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The New Ford Bronco

This is the new Ford Bronco, the latest edition of one of the most iconic cars in the world. This time around it comes with a ton of cool features and upgrades. Today Sergi shows you why everybody wants the new Ford Bronco.

That’s called trail turn assists it’s meant to get you out of like sticky situations one of the wheel locks to give you something to kind of pivot on kind of like the dead leg dance this is the new ford bronco all right let’s start with the basics the first thing you’ll notice is that this car looks like it’s something straight out of jurassic park but i’ve driven

It around and it’s smarter than that it’s like it’s like a modern jurassic park the older broncos became kind of like an iconic car so what four did is they brought it back let’s start with the front because that is my favorite part of the exterior right what you get is a super unique look with bronco written all through like right down the middle you have these

Led lights which actually cut into the headlights which are super super cool but this is not how all broncos look because the amount of customization you can do on these things is crazy there’s seven different trims on the bronco alone you have the base bronco the big bend black diamond outer banks badlands wild track and the first edition the one that we have today

Is the badlands the most off-road capable bronco out there and it has a bunch of different features it has its own badland suspension it comes with a rock crawl mode which i think is super cool and it has these super sturdy bumpers at the front and at the back which is designed to go in tricky places prices for the broncos start at about thirty thousand dollars but

Can go up to sixty thousand for the fancy pants that want to own the first edition but there’s only gonna be three thousand and five hundred of those right let’s continue with the car there’s a lot to show you these things right here these are 33 inch tires and with the sasquatch package you can actually bump these up to 35 inches so the back is pretty cool but

A little observation just an opinion is that it doesn’t seem that that obvious that it’s a bronco if you come from like the back dead back i mean yeah look you have the bronco logo over here but it’s like black on black you never really see that from far away there’s no real like cover that says bronco from the back some people out there would say that kind of

Looks like a jeep not from this angle i’m talking about from like the back i do love these like wrap around tail lights it’s super cool like vertical there’s a lot of verticality going on in the back right the light is here then you got the handle there is a top secret hidden feature in the back which is my favorite part when you’re getting close this is a spare

Wheel but this is actually a camera you would never think of a camera being here right i’ve never seen that anywhere and that’s pretty cool to be honest when you open the back like this and as you can see we’ve already been driving it around you can open it this far but you will not be able to open the top right it kind of just does this which is no bueno so what

You got to do is you have to open it up past 90 degrees let’s see if i got this yeah i think it can go even further that’s like unnecessarily open almost right it’s just alive once it’s this open you can actually now lift that up like that and you have a pretty spacious back we’ve already occupied it you get a little sneak peek of what i’m talking about we’ve put

Some of the roof panels here in the back because we made this thing like a little convertible a little 4×4 convertible more hidden features when we open this up like that you have the history of the bronco up here to kind of remind you that you know you’re you’re you know you’re a piece of history so this is the first ever that was the u13 that was the u14 and

That’s the u15 and this is the brand new one all right i want to talk about the door because i haven’t been as excited about doors in a long time before that you’ll see that we have our little badlands badge boof you know you own a badlands you are better than others anyways first when i open the door you’re going to see that this thing stays in place you see

That i can actually you know that gets pretty close that’s like within a finger you know if you had a tubby finger you’d actually jam yourself here you’ll see that there are no window buttons on the door either the window buttons are actually right here in the middle right there so what does it all mean you know the buttons are in there this thing doesn’t move

That’s because you can actually remove these doors they literally give you a tool kit and all you got to do if you come in here is you’ll see it says lift that tells you where you lift from and you have a couple of screws over here i think it’s three screws in one pole you just do it like that and you can literally lift it and because this door has no frame you’ll

See that it has no frame it’s much easier to store you can actually pop these in the back and you got yourselves a little a little wild animal to tame the wilderness all right so come inside come inside we’re going to leave the doors on first thing that you’ll notice about this interior is that it feels like i said like a little bit of a jurassic park car the

