the rundown bmw 7 series
Altair Club Cars The Rundown: BMW 7 Series

The Rundown: BMW 7 Series

Always at the forefront. #The7 is the perfect match for leaders with vision, and icons that choose to build the future. Luxurious, powerful, and forward-thinking—the BMW 7 Series is the height of Sheer Driving Pleasure.

Nothing says class than riding the new bmw 7 series the quintessential premium sedan that’s definitely made for those who want to predefine luxury in the new normal this generation of the bmw 7 series makes a clear statement of intent with its confident presence and striking innovation control driver assistance and connectivity technology the new exterior of

This luxury sedan showcases its prestige and status more vividly than ever it comes in two body variants the 745 le and the 730i both in pure excellence trim the extensive design refresh at the front end plays a particularly prominent role in giving the new series a more visual presence the new bonnet has more sharply cut contour lines and larger bmw roundel

And the reworked bmw kidney grille is teamed up with slimmer adaptive led headlights to create a stylistically appealing contrast the outer intakes in the lower section of the front apron are now overlaid with large deflectors these guide the on rushing air efficiently into the air curtains the modified rear apron adopts the design language of the air intake

Trim at the front of the car the integrated tailpipes have broader chrome surrounds the led light sources are positioned behind red and black surfaces arranged to emphasize their l-shaped contour and here to tell us more is niko ilanan from bmw great to be here paolo today i’m going to be giving you an overview on the all new bmw 7 series now the bmw 7 series

Is bmw’s flagship luxury sedan it epitomizes performance comfort luxury and of course exclusivity for the brand join me as we go through the different features of the bmw 7 series as with every bmw the bmw 7 series comes with a number of convenience features to make your ownership experience that much easier for example at the rear the bmw 7 series comes with

An automatic tailgate function which i can access using a button or with the kick function which i will now demonstrate of course i can also close the trunk with another kick function or i can press the button here now let’s talk about comfort access over to the front next we have bmw’s comfort access now with the key in my pocket to unlock the vehicle all

I have to do is put my hand behind the handle your vehicle is now unlocked now to lock the vehicle again all you have to do is put your finger on the ridge on top of the handle here and your vehicle is locked it’s as easy as that inside the bmw 7 series we see generous amounts of space now this is combined with exquisite materials as well as well coordinated

Design now every seat in the bmw 7 series features dakota leather upholstery another highlight of the interior of the bmw 7 series is the fine wood trim with aluminum highlights now this is also combined with customizable ambient lighting now let’s talk about the technology behind the bmw 7 series but before that i have to start the car now after turning on the

Bmw 7 series the driver is immediately greeted by a fully digital instrumentation cluster now this provides all the information you need and has different modes such as the trip meter navigation in the center as well as customizable gauges now moving on to the right of the instrumentation cluster we have bmw’s latest operating system 7 infotainment display now

This screen is 10.25 inches in size and features a touchscreen interface alternatively you can control the screen as well with bmw’s familiar idrive controller another convenience feature is bmw’s wireless apple carplay which allows you to mirror your iphone to the infotainment display with a bmw 7 series you can also expect the best sound quality coming from

Your speakers thanks to harman kardon’s surround sound system for optimum interior temperature comfort the bmw 7 series also features four zone climate control but this allows the four passengers to set their individual temperature settings on their own the bmw 7 series also features some driving mode technology now this can be accessed next to the gear lever

And has the following modes you have sport comfort eco pro and of course the adaptive function now all of these modes work in tandem with the two axle air suspension that automatically adjusts to the set driving mode but with a car like this of course they say that the best seat in the house is the rear so join me as we check out what the back seat has in store

Bmw 7 series also features a soft close function for all doors a very luxurious feature now let’s go check out the rear here we are in the rear of the bmw 7 series now the rear seats are comfort spec as well as dakota leather upholstery lined we also have electrically adjustable rear seats so this allows me to recline and adjust the seat height to my heart’s

Content for optimum comfort for the rear passengers not only that we also have roller sunblinds to the side plus an electronically controlled rear roller sunblind for privacy and of course heat rejection when parked out in the open now the bmw 7 series in the philippines comes in two different variants the one that i have now is the 730i pure excellence another

Variant is the 745le plug-in hybrid this variant the 730i pure excellence comes in at five million nine hundred and ninety thousand pesos all bmws are covered by a manufacturer back five year warranty or two hundred thousand kilometers whichever comes first the lineup of turbocharged power units for the new bmw 7 series has also been updated and includes a new

Four-cylinder engine and a new six-cylinder in-line unit with a plug-in hybrid system offering extended electric range and there you have it the new bmw 7 series the ultimate luxury sedan made to let you set out for the journey of the future you

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The Rundown: BMW 7 Series By BMW Philippines

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