the new toyota 2023 highlander h
Altair Club Cars The New #Toyota 2023 #Highlander Hybrid | SUV 7 Seats For Family

The New #Toyota 2023 #Highlander Hybrid | SUV 7 Seats For Family

The New #Toyota 2023 #Highlander #Hybrid | SUV 7 Seats For Family

Remarkably hybrid the 2023 highlander hybrid offered in both fwd and awd combines a high efficiency 2.5 liter dohc four-cylinder engine with two electric motor generators the gas engine employs variable valve timing intelligence system by electric motor on the intake camshaft and vvti on the exhaust camshaft a variable cooling system electric water pump electric

Thermostat and a fully variable oil pump help to further enhance engine efficiency the gas engine and motor generator 2 work in concert to deliver dynamic performance while both motor generator 1 and motor generator to charge the hybrid battery the bottom line is an eye-opener for the efficiency-minded 243 total system horsepower the highlander hybrid’s battery

Pack was developed with convenience in mind and is installed under the second row seats so it does not take away any cargo or passenger space motor to power the rear wheels when needed like the hybrid powertrain itself the awd system is designed to work seamlessly in addition all highlander models in addition to hybrid include hillstar assist control and trailer

Sway control for optimal on-road and off-road performance and safety like all toyota hybrid vehicles the highlander hybrid simply goes about its business for example the system optimizes the level of electric motor assistance and gas engine speed without the engine running at high revs engine speed is synchronized with vehicle speed yielding effortless and quiet

Acceleration the highlander hybrid offers selectable normal eco and sport driving modes that let the driver choose the vehicle’s performance personality eco mode extracts maximum efficiency from the fuel and battery while normal mode is ideal for everyday driving sport mode quickens the throttle response from the hybrid system for improved acceleration control

A bonus is the ev mode which allows electric only driving at low speeds for short distances regenerative braking captures the energy of the turning wheels as the vehicle slows sending it to the hybrid battery faster greater control when driving in hilly areas the driver can manually control regenerative braking in steps similar to the engine braking effect of

Downshifting a manual transmission highlander hybrid’s predictive efficient drive analyzes the driver’s daily driving habits and upcoming road and traffic conditions to optimize battery usage and charging the more the vehicle is driven the more data is accumulated thereby helping to support fuel-efficient driving patterns classic comfort across all grades the

2023 highlander offers plush accommodations across all grades taking inspiration from luxury crafted interiors to create a premium ambience details include soft padded surfaces and a tailored look with stitching that extends from the door trim to the instrument panel inset steering wheel controls are a modern luxury touch on all grades foreign er comes standard

With an 8 inch and available 12.3 inch toyota audio multimedia system designed and engineered by toyota’s texas-based connected technologies team thailander drivers will be at the ready thanks to a wide range of enhanced connectivity and convenience features including being over there ota upstatable users can interact with the system through intuitive touch and

Voice activation controls with the available connected service drive connect drivers and passengers have access to intelligent assistant cloud navigation and destination assist with intelligent assistance simple phrases like hey toyota awaken the system for voice activated commands to search for directions find points of interest poi adjust audio controls change

The cabin temperatures and more cloud navigation the available onboard navigation solution utilizes the cloud to download the latest available maps traffic and routing information to ensure users have the most up-to-date search capabilities poi search is provided by google points of interest data destination assist also gives access to 24 7 live agent assistance to

Locate the next destination for those looking for an enhanced audio experience the highlander offers a jbl registered premium audio system boasting 1 200 watts of power playing through 11 speakers in nine notation creating a mobile concert from any music genre with the use of clarify registered technology the system is also able to breathe life into compressed

Digital music formats enhancing the audio experience this system is available on xse grades while the limited and platinum grades included as standard thank you foreign foreign foreign

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