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Altair Club Cars THE NEW LAND ROVER DEFENDER 130, WILL IT STILL BE AFRICA TUFF? #landroverdefender130



Hello and welcome to another technical take down the hardware in today’s video we’re going to have a little discussion about our last video the video that i made about the land rover defender and how it has captured me it has captivated me i started to like it i i don’t know how it’s happened because when the vehicle first came out almost three years ago now i

Didn’t really like it i didn’t like the way it looked i didn’t like it sort of do you know what it reminded me of it reminded me of the old 1990s uh isuzu troopers i believe they’re called but after watching video after video after video of this vehicle being put through its paces and the way that the vehicle would take the abuse take the punishment and i’m

Sitting here thinking to myself what other vehicle that i have been thinking about other than commercial vehicles which i haven’t been thinking about commercial vehicles what other vehicle that i’ve been thinking about that i’ve put into my short list has actually the ability to take that kind of punishment to take that kind of abuse and not many of them do

If any of them i don’t think now i realize that you don’t need a fancy hardcore you know toyota land cruiser 79 or 78 that’s been totally modified you don’t need all that to go on this journey you just don’t you need any vehicle actually to go on this journey that we are doing however because i’m bringing my family with me i don’t want to take those chances

I want a vehicle that is good from stuck that is that is that has the ability to take the punishment from stock and this vehicle the land rover defender has that ability to take that kind of abuse it’s actually been designed to take that kind of abuse so me watching these videos of this vehicle you know cruising the name desert cruising the sahara going through

These deep troughs of water and just pulling itself out man it just i just thought to myself this car it’s it’s amazing it’s an incredible vehicle that land rover made and so i i really have started looking into this vehicle and of course the reasons why i really liked it i liked the style i like the way it retains its value i like the the way that it had seating

For six people um without having to fold up the back seat so it would retain uh all of the space in the boot whilst being able to seat six people and i don’t think there were any other vehicles that did that um i like the reba the reliability which is not something that is synonymous with land rover um its durability the agility it’s not this huge vehicle you

Know it it’s a vehicle that is small enough and we’re talking about the 110 here okay it is small enough to get through those small little passes that uh so that you will come across so often especially in africa but clearly there are things i don’t like about it one of those things is the price it’s well out of my price range and to be to be honest with you i

Don’t want to spend 50 60 000 euros on a vehicle that i’m going to stick 50 000 miles on straight away i don’t want to spend that kind of money on a vehicle um that could you know that could have something happened to it and all of a sudden we need to leave it where it is we don’t want a vehicle that is desired by people so when you know it it attracts the wrong

Type of eyes so uh one of the other things that has stopped me is space uh the there isn’t as much space inside this vehicle which you know is coming up to 60 000 euros for one of these vehicles secondhand we’re talking there isn’t enough space i believe anyway if you look at the boot space of a discovery five with all the seats up it’s except for the rear um

The seven the six and seventh seats in the rear when those are down you get 1137 liters of space in the discovery five which is a lot of space and in the land rover defender 110 you get 916 liters of space in the back that is in the back of a traditional combustion engine or mild hybrid land rover defender sorry the hybrid version has even less okay but we wouldn’t

Get a hybrid version anyway but it has even less because of the batteries it is very important to have as much interior space living space space where you can get yourself out of the elements okay it is extremely important to have that so this is 200 liters almost 200 liters more actually it is more than 200 liters more off space that you have in the discovery 5

Which makes the vehicle extremely attractive to me i know this was a long segway but land rover something exciting is happening in the next couple of days land rover is about to reveal its new beauty the new land rover defender 130 yes land rover is it is going to introduce into its lineup it’s long it’s longer version the longer version i was going to say longer

Wheel based version but it’s not going to have a longer wheelbase i’ll get to that shortly um it’s going to be extended by i believe an extra 13 inches okay which is huge it’s a huge amount of more space to have in a vehicle 13 inches is equal to 35 centimeters 35 centimeters yeah you’re looking at another well actually close to 200 liters of space so it would

Bring it in line with the type of space that you would get in the discovery five okay however this car is even more practical than the discovery five has seating for five adults okay seven adults if you put the boot if you put the the rear seats up okay however when once you put those rear seats up you don’t have any space but you do have very small amounts

Of space for luggage it is very limited however in the land rover defender 130 you are going to have your normal two seats at the front with the possibility of having your dolly seat so you have the possibility you have the option of having three front row seats and then your second row is your traditional three in-line seats okay so that’s seating for another

Three people and then in this defender 130 unlike no other defender that has come before it you will have a second row of three seats a second row of three seats which makes it possible that this vehicle will have seating for up to nine people nine adults plus you will have all the room in the back so you will have the ability to build your storage units and

Everything else inside the vehicle whilst we being able to retain the space that you would normally get in a discovery 110 with just two seating up i i don’t believe that that’s going to be the case i believe you’re going to have less room in the back but it’s still going to be much more defender 130 is going to be much more practical than it’s 110 and 90 siblings

So this is going to be an incredible and i have a feeling that they are going to be more focused towards people who want a premium vehicle and have the money to have to buy a premium vehicle this is not going to be you know you’re not going to get people who are going to want to buy this vehicle as a commercial vehicle this is going to be a vehicle which is going

To be purchased for those discerning individuals who want to have something a little more different so they can carry their kids to school in knightsbridge with a bit of style some exciting times guys so yeah i’m really excited to hear and see what’s going to happen uh and yeah i will keep you up to date as and when this vehicle does come out i will try and get

Down to the land rover dealership so we can do a little video about it so until then guys i’d like to thank you for watching i’ll see you in the next one take care

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