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Altair Club Cars The NEW 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A220 Sedan Test Drive

The NEW 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A220 Sedan Test Drive

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Hello guys welcome back to mercedes launch this right here is a 2021 mercedes-benz a220 4matic sedan this will be a drive review of this four-door sedan i’m going to show you guys the exterior interior and also go for drive the exterior color of this a220 is the mounting gray metallic on the interior has black leather features a 2 liter inline 4 turbo engine

Which produces 188 horsepower with 221 pound-feet of torque and it’s a 7-speed automatic transmission it has these black multi-spoke rims led light package provides these rare led tail lights looks very stunning at night trunk space pretty decent size in here there is no electronic trunk closed just with a lever 8 to 20 insignia on the left 4matic on the

Right hand side exhaust systems these are just for symmetry aesthetics the real exhausts are underneath these are fake exhausts love the horizontal lines chrome door