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Altair Club Cars The Responsibilities When Designing the 2023 Nissan Z

The Responsibilities When Designing the 2023 Nissan Z

Clip from Cars and Culture #63 – Nissan’s Head of Design Alfonso Albaisa

Or do you feel the responsibility when you start a project like the z given all that given all of your history right back here to the streets of miami given the history of seeing that first clay model given the fact that everybody’s been waiting so long for the next iteration are are those you know we mentioned the opportunity versus the i’m a stressed kitten

I i really feel on every project but the z i was quite yeah it felt so different than so i was with a jay working on the 350 and actually the interior is my design i didn’t have that maybe because i was much younger but i felt a great responsibility because the company was on its knees so when we’re designing it we’re uh not heavyweight we’re closer what is

The right below heavyweight we are a big company that was on its back and uh we were not up yet the the get money for a z car was not the priority in a company that’s making almost 20 cars you know you can easily collapse the company by making too many cars where you have to before you’re making money you’re dropping major major major money for the factories

All the tooling so i was impressed i kept thinking this car is going to stop because all the other cars in the studio actually make financial sense and they’re needed you need a new road that’s 600 000 units globally and no one’s going to question that and the pathfinder even though just american yeah d-segment suv of course and it was so cool in the studio

Everyone oh my god okay can you make it sooner that’s really down the hallway you can talk to some people but about the sooner stuff and so i was very worried so not only worried about failing with a design worried that i was now in love and heartbreak is painful and disappointing people and all of this stuff and it you know to be a car designer you you have

To be part child because you need this emotional thing to allow you to want to change everything all the time to get frustrated quickly i’m sure it’s a bit of a burden for the company especially hr but uh yeah i was i’m a bit of a stress kid about because you there’s people who love cars and they are really eager to have the next thing the community around this

Particular vehicle is probably as fervent as anything else that exists in the world peter brock he was interesting because uh i went to visit some people like like him before we started and he was reluctant to say anything like because we i want to know what would you like what would you this is an opportunity we haven’t started and he was very like oh no no

No it’s going to be great and they’ve all been great so it’s going to be great just enjoy he’s very like encouraging and then his wife kind of smacked him he goes no he wants you to change those door handles bring him in so i knew that if i messed that up i’m going to be in a lot of trouble it’s going to be a lot to answer for

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The Responsibilities When Designing the 2023 Nissan Z By Cars and Culture with Jason Stein

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