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Altair Club Cars The Porsche 911 GT3 | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear

The Porsche 911 GT3 | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear

In this week’s instalment, Chris Harris tackles the mighty new, 493bhp 911 Porsche GT3. And goes very, very sideways. Subscribe to Top Gear:

Sometimes this job can be so complicated it’s all about the idea being clever today however i have the new gt3 that’s very simple skids here we are then the new second generation 9 1 gt3 now with a 4 liter engine 500 horsepower till i drive i hate to disappoint all the haters out there but yes they’ve done and done it again they made one of the best cars on sale

And this engine was a let’s forget the adjectives ruminant listen to this second here i mean it is a complete event remember the old 3.8 liter car on a ham oh and delicious well listen is the result of all of the investigation and development that went into those values but they’ve made this thing absolutely bomb peru because they really couldn’t afford to have

Another issue like that result well with the new flapper system the mid-range from this size extraordinary i’m quite lucky to spend some time in my 11 hour at the moment this engine this engine is a lot lot better and more impressive than the one in the 911 our safdie wise well we’ve got a bit more arrow now and we’ve got fundamentally dependent been system but

With the between spring and damper i’m going to revise mixing cut to tire i’m an angle feared you know this thing is so good around here the front where you want it if you carry too much means return of course the understeer but as long as you manage that you can control really carry the agility for the falls during is well you have kind of experiences believe

It totally but steering wheel for the corner it’s so effective remarkable and there is definitely a slight difference in personality i found this car a bit more of a handful what we were letting it move around but also coming out of second gear turn as i’m about to do now what’s interesting is you can’t just hold it absolutely wide open it’s got so much more

Clock in the mid-range you find yourself in the car a little bit further i think they’ve had to respond by making a place sticky attire from in to deal with the extra thrust and imbalance really solid you can carry so much beam into the corner and then just use that under their safety net to get you through if you want to be a complete gobo you can be but going

Really fast staying nice and straight porsha hasn’t made a better cheating through the mitch keep it buried just a little flicker – of the yellow light but it’s looking askew so you have superheroes difference now vampers i mean sniff around here quite often in fast porsche it’s firm down protecting are too much for angle p but if canton lovely and compliant like

This great really superb very little fade really good reassuring pedal and of course the most disappointing thing is they’re not going to make enough pull the middle of what one so i don’t know why should be reviewing it at all but for those that are getting one lucky now the list of changes over the first generation 9 1 gt3 is huge way more than i have time for

Here the engine is now bigger up from three point eight to four liters that gives five hundred or thousand three means so tonight the plans talk the detail changes in slight amount to effectively a new engine with a new crank your oil system new liners and most importantly no more hydraulic valve lifters there’s now a dual flap intake system for better low rev

Talk but the thing is producing power all the way to 8 pounds ii 250 rpm and it spins sign before the limiter cuts in the four-wheel steering hardware is carried over but with a new calibration and the same is true of the pdk gearbox on this car yes there will be a manual to the richness mention uses a helper spring but again all the settings are different to the

Last car the gt3 takes the arse rear diffuser and moves the old gt3s rear wing a little further back and a little higher this alongside the new front end gives the same downforce at the 997 gen 2 rs inside it’s just a normal 911 with striped buckets the club sport package with cage and extinguish remains a no-cost option the car has lapped the nurburgring in 7

Minutes and 12 seconds which is crazy for non rs machine it will do nought to 100 in 7.3 seconds that’s very very fast now i made a reference to when you let it move around a bit i’m not very good at avoiding this stuff so does have a buttons earlier one that says esc and tc off just going to press this give eligos you app little rotation to compare existing

But it managed the whole training something you can end up oh hello hello getting it on with a bit of a big woman they were aggressive i went back often the word bar ah special corner in over there lovely and the extra talk actually gives you a few more options and of course we have the pdk gearbox even see we all know that don’t smear manual when that’s going

To come up with later in the year but from now yeah they’ve done something give up good even sharper than before even sharper up miss banks and that the pd case for both but down ships well they just fantastically feels like a full pneumatic the quencher rapier lock for me yeah what a thing i’d really click with my mother i yeah yeah they’re made the gt3 even

Better and once you’re handling flies from it it’s others the gt3 12 gt3 some of the wants this car have a thing that you could use on the road go to work in occasionally or every day go on and drugs the nurburgring but doesn’t want the rs a bit shouting this is in a class of one understand what else you find and that engine you’d pay a hundred and eleven grand

For the engine yeah i’ve had worse days of work and um otters had a lot worse days in it’s laboratory this is exceptional that’s why i like car noises like that i’m at second to third gear change yeah the tell-tale fud have a delaminated fire there you both leave knowing you tiredly fresh is now back i love is a very sensitive pressure like most dogs but

They really happened let’s go get a bag down there a to bar it just comes to me i might just have a chat back to base you guys might as well and on you

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