the new gls 2019 the s class of
Altair Club Cars The new GLS (2019): The S-Class of SUVs

The new GLS (2019): The S-Class of SUVs

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It is the biggest and most luxurious suv built by mercedes-benz, also called the s-class of suvs. i’m an internet entrepreneur from russia, so i know one or two things about big, solid cars. i’ve also been using the previous gls for many years, so i’m really keen to check out all the new features. in the back seats – all the new digital features, the safety

Technology and of course, most importantly, my first impression was like, it’s a mansion on wheels. the first thing you will notice is that everything is so well crafted. it feels and looks so nice, you instantly know you’re in one of the best cars you can ever buy. and the gls really combines the luxury of an s-class interior with the toughness of an suv. from these

Strong handles to the leather appointments, you can see the attention to detail in everything. the central element in the dashboard is this huge widescreen with two 12.3-inch displays. and behind it is the latest version of the mbux infotainment system, which i will explain later. you can feel even more of the gls luxury in these multicontour seats. they have active

Cushions and massage systems, which can be targeted at specific areas of your back. believe me, on long trips, this can really make or break your day. all these functions can be electronically controlled at the push of one button. one of my absolute favourite parts is this massive sliding sunroof. and if the sun is too bright, it can be shaded along its entire length.

And of course, the gls offers a bunch of digital comforts. like multifunction telephony including a wireless charging system. just take your phone, put it here and it will charge automatically. but now, let’s go for a ride to see what else is new in the gls. the first thing you will notice is that this car is extremely well engineered. it has the typical s-class

Feeling, but at the same time, it has a lot of power. all you have to do is press the pedal and it instantly moves you forward. here we have the gls 400 d 4matic, which gives you 330 horsepower and a massive torque of 700 nm. this is really, really impressive, especially for a big boy like this. the engine power is smoothly transmitted to the road by the 9g-tronic

Automatic transmission. and of course, every gls comes with the all-wheel drive 4matic, which connects the car to the road in a very controlled way. it has an air suspension as standard, but the real treat is called e-active body control. it’s the only system on the market which can control forces at every single wheel electronically, so it intelligently adjusts to

A super-wide range of road conditions. a stereo camera system in front scans the road ahead – and prepares the suspension yes, filming the road ahead – in russia, we only make crazy youtube videos like that. in addition to this, the gls has a curve-tilting function, which makes the car really lean into the curves like a motorbike. this keeps the passengers sitting

Extremely stable. and as a driver you can focus on the road much better. the “s” in gls justifies high-end craft and features, but now, let’s look at the “g”. steep mountain paths, descents, muddy tracks, gravel roads or even crossing small rivers. even if you get stuck in soft sand, the gls offers a bunch of off-road features, like individual wheel control and

A spectacular recovery mode. all in all, the suspension of the new gls offers a wide range from super comfortable it‘s longer, it‘s wider and it has a larger wheelbase. a truly massive vehicle, but it always looks sleek from every angle. my favourite part starts at the signature front end of the new gls. look at this steeply angled front section, which shows presence

And strength. and the long bonnet with its two domes hints at the strength underneath. this striking appearance is crowned by these multibeam led headlamps. there is a total of 112 leds per headlamp, so you can be absolutely sure that this technology will provide you with excellent illumination at any condition. especially in combination with the automated highbeam

Assist, which adapts the range and the shape of the light cone to traffic conditions. this is another proof of the famous s-class quality. especially the tail lights match the current suv design language perfectly. last but not least, the gls has new, even larger wheels. these cool alloys perfectly match the overall modern exterior. to be honest, for me the exterior

Design of the new gls perfectly matches modern luxury as i mentioned before, the gls has the new mbux infotainment system, which is absolutely great. “i’m setting the temperature on the driver’s side to 21 degrees.” which allows you to control certain functions just by gestures. you can assign them to the functions that you like the most. for example, if you shape

Your fingers to a “v” and move it to the screen, actually, every time you move your hand towards the screen, it already highlights the elements you are about to press. now, that’s pretty advanced technology, i would say. the larger wheelbase for example makes it much easier to get into the car. the second seat row can even be moved forwards and backwards by 10cm.

For me, the rear seats are just as important as the front seats. while on the weekends, i love to drive myself, for work days, of course, i use my drivers. that’s why i can’t wait to check out all the luxury that mercedes-benz has put into the rear of the new gls. all you have to do is to order the rear comfort package plus. it includes an android tablet in its own

Docking station directly in the armrest. you can control some of the mbux functionality directly from here, like climate, media and radio, which is definitely a function i will use every day. and i have a feeling my three kids will love it, too. as an additional option for the second row you can order these first-class seats this pack is pure luxury and absolutely unique

Amongst the main competitors. who used to remove the backseats and install front seats from an s-class into their suvs. but with the new gls, this was already done for you. sometimes we ride with a driver and we take the nanny for our three kids, too. the gls is now designed as a 5+2-seater, so you have the option for a third-row seat. you can electronically control

This to full usability. you can even enjoy automatic climate control and seat heating in the third row as well. i told you earlier that the new gls is insanely practical. as the greater wheelbase also increases the luggage area, you have more loading capacity. as a bonus, you get an incredibly high stowage flexibility. all rear seats can be folded separately or at the

Same time at a single touch of a button. now you get a level loading area measuring over 2.20 m in length that’s perfect for all my sports equipment – and it can even fit my rowing machine. and of course, to wrap it up, the new gls comes with hands-free access, if you want. no need to keep your luggage minimal – with this cargo champion, you want to pack everything

Mercedes-benz is definitely the champion of safety and assistance systems. no surprise that the s-class of suvs offers the latest generation of driving assistance systems for active and passive safety. the active distance assist distronic with route-based speed adaptation can automatically in the new gls, it is also able to respond to live traffic information in real time.

When this system detects a traffic tailback, the speed is reduced you can control it directly via these buttons on the steering wheel. the active braking assist helps with distance warning or autonomous emergency braking to prevent crashes. this works with cars, bicycles or pedestrians ahead if the driver fails to respond. the active steering assist helps the driver to

Keep the vehicle in the centre of its lane. this works on straight roads, in slight bends and on highways – by gently turning the steering wheel. a new feature of active steering assist is that it can support the driver with the emergency lane function on multi-lane roads. if you live in a big city like me, you know small parking spots. with a big car like the gls,

The active parking assist is really helpful in that regard. it assists the driver when searching for a parking space and when entering or leaving just activate it, press this button to confirm, put it into reverse and everything else is done automatically. it simply gives you more space, more comfort and more luxury than ever before. if you really like adventures, but

You don’t want to miss out on luxury, for me it’s the most universal car – that gives me all the capabilities for all life situations thank you very much for watching this video, bye-bye. please don’t forget to subscribe to the mercedes-benz channel or if you want to watch more videos, just click over here.

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The new GLS (2019): The S-Class of SUVs By Mercedes-Benz

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