the polestar 5s new awd setup is
Altair Club Cars The Polestar 5s new AWD setup is warp-speed

The Polestar 5s new AWD setup is warp-speed

#Polestar is showing a development prototype of the #Polestar5 in public for the first time at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed (23-26 June). Polestar 5 is a high-performance electric 4-door GT with proper sports car credentials, and the production evolution of the Precept concept car first shown in 2020.

I have an update for you guys on the polestar 5 over 800 horsepower let’s get into it pulsar 5 electric four-door gt to debut exclusive new polestar electric powertrain if you missed my previous video i made yesterday should be going live today anyways talked about the pulse star two three four and five we’ve got a little bit more details about the power numbers

Here 884 horsepower and uh 900 newton meters of torque all new 800 volt architecture well who else is using 800 volt well porsche the koreans so it’s it’s nothing crazy new but that is the future definitely 800 volt if we go to the spreadsheet here converting 900 newton meters of torque is 663 pound-feet so they’re definitely going more for horsepower than torque

On these motors uh which is totally fine too much torque of instant torque especially electric cars might not be the best thing for the tires and stability of the vehicle so having more horsepower might be a better thing the horsepower is almost instant as well with electric motors and keep in mind the pulsar 5 has a two-speed motor so 884 horsepower still 0-60

Probably in the mid or low two seconds we know it’s going to have 103 kilowatt hour battery range is my estimation around 340 miles now if you live in the uk you can go ahead and see this vehicle as well as others i hear the lexus sports battery concept is there as well but i haven’t heard anything from the lexus press room on it anyways the 2022 goodwood festival

Speed is a 23rd to 26 if you’re in the uk so you can check out not only these cars but a ton of other amazing cars coming out p allen of uk r d for polestar says that pulse r5 or ps5 is shaping up to be superb four-door gt and a true pulsar heart you got to keep in mind they’re designing this car to compete against the tycon the different variants of the ticon as

Well as the panamera the platform combines low volume performance car attributes with modern technological advances to bring lightweight high rigidity sports car chassis technology into mass production so this has a unique bonded aluminum chassis a prime factor in delivering the vehicle dynamics signature to create a driving experience that is desirable as the

Design so in sweden they’re developing this top-of-the-line powertrain a new rear electric motor will provide superior output along with 800 volt architecture combined with a high output front electric motor the complete dual motor powertrain aims to deliver 884 horsepower the ps5 will run up iconic goodwood hill twice daily during the event in the first glance

Group the cars plan to launch in 2024 and is the third of three new evs expected to be launched by polestar in the coming three years so i mentioned early 2024 is that possible actually it’s probably late 2024 is the reveal i have the pulse star 4 on my mind so pole star 3 announced in october should be available in spring or shake the q1 2023 pole store 4 should

Be available q1 of 2024 and pulsar 5 probably queue on a 2025. if you missed yesterday’s video um the polestar 5 is on its own whole new platform not shared with the pulstar 4 or the new polestar 3 coming out this year or and being announced later this year and this should underpin future polestar vehicles in the future and the only other pull star vehicle that

We know of is the o2 concept so more than likely that will share this new pulstar 5 platform as well these are just my guesses at the pricing and i just have this as a hypothetical because they talk about this p10 motor being a rear motor but they said it can be put into different packages meaning it’s not exclusive to this platform that motor could probably slot

Into a pulse r4 or pulse r3 as well i don’t know what would be keeping them from putting it in the front axle as well to power the front wheels uh for a pulsar 5 performance but i mean 1200 horsepower might just not be realistic or safe for the average population i mean is 800 horsepower no absolutely not but i welcome it and i welcome it with open arms over 800

Horsepower anyways just wanted to wrap that up for you guys are you excited about all the pole star vehicles it starts with the polestar 3 this year later so definitely stay tuned i will update you guys on that and definitely check out my polestar 2 review that i did a couple weeks back check you guys in the next video thank you for watching hit the like button if

You haven’t have a great day take care of yourselves and as always peace out you

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The Polestar 5's new AWD setup is warp-speed! By Kirk Kreifels

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