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Altair Club Cars The NEW Aston Martin DBX in Forza Horizon 5 | Review & Best Customization | Tune Code | New Car Pass

The NEW Aston Martin DBX in Forza Horizon 5 | Review & Best Customization | Tune Code | New Car Pass

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Today we have a new car passing for the horizon 5. actually we have a lot of new cars a lot of new dlc cars that i can barely wait to show you now let me just show you every single thing we have three different cars right here but this is not everything we have more the first one it will be the dbx the aston martin the new aston martin suv pro i absolutely love

This one so we have another two jdm cars all both of them are looking amazing but we are here to get this one and this one can get in another day so let’s redeem the car and let’s go ahead and customize it and review this beautiful suv not the bentley the aston martin let’s change the car let’s go to aston martin bro it has to be at the beginning right over here

And let’s go inside oh my god how beautiful is this car i really like it but small rims i hope we can make it bigger okay now that was this that’s what she said okay what i just did there i don’t know let’s go to buy okay right over here to customize cars let’s go to upgrades i’m going to show you to the upgrade code uh the tuning of this card if you like to

See that now what we have here we have the 3 liter engine v6 okay throw the v12 it’s lower than this one and with fewer horsepower let’s see the horsepower i want to check out that those horsepower okay 1000 horsepower on this thing just look at that crazy crazy crazy crazy amount of horsepower on a three liter engine now we already have the all-wheel drive so

We’re gonna keep that but we’re gonna improve everything else okay only the turbo if we cannot improve a lot of things on this engine as you can see but don’t worry we can make it at least 900 points i hope i just hope that now we have okay bro the race not a rally we’re gonna make it race race here um i’m not sure if i want to put that no definitely no weight

Reduction perfect now here what we can put a race clutch the shift gear i think we should probably okay this one is a little bit better and now let’s see what we can do here the race okay and the race diff now the rims very important part of the car i just told you we need better tires if we can do that okay definitely we can do that and to make them a little bit

Wider but oh my god we will have a problem first things first you can not you can just simply not pro the width we’re going to increase that width definitely but we have a problem i cannot make the rims bigger i’m not going to add this you know what just because just because i don’t want to pass that 900 points s1 class and also it looks pretty bad the last

One so this will be the tune called the perfect my uh uh s class s class 900 points let’s install everything and we’re going to have one top 100 173 horsepower let me tell you something that’s huge you know what let me share with you the tone code let me first let me just go here save setup this is how you can save a tone code if you don’t know and this is how

I can share it say the con saving content please do not turn off your device with your device bro i don’t know why i didn’t put my name there but it doesn’t matter we’re gonna put i think i’m gonna find out what are other setups okay the one with the flames is pretty crazy also i like this one and this one you know what there are a lot of nice designs i want

To check out this one i like the rims it’s my style with black rims and with black windows i just want to see how it looks but i really like also the color yep it looks perfect my style so let’s keep it let’s go outside and let’s see that beautiful engine let’s see the tone code let’s see everything okay now the top speed 377 probably we can make it better 79

Bro that’s it 79 too bad yeah i know it’s a huge car it’s just a huge car so yeah let me show you to the tone code we’re gonna test the hell out of this car okay the tune upgrades we’re gonna go to this to the highway we’re gonna go to the regular roads and we’re gonna test this car i’m gonna show you the inside the interior but first i want to show to show

You the tone good maybe i want to copy everything that i just did obviously if i’m going to find the car because i have a lot of new cars here and pro where it is okay here it is here we go the dbx this will be the tool code if you want to copy it and now let’s go outside this will be the beautiful interior bro it’s looking nice we have this we have a sorrow

For no i don’t even know it’s not the sound that is the the protection bar and i don’t really like that but don’t tell me this is the gearbox tell me if in real life this is the gearbox bro be okay i drive and water okay reverse parking nice oh my god it just feels like we have pure power and the sound just hear it those flames too bad we cannot change those

Exhaust pipes they are looking quite odd lit small and not nice but it is what it is you cannot change those and this car can really drift it’s a four by four so we can keep it on the road i hope okay that was me and yes i can keep it on the road as you can see oh my god how nice it is and not quite a little bit i can keep it on the road but we have to it’s a

Huge car i have to adjust because yes i just played with a hyper car and with that bentley but i did some races with the hyper car and that’s why i have to learn how to drive again this suv nice nice nice nice yeah i think it can stay pretty well on the road it’s a different feeling and i love it even if it’s like a tank it’s pretty huge you can drive it really

Easy it’s just it’s just epic i love it and the acceleration is like crazy weather brakes you can tell we have a pretty huge vehicle but if you use the brakes yep you can keep it on the road you know what i want to hit that highway to test the top speed i just want to do that so that’s sound bro you can tell we don’t have a huge engine but it’s a powerful

One not let’s just go to the highway and i want to see if i can reach that 377 or something definitely i want to see the top speed and just look how it take off because we have 4×4 and the acceleration it has to be good because of that 4×4 you don’t have a lot of wheelspin when you accelerate and this is how the car looks like a beauty this is oh bro no yep

That was my bad now i have to be careful as traffic just hear that engine it’s pretty unique sound right yep it’s a pretty unique sound i love it 377 or 72 or something i want to see i want to see that seven here we go three seven the one okay we have to keep it on the road 360. a371 bro it’s so it’s quite fast i just like it i like how this car is i like

The handling i like how it stays on the turns and also i love the shape definitely if you have the car passed you should get it climb claim the car and enjoy it you can copy my tone quad if you like and also you can top copy the customization that i just made the color as you can see copy someone else so you can adjust to that because it looks absolutely amazing

Thank you so much for watching you can hit that like button subscribe and share for more and definitely press the notification bell if you don’t want to miss my next video be safe and see you really soon have a great day bye oh my god you

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The NEW Aston Martin DBX in Forza Horizon 5 | Review & Best Customization | Tune Code | New Car Pass By Shark R

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