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The Real Cost of Owning a Ferrari | Littlekinglife

Dear Royal Court,

Okay he’s doing a shortness for all of you guys doing a chair of this because my shirt’s dirty mm-hmm because you’re a dirty boy all right so we have the ferrari we’re it’s cold it’s freezing very cold we have a car and it has sat here for six seven months and we have to try and start it because it’s time for what is known as the major service which means that

I see inside i have to bring it to somebody who’s gonna take the entire engine out of the car the whole back of the car comes apart in like a tube frame chassis kind of like an old race car and then they change all the belts in the gaskets and check the exhaust and do like a full run through to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the car and then they put it

All back in and then they charge you lots of money most likely more than ten thousand dollars if i’m lucky it’ll be close to that hopefully it’s not more than that but this is ferrari ownership weird expensive bills and the kicker here is that we got here this morning well it’s like again like 7 a.m and one of the back tires is flat flat so now i need to have the

Tire fixed but it does hold there i think i hope and we need to drive to our south mind you so i don’t know if we’re gonna make that how we’re gonna make it there we’re gonna make it there um anything else before we park just go start it we’re gonna see if it starts it’s been seven months it does sound like the the fuel comes in come on what the heck that is

Very surprising it’s done there’s a few times it ain’t usually if it works but this is a fun start a few moments later and we’re back the starter was just sticky we don’t know things yet wow why don’t you let me narrate dan doesn’t always tell him i don’t know what i’m talking about go it uh started turnover so we’re gonna see if now it will run a little bit

Weird thank you say making some strange squeaky noises good thing it’s going to the mechanic to be disassembled and reassemble it runs that was a little bit of a scare don’t let the squeaking noises that’s uh with the mechanics for we’ll let it warm up for a bit and hopefully that speaking stops definitely a good first major service i was wondering because it

Only has 1500 miles since the last major service but they start not starting flat tire east front tires the oil cooler has a drip in the line and it squeaks and it’s running a little rough it’s ready for some love let’s hope we make it all the way to south of boston yates all right so it’s running gas pedal works yeah it does do that okay now i’m just gonna make

Himself a boston i don’t know if i’ve ever driven it this far actually we trailered it last time you see it should have improved i think we’re gonna try and take it out of the garage yeah all right so there is the baby we’re gonna take it again to two hours south okay we’ve been driving for a little over an hour now still still probably 15 the problems talk on

Wood uh but it’s almost there called the mechanic they’re waiting for us i hope that it’s not much traffic when we get to the tunnel of the city also because i’ve always wanted to drive through the tunnel and i’ve never driven through the tunnel with this car and you can grab and it echoes and everything cool board it’s just a big traffic jam but all as well so

Far fans behind me and we don’t love dropping my car off at a stranger’s house to feel like we’re looking my baby someplace but i’m highly recommended so let’s uh let’s hope he does a good job many months later far so good we are finally driving the ferrari back the mechanic i’ve made a couple of little things off the check with him on because i need to make sure

Everything is squared away but part we’ve driven quite a bit now a nice drive now’s nice it shifts nice and crab’s nice all the usuals very fun car sounds great we’ll do probably a full breakdown of sort of like the costs running costs like fixing repairs all those costs uh they’re very significant but it’s done and i walked through it again for a while because

It was a full service so i’m going to come on that front but for now i’m going to keep driving and get this back to the garage where we can talk and we’ll probably have to go back to mechanic for those few little things i noticed that he didn’t take care of or just little things have to be touched out but much work it was done unfortunately it’s kind of not that

Surprising they will they’ll tend to crop up so we’ll just keep working on it but he’s good guys so i think he’ll he’ll just take care of it and make everything right all right so we’re back at the barn we’ve got the ferrari back finally in all her glory i will do a little well i’m dan’s map because my hand’s always in the way today though not today that is her

Ladies and gentlemen her that’s the ferrari she has gotten a full major service with an engine out which was an ordeal to say the least um probably clean it up a little bit i really don’t need this to be in selfie mode so i’m going to switch for you all right this is way better isn’t it so it’s a little dusty and dirty it did get cleaned and then it got a little

Dirty on the drive but basically we had the engine taken out of the car it got cleaned up the valve covers and things all got painted we did some new headers we got new oil filters new fuel filters new rubber lines uh see how pretty they are now five belts dan thinks he knows how to say it better so we’ll go whatever whatever dan anyway that’s her and all her

Glory like 50 down there are 50 uh what is it eight cylinders five out there’s 40 valves so there are 40 valves there’s five valves per cylinder and there’s eight cylinders so it’s a lot of elves a lot of moving parts this service was uh uh extensive he was it was much longer than we expected it ended up being months not because it needed to take much but the

Mechanic just had a lot going on so in the shop for the entire summer yeah it wouldn’t give her back so i drove it all the way up here which is pretty far and it drove beautifully as always then don’t even joke what you doing um ready to put this puppy away okay okay um time for the dry to go back in the bubble he’s doing a shirtless for all of you guys doing

