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Here’s some info on the upcoming new Nissan Z including info on the possible Nismo version. Stay tuned for more info!

So we’re talking about the new nissan z concepts now this idea of an uzi has been around for about three years hey what is going on guys it is shaun and we have some stuff to talk about today now first i want to apologize for not coming out with any videos for more than a week at this point i was in north myrtle beach at a ultimate frisbee tournament with my

University and that’s also where that happened and we don’t need to talk about that but we have some news to talk about today the new nissan z concept that’s actually starting to come to fruition now now i’d love to be outside talking about this in my glorified four-seat nissan 350z also known as infinity 35 which is my love but as you can see it is snowing pretty

Good and i didn’t think it would do it justice to take the to comb out to talk about it so we’re just going to go upstairs to my studio and talk about the new z so we’re talking about the new nissan z concept now this idea of an uzi has been around for about three years now most car companies come out with the newer version of their cars every few years but nissan

Hasn’t actually done that in a while the 350z was the fifth generation of the nissan z now the 350 is started to be produced in 2002 releasing in 2003 as i said before the car was made up to 2009 with their 350 z’s the infiniti version stopped a little bit earlier with their coupes in 2007 but you can still find o8 sedans and you thirty-five x’s but we’ll leave

That for another video so 2009 was the last year of the 350z which means right around there 2009 2000 2010 is when they came out with a 370 z now the biggest difference between the 350z and the 370z is simply the engine size the 350 is called a 350 because of its 3.5 liter v6 later came the 370z with a 3.7 liter v6 also being the same reason with the g 35 and the

G 37 now this new concept is long overdue so it has been about seven or eight years since nissan refreshed their z and i think all of us have gotten kinda bored with the 370 see we’ve seen a lot of them and if you look at a 370z from 2010 or 2018 they’re really not that much different and that right there is the only thing that nissan is actually releasing at

This point saying the 2018 370z is their car right now nissan is pretty hidden about announcing what’s going on but from what we’ve seen they’re calling this project the z 35 which i think is a little too easy to figure out but i’m also confused by it now what the name that has been coming up recently as the nissan 400 si now what would make sense if 350z was a

3.5 liter 370 was a 3.7 liter i assumed once i saw the name that the 400 z would be a 4.0 liter v6 which would be wild if they can make that work but the rumors are actually saying it’s going backwards to a 3.5 liter v6 like the 350 head not really sure what’s going on there but the problem right now is we’re hearing a lot of conflicting stories right now this car

Wants to be released and the tokyo auto show is usually where we would see nissan’s new ideas and we really want to see that this year in 2018 but the tokyo auto show is a biannual show so that means it won’t run again until 2019 so realistically if they do come out with a new nissan z it’s going to be unveiled at the tokyo auto show which wouldn’t be until 2019

Now according to auto car they want to show this concept at the 2018 tokyo auto show which as i just said isn’t a thing and also reported the production version would be debuting at the la auto show in 2019 as well and then production would begin in 2020 and then probably we’d be seeing them by 2021 but again this is conflicting information because there isn’t

Supposed to be a tokyo auto show this year it’s not supposed to come around again until 2019 now people who represent nissan have come out to say that they do love the z they’ve said the c is a true part of nissan and they’re coming up on the 50-year anniversary of the z so that’s why it would be amazing to see something different see a new refresh see something

New and exciting so this new car is actually reported to be working with mercedes now this is a little odd when you first look at it but there are enough examples that you could look up this this mercedes influenced nissan z seems a little odd especially for us lovers of the z line in truly loving the japanese car culture i don’t think this ruins it i don’t but it

Is a little odd i do think something great could come out of this now any sign of mercedes have worked together in the past on engines if you look at the infiniti q30 which isn’t a car that we see or really talked about a lot because it’s really not that impressive to be honest has a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine so hopefully that does not the route they go but

There is potential for these companies working together to create this new car now also along with this new z there is ideas that with it will be dropping a nismo version which again won’t be out to 2021 that has a booming 475 horsepower now according to auto blog also a nissan executive literally said and i will read it the 370z is not a priority for us now that

Definitely points to a very strong possibility of this new z actually coming to fruition that we have been talking about for quite while at this point i’m really looking forward to seeing some more clear and developed news and ideas on this new car cuz things are kind of scrambled right now there’s kind of some conflicting pieces of evidence but we we do know that

This is probably coming soon now as i was talking about earlier this 400 z1 actually be named after a 4.0 liter v6 but actually this 400 number coming from 400 horsepower which is conflicting to the naming scheme that they’ve used in the past but i guess it works now at 400 horsepower for your regular 400 z would be a solid upgrade from the 370z now at 400 you’re

Definitely in a pretty fast o this is more than grocery-getter will ever need and that’s definitely a step up from before now also this nismo model that i talked about earlier and it’s 475 rumoured horsepower and all-wheel drive actually starts to eat into the gt-r market if this has 475 horsepower that’s a lot and it’s actually not that much less than the gt-r

Itself also this 400 z nismo would have all-wheel drive just like the gtr i’m actually not a fan of that i would like the z name to remain true to itself and it’s rear-wheel drive i just like rear-wheel drive more i fully appreciate the all-wheel drive on the gtr but i actually would not want the gtr because i truly love a rear-wheel drive sports car and maybe if

There is a way to have some sort of drift mode where you could fully turn off the traction and make the car rely fully under your wheel drive then i would think a little more highly of it now i think this is a little bit too complicated and i just don’t think nissan’s gonna do this and if they do i think it’ll kind of be a faulty system where people don’t really

Like it it’s probably not going to be a true feeling of a rear-wheel drive car but please nissan change my mind change my heart that would be great to see and as i see more rumors i will definitely let you guys know thanks so much for watching this video if you’re interested in more vq content definitely hit that red subscribe button my name is sean as i showed

Earlier i have a 2007 infiniti g35 coupe and i tend to have a good amount of fun with it so guys thanks so much for watching if you’re excited for this new nissan z hit that thumbs up button if you have any ideas or anything that you’ve heard differently put that in the comment section below hit that subscribe button that helps me out a bunch and there’s always

Guys i am just shawn being shawn just being me just be thank you guys so much

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THE NEW 475 HP NISSAN 400Z!! By Seanbeingsean

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