the new polestar 2 now a legit t
Altair Club Cars The NEW Polestar 2 NOW a legit Tesla Model 3 alternative

The NEW Polestar 2 NOW a legit Tesla Model 3 alternative

The NEW Polestar 2 NOW a legit Tesla Model 3 alternative

The polestar 2. uh yeah it’s been a bit so so some good parts some not so good parts now polstar are working on making it a much better electric car is the 2023 version and here’s why i think it’s actually worth considering now hello my friends and welcome to the channel i’m the electric viking great to see you here thank you for subscribing to the channel thanks

For supporting the channel thanks to our patreon supporters it really means a lot to have you you make this channel possible polstar have announced pricing for the 2023 model polestar 2. and if you’re considering buying one i would be holding off and getting this newer model price will start below 50 000 us dollars before any rebates or federal tax incentives

In other words you can still get the seven and a half thousand us dollar federal tax credit off that price pretty big incentive if you live in the us the swedish automaker also included several new design and efficiency improvements in the 2023 model year which will make the ev much more competitive with other rivals thanks to well slightly improved range which

On the face of things doesn’t look all that good but in the real world i think it’s going to be better than advertised why it comes down to one important feature that they’ve added that probably should have been in the car to start with but it wasn’t it’s now there getting back to the configuration though the 2023 pole start 2 single motor configuration starts

At 48 400 us dollars which is only forty thousand nine hundred us dollars if you’re eligible for the seven and a half thousand dollar federal tax credit this is a very competitive this is a pretty competitive price for this kind of vehicle right now polstar will undercut both of tesla’s all-wheel drive trim levels out of the model 3 which are priced at 56 000 for

The long range and 63 000 for the performance package but and there’s a big buck in order for them to be comparable on price you do need to add options packs to the pulse star 2. it’s not really comparable in price because to get what basically volvo’s autopilot you’ve got to pay a few thousand dollars more so i think it’s fair to compare like for like here like

For like the price is a bit closer one interesting thing polstar are bringing out is an improvement in range of the dual motor configuration by 11 miles not a big difference but in the real world it could turn out to be more than the 260 miles of range they’re advertising now 260 miles of range in my view i think it’s not quite enough i think it needs more range

Than this especially since it does have a pretty big battery pack polestar’s efficiency on their cars is a bit lower than their competition however pulsar have included a number of design benefits and new upgrades that intend to improve their efficiency which they’re aware has been criticized the most notable improvement will be huge and this will apply especially

In cold climates that is that it now comes with a heat pump all of them do but only if you buy the plus pack so you can see now how the price is starting to increase when you compare it to its competition you need to add the plus pack to get the heat pump the mechanical heat pump is designed to deliver range improvements in a much wider range of temperatures and

Climates clearly this will help with performance of the battery cold weather climates are not all that friendly to evs because they need more energy to heat the battery cells for the car to work efficient this takes away from driving rain additionally climate control features can also decrease efficiency and range now tesla rider reports that the heat pump combats

The range loss by using already heated air in the cabin among several other mechanical functions that increase overall vehicle efficiency tesla was amongst the first ev manufacturers to utilize a heat pump in early builds of the tesla model y however tesla model 3s now are all included as standard with a heat pump another thing that pole star is doing better than

Some of its competition not not better than tesla to be fair but definitely better than some of its competition is rolling out over-the-air updates and those come right now to existing pole star 2 cars as well as obviously owners of new polstar vehicles one of the things the polstar 2 will have optional packs that are optional add-ons for owners the plus pack the

Pilot pack and the performance pack give owners additional features that can improve the ownership experience and what bring it up to being a similar spec level as what tesla model 3’s come with a standard the plus pack now includes an advanced cabin air filter improving air quality within the vehicle a new quality sensor and an app will allow drivers to see a

Breakdown of air circulating outside of the vehicle including pollen types the plus pack adds 4 200 us dollars to the price that’s a pretty big add-on i think four thousand two hundred dollars is a fair bit of money pilot pack adds a feature similar to tesla’s autopilot which includes blind spot assist cross traffic alert rear collision warnings with mitigation

Adaptive cruise control pilot assist 360 degree cameras and automatically dimmed door mirrors as well as park assist and led fog lights with cornering functionality that pack costs 3 400 so you do need to add that pack to have what is it essentially kind of like a tesla autopilot feature we don’t know if it’s as good as tesla’s autopilot i mean we’ll find out soon

Enough i guess right another interesting pack which is actually available to existing owners is the performance back another interesting pack which is actually available to existing owners is the performance pack this pack will give the vehicle the dual motor version 68 more horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque more than the original car through a software

Update it’s only available like i said on dual motor configurations but the software will be able to be purchased as a separate separate software upgrade so you can buy the car not get that pack and then buy it later on or if you’re existing owner you can buy the pack now and you can get an extra 68 horsepower when’s the car coming well deliveries of the 2023

Pulse star 2 will begin in september with a single motor configuration priced at 48 400 us dollars the dual motor configuration of the polstar 2 will start at 52 000 us dollars and both cars will be eligible for a seven and a half thousand dollar federal ev tax credit initiative or assuming that that doesn’t change between now and then which it may so i’ll keep

You updated on that now for aussies and for people outside of america yes everyone will be getting these new updated versions it’s not just exclusive to the us these additional features will come to all cars for the 2023 model year which is fantastic news in my view should you buy one well honestly now that you can get it with a heat pump yes you do have to pay

A fair bit of money 4 200 us dollars but i think it’s definitely a car worth considering and ultimately depending on what market you’re in in some markets these are priced really really well so it really depends on the pricing in comparison the other thing is you’ve got to consider availability is in here are they available to you and your market what cars are

Available to you and your market that’s another thing you’ve got to think about personally i definitely would consider it only if you’re in the market for a sedan if you’re in the market for something a bit more practical like an suv or a wagon type vehicle then obviously this wouldn’t be a car you’d be looking at let me know in the comment section below what do

You think of the pulstar 2 and these new upgrades thanks for watching have a great day bye

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The NEW Polestar 2 NOW a legit Tesla Model 3 alternative By The Electric Viking

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