the new bmw xm super suv is here
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The New BMW XM super SUV is Here

It’s the 50th anniversary of BMW’s M performance subdivision this year and to celebrate the milestone the German brand has revealed the new BMW XM

Foreign it’s the 50th anniversary of bmw’s m performance subdivision this year and to celebrate the milestone the german brand has revealed the new bmw xm we’ve already seen a long-awaited m3 touring in the m4 csl both launched this year not to mention the upcoming m2 but the plug-in hybrid-powered xm suv will be a somewhat less traditional car for men we saw bmw

M’s creation and concept form last year and the new xm draws plenty of comparisons visually to that car the powertrain is also carried over the first time we’ve seen an electrified engine in an m car it’s a hybrid v8 that’ll also be used to power the bmw m hybrid race car during next year’s us-based dimsa sports car championship and the world endurance championship

In 2024. the xm gets a similarly bluff nose to the concept a rising waistline and a shallow glass house elsewhere there’s a charge port on the front wing for the hybrid system bmw has confirmed that 21-inch wheels will be fitted as standard with 22 and 23 inch items available at additional cost the rear end isn’t quite as brash as the concepts but similar design

Themes are at play with long slender tail light units stack hexagonal exhaust tips and a cutout at the top of the rear window a pair of bmw badges sit at the top corners of the rear window evoking the m1 supercar the xm will have the power to rival the likes of the 671 horsepower porsche cayenne turbo se hybrid and 697 horsepower aston martin dbx 707 thanks to a

Plug-in hybrid 4.4 liter v8 the twin turbocharged v8 produces 482 horsepower and the electric motor adds 194 horsepower to achieve a combined 644 horsepower and 800 newton meters of torque power is sent to all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission bmw says an even more powerful label red variant will come in 2023 with 748 horsepower bmw claims the

Xm will accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 miles per hour it’s possible to raise this further to 168 miles per hour with the option m drivers package average fuel consumption for the xm stands at 188.3 miles per gallon and it can also drive an electric only mode allowing for up to 55 miles of pure electric driving from

The 25.7 kilowatt hours battery in terms of suspension there’s a double wishbone front axle and a five-link rear axle with steel spring and electronically controlled damping the damping itself can be adjusted according to the driving mode you’re in comfort allows for a softer setting where sport is geared towards more dynamic driving with firmer damping inside

The xm you’ll find details such as a m specific leather steering wheel with shift paddles with carbon inlays m division multi-function seats and m pedals the infotainment system is lifted from the ix so here we see two curved 14.5 inch screens as well as a head-up display a strict five-seater the bmw xm’s boot space is a little bigger than the ixes of 527 liters

With the rear seats up and 1820 liters with them down a range of safety systems come as standard in the xm including front collision warning lane departure warning evasion assistant alertness assistant and a speed limit warning system the xm is available to order now from 162 286 with first deliveries expected in early 2023 that’s all for this video thank you

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