A chair of this because my shirt’s dirty mm-hmm because you’re a dirty boy so we’re gonna back we’re not in the back the ferrari is going to pull into this space right here what it was before foreign if you are not one of the car heads that have requested or you’re just not interested in the financials of the video you can stick to the end um just giving

You a quick now but if you’re curious which we invite you to if you really are interested in cars um nick is gonna guide you through what it takes yes so uh for those of you who have active advanced and watching our videos in the spring we dropped the ferrari off for what was supposed to be a quick service took four months not because it wasn’t a quick service so

It wasn’t a quick service but it shouldn’t have taken four months there was just a lot that happened uh and it took forever and we finally got it back and we have some receipts even though it’s not actually done because there’s more that has to be done that didn’t get done they got missed so i’m not actually super ecstatic about that but it is what it is and we

Thought it would be fun to go through all the receipts and kind of share what it’s like from a repair and financial perspective probably not compared because i probably won’t go into excruciating detail on the parts and stuff but what it’s like to own a ferrari for i don’t know this is probably a little over a decade or so maybe more it’s a lot of ownership it’s a

Classic for iso with that we’re going to start with whatever these receipts are in my accountant over here is going to add them up i’ve never added these up before so i actually don’t know how much this is going to add up to and i’m smiling because i know it’s going to be brutal actually every five years one of these classic bars the engine comes out and you do a

Full service they touch up everything they can meet you everything’s broken and you should just replace everything under the sun while you’re in there very tedious process this first receipt from 2016 is daniel ten thousand six hundred dollars just some some clutch work and little things uh 1948 dollars more significant work some engine artwork some tiring belts

Some fluids tires this is actually a pretty extensive service uh this one is eight thousand ninety three dollars this one was a lot of valve work and some machining and just like some really heavy like keep the car in tick-tock shape and do a lot of excess stuff this one totals sixteen thousand three hundred and fifty six dollars more engine and timing belt work

From another one of those engine out services that we love so much uh this one is eight thousand seven hundred and forty this is kind of like an all-around touch-up actually not a major service but a lot of touch-up stuff uh and this one totals 5 640 dollars uh cleaning paintwork stuff just like touch up make the car look nice and pretty again new panels lots of

Touch-ups this this well i saw these like honestly aren’t necessary repairs it’s just somebody being very like really tedious this is 5719 really simple an inspection 416 buy some exhaust parts like gaskets nuts and bolts also probably not totally necessary but we wanted to do all new gaskets and nuts and bolts when we were putting the new exhaust stuff on it 514

Dollars i had to buy an oil cooler i actually am still not convinced i had to buy this but i did because i didn’t want to do it twice even though i’m like 80 sure i didn’t need this 1457 dollars a little clamp on the exhaust that broke and fell off uh 55 nice one 55 i can stomach that really tearing it apart digging into it uh we honestly did go overboard on this

On some stuff uh and also didn’t finish the job and there’s still more to be done so this is i have mixed feelings about this bill but this bill was seventeen thousand 623 dollars which means i have the record here last bill as the most expensive bill so far which is pretty and fast-pressive although some of those were like combined singular so on that note the

Total spent on this car over the last i mean this is over a long time by the way and it’s like an overly tedious amount of work like that you could have probably done half of this probably less than half of this honestly it’s still been fine but uh people were very particular and uh you know yeah yeah so the total is 77 000 uh seventy seven thousand one hundred

And fifty eight dollars how old is the car the car is 20 almost 28 years old 1995. yeah almost 28 years old so that means it costs about 2 700 a year uh to own a ferrari that is actually not bad but well that’s not bad at all that’s i can do that that’s like the additional cost to the base cost so that’s oh that’s not big the cost of the car doesn’t count how

Does an account it’s an appreciating asset it’s been going up in value since i bought it i’m way ahead okay we’re winning at just a big club we actually are winning by like six figures like we’re ahead we’re way ahead uh if i want to sell that car even with all the bills and stuff so that’s all i got that’s the cost of owning it it’s back we filmed some footage

Driving we really didn’t do proper footage maybe we go this weekend there’s no way that he’s luring me back into that bar now and i’m not gonna do that more footage i’m not gonna do that but we’re gonna close this video up so we can publish it and get out there because it has been four or five months and we filmed an intro to this like five times including the one

Time we went to pick it up and it wasn’t ready but that’s all i got it’s a lot of missing footage you can follow us on instagram and on tick tock at little king live we do try to feature more car content during the summer because that’s when we have the cars available so follow us there if this uh video a like if you like car content in our channel um and want to

See more you’re gonna also follow us on twitter is that what you wanted no dan turned the dishwasher on too so apologies if you can’t hear anything we say over the dishwasher you did have to wash those dishes um you can also hit that subscribe button and that bell icon so you get notified every time um we wrap it up this is the longest time forever every time we

Talk about cars again thank you for watching thank you for watching we love you bye foreign

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