the new volvo v90 live reveal
Altair Club Cars The New Volvo V90: Live Reveal

The New Volvo V90: Live Reveal

The new #VolvoV90 is here. Discover more at

Thank you for joining us today. we hope you once the car has been revealed, i’ll be to learn more about the inspiration behind the design of the new volvo v90. and now it’s time to actually go inside and we dive into the interior. that this estate gives you, with all the loading capacity. and we truly believe and are convinced that and i would like to ask you, håkan,

To join me to unveil so i’m here for the q&a with robin page, vice president of interior design so robin, the v90, the pinnacle of modern what’s enabled this for us is what we call the spa platform; this is the scalable product architecture. the first one we look at is actually the distance and we call this the “premium dimension” and because this is the v90,

We’ve also concentrated on the profile. and now on the front of the car, we have the and on the rear as well, we also have a strong identity with the lights and you can see here the platform also provides so we’ve got with a touch of a button, you and in the front of the interior we have a touch screen display. and build into there some beautiful switch details. and of

Course volvo is famous for safety and for safety we’ve not only animal detection, pilot assist and off-road mitigation. we have the very latest technology and of and robin, natural light and spaciousness can you please tell us more about the inspiration behind the sunroof? and you can see this in architecture that light is absolutely key to the wellbeing of your day.

And as a designer from the uk, how would you say that the nature to answer that, let me get into the other we’re in the inside of the car, and i’d so when you’re sat in the car in shanghai, and to create this, there’s different levels of things we introduce. then there was bringing in the quality fresh air, through filters and ionisation and then of course to have

This influence we’ve got this linear walnut, we have the and what that brings is really elements from really creates this scandinavian living room, and robin while i have you in the car, we’re could you please tell us more about the bowers & wilkins system? and on the top here you can see we have a tweeter placed in the centre of the instrument panel. and we work

Very closely with bowers & wilkins, we meet on a regular basis but most importantly we bring the two skill-sets together that i think we’ve created something that and proof of this, i’ve pulled onto my drive and i’ve heard this from other people, because the quality is fantastic. sensus connectivity is mainly around this and also voice activation as well. so

It’s really the connectivity of all these elements together. and that’s what this has enabled us to do i remember as a designer earlier sketching and components and you’d almost have to start again. that means we can build the clean scandinavian making the best of the materials and also introducing which is to make our customers feel really special inside the car.

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