen a car being built and where’s some automated places within the plant you know once people understood what we were trying to do they were very cooperative i mean the spirit that we encountered in here it was just amazing but usually get to work with people

That shoot video and an interface with the customers and we’re really internally facing so working with something is that you’re going to go to the customer was really exciting we were able to precisely install the cameras we were able to send the information at a certain time i think the best moment was when we saw the first life streamed picture from one of the

Cameras after cameras to put up out of the whole assembly process will show you seven key moments of your car’s assembly basically the cameras were installed service were installed which record those camera streams so we record four to five hundred vehicles a day and we have to store that video for several days and then we pull your car off that video storage and

With that information an application goes in and collects all the video segments stitches together a video encodes it and pushes it out to the review portal every video is watched checking for problems with the cameras make sure that everything is perfect once the video is completely accepted it automatically goes out to bmw s a comm and the customer as of then can

Watch the video what we were able to do in this project was make it sustainable so what does that mean it means digital cameras tied in with the production system so that you could actually build thousands of cars and have thousands of videos through a fully automated process that’s what really made this different from anything that had come before this is one of

The biggest purchases that a lot of people make during their lifetime besides buying a home and college tuition we wanted to bring this emotional purchase to life with them on the website for them to view how their vehicle was custom built for them so we’re really excited that we can bring that to customers through technology and video so that they don’t have to

Visit the plant they get to see it in their in their own living room how their vehicle came to life

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The story behind the building of your BMW X3 By Irvine BMW

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