the new glc and glc coup
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The New GLC and GLC Coup

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What better way to start the day with not only one but two suvs to check out! and we’re not talking about just any suv. we are talking about the swiss army knife looking brother, the glc coupé. now, there’s a lot of new to discover and the cool mbux with voice control is now in these models as well as many well, let’s start with the looks, ’cause that’s what

They always do here in italy, right? one thing you’ll notice right away is the glc’s character has evolved. it’s got a much beefier, more muscular look. up front, the reshaped three-dimensional radiator grille and, down here, a new bumper with much more visible underride protection. new as well is the design of the lights. these multibeam led headlights can react to

Different traffic situations, giving you the perfect light and visibility at all times. in the rear, the taillights now have the design of the recent mercedes-benz family and bring full led technology. and you may also notice the integrated exhaust tips into the rear apron. that comes part of the chrome package, which is now standard as well. if you want a more individual

Look, you can choose from a range of new wheel designs. not only do they look great, but they are also aerodynamically enhanced. alright, enough of this standing still. let’s fire the engine up and put the glc through its paces. what’s special with the glc is that the engineers dug really deep. they didn’t only make changes to just the exterior. we have the glc

300 powered by a new 2-litre petrol engine. but that’s not all. it’s combined with a 48-volt onboard electrical system with eq boost. you want to know what that feels like? let’s find out! what i like the most is, when the eq boost is activated, you get 10 kw and 150 extra nm up to 2,500 rpm, plus – you can win energy back by we can choose between eco, comfort,

Sport and sport+. each mode affects the character of how the engine, the transmission and the steering all work together, making it suitable for any situation. in our glc, we have the air body control option. it’s basically a to show you guys just how wide the range of the suspension really is, we decided to do a little challenge. so, our next shooting location is about

Ten kilometres away from here – on-road – and about seven kilometres off-road, which is the route i’m gonna take and then i’m gonna send the production team and the glc coupé on the on-road route and see who gets there first. are you guys ready? in our car, it distributes 45% of the power to the front and 55% to the rear. it’s pretty balanced. still very sporty,

As i will now demonstrate. it’s crazy how steady the body of the glc is in tight corners. that is due to the air body control that i mentioned. it controls the dampening automatically on each individual wheel, depending on the driving situation and road surface – in now, the guys in the coupé profit from that as well. now, you might think that this is a problem,

But the air suspension will allow me to raise the ground clearance. now, the coupé has the same thing. so, besides just being able to raise it, it will also lower it, stiffening the springs i’ve driven numerous off-road monsters in crazier conditions, but i’m honestly surprised with what the glc can do. now, can i beat his dynamic brother? oh, it’s okay – i still

Like you. next time, you take the off-road route and then… let’s take a look inside, guys! all over the place you’ll see new trim elements and colours. now, our coupé, which is basically the same cockpit as our glc, is equipped with the amg line. the most prominent is this new generation of the high-tech steering wheel. now, if you guys are really into details,

You might want to check out the amg sport pedals in brushed stainless steel. by the way, there are a few things eating spaghetti with a knife, ordering cappuccino after noon and… that literally floods the entire cabin with light and the coolest thing is that i can operate it from outside of the car with the key. sunroof and the rain is coming, don’t worry about it! it

Closes automatically. of course, with an suv, you want as much space as you can get. not only do we have a very roomy rear seat, but you can fold them down to get more room in the trunk. and the glc has an electronic tailgate. to make loading heavier stuff much easier, you can lower the rear end of the car by using air body control and has the latest safety and assistance

Features that mercedes-benz has to offer. the driving assistance package contains a load of those safety features. with them the glc is clearly well on the way towards automated driving. one is the active distance assist distronic. it can automatically help to maintain a distance from the car in front of me. oh, just like that! the glc has an active brake assist as

Standard. whenever the car recognizes the danger of a collision, it can give a visual and audible warning. should that not be enough, the system is able to initiate braking when a possible collision is detected. this works with other vehicles, riders or pedestrians ahead. another feature that subliminally supports the driver is the active steering assist. it keeps the car

Centred in its lane and slightly corrects if the driver starts to wander. if parking isn’t one of your strong points, the glc is willing to help – if you use the active parking assist. all you have to do is drive down the parking lane at 35 kph or less and it will automatically recognize a possible spot. oh, okay, it found one. we’re going to take that spot. okay,

Confirming and engaging reverse. if you decide that you want to park the car yourself, the 360-degree camera comes in very handy. of course, the mbux is now part of the new glc and is nothing less than the benchmark in car multimedia. it lets you control car settings, radio, navigation, your smartphones and other cool stuff. you can control this via touchscreen, by these

Touch control buttons in the steering wheel, via the new touchpad in the centre console which replaces the wheel that was there before, or by voice control, like “hey mercedes.” – how may i help you? – can you lower the temperature? i’m setting the temperature on the front passenger to minimum. of course, you’ve seen the glc coupé by now, so let’s take a

Closer look at the yet the difference starts right here with the dropping roofline and the strong, muscular shoulders. with the coupé that we have here, not only do we have the amg line interior, which i’ve already shown you – we also have the amg line exterior. radiator grille, the four-piston brake callipers with the mercedes-benz lettering, making sure that you

Have all of the stopping power that you need. even with the dynamic shape of the coupé, there is still a lot of room. in regards to stowage capacity, it’s in the top of its class and as far as trunk space goes, you remember that it took second in our little competition earlier? but this did not have anything to do with its abilities. in our case, it features the same

2-litre petrol engine with eq boost and it’s just the perfect buddy on twisty mountain roads. the benchmark in automotive multimedia systems is also and speaking of benchmarks, of course, you can get all the latest safety features as well in the coupé. such as distronic, active steering assist, active brake assist well, my day with the glc and the glc coupé has come to

An end. what i love about both of them is they perform great on- and off-road, they have the new mbux and they have the latest safety features. so, it’s really up to you if you want the more sportier look or you prefer the classic silhouette. either way, they’re both really great cars. i’m out of here. we’ll see you guys next time! if you want to see more about

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