Interior is super rugged and it’s designed to be easy to clean you know after you’ve driven it through mud and stuff everything is very like rough rugged materials right you have like this rubber here you have this handle uh i don’t think anyone would ever be driving like this or you can hold on to it when like you know looking at dinosaurs you know like right

Once you’re inside you’re going to see that you’re greeted everywhere with like bronco stitching and bronco writing you know you’re in the bronco you you have to remind your passengers that they are being driven in a bronco you have your big ford you know kind of like plaque which actually looks like the grill you know these are like the headlights it’s the same as

The front which i think is actually super cool built at michigan assembly plant so just to remind you that this thing is american and you even have the american flag right here to remind you again that this was made in america because ford wants you to know that this was built for tough built in america the land of the free and the home of the brave so let’s turn

It on this is the start stop right everything comes to life and you’ll see that you have this screen coming up and what’s cool about this screen is that this is actually the front camera and you can actually click it here so if you’re doing like a rock crawl anywhere you have like direct access to what’s in front of you if you have a big ass rack right there you

Might not see it from here because the bumper is pretty high up right but with this you can actually see it all the buttons are very sturdy and very physical you see how there’s no there’s no nonsense going on you know these are all very you know physical you know clickable and even here these are for your differential locks if it rains from the from the outside

And this gets wet it’s not going to be a problem the way that i activated the trail turn assist was with this button right here you’ll see that it has a little arrow and here you have this wheel which says goat modes it’s not greatest of all time modes it’s for goes over all terrain modes right and you actually have seven of them with the badlands if you go here

You’ll see that when i turn this wheel sorry if i turn this wheel like this you’ll see that actually goes through you know like normal driving mode gonna get a zoom in on there you wanna see this trust me it’s actually pretty cool eco you say you know here you have like a little a little sphere with plants some leaves slippery you know you got some water and some

Drops now you have mud ruts even has like little little rocks at the top it’s just well designed in general i think it looks actually super cool sand rock crawl also want to talk about the fact that this is completely open like that no joke i could remove this entire roof both panels in less than maybe 30 seconds just pull like that you turn like this you turn

Like that you turn like that and now you have a semi like convertible the back one is a bit trickier because you need some screws but again ford gives you this toolkit to remove the doors to remove the panels and i think this thing even says bronco yeah it even says bronco right there which is pretty cool let’s actually talk about the back for a second before

We drive this thing right so these chairs are pretty upright so if you are sitting in them you’re pretty straight it’s good for your back though right at least it’s good for your back i personally would like to reclaim a little bit but it is what it is you have these very strange uh holes everywhere here you know you see this like this we all we all know what

It’s for right this is apparently meant hook thing so you can like clip things on whatever whatever more bronco spam yes this is a bronco no step in case you couldn’t figure that out by yourself you probably shouldn’t be standing on here but actually if you remove this it probably is pretty tempting to stand so if you want more space in the back so i got to do

You press this button here like that boom this comes down and there’s a little latch back here all you got to do pull that and it’s that easy this guy can still hang out read a book and you have a ton more like cargo space and what’s also pretty cool there you go even even the camera guy with one hand can do it it’s that simple let’s do what i did before but

Now you’re inside the car right so get inside we gotta confirm that we’re in four wheel drive yes correct we are in four wheel drive uh and then we press this button right here like that and then drive and this would be mainly used like if you’re bogged right if you’re stuck in the sand or in mud or something you can pivot on the rear wheel and there we go we’re

Literally turning like it’s crazy you know like it’s it’s bizarre to think how close of a turn it is like those guys over there they can’t do that yeah that’s pretty cool uh let’s actually drive it around you know when we’re driving i mean this thing is just so much fun to drive i love high up cars but this thing like you just feel like the king of the road

Right like little bumps don’t matter we’re literally driving on sand on the beach right now but yeah i mean it just kind of feels like you’re like floating around you know like this is awesome and i love that you can like you know just take the top off this is a super super super fun car to drive so this thing has a 2.7 liter v6 that produces 310 horsepower and

About 400 pound-feet of torque so what do you guys think

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The New Ford Bronco! By Supercar Blondie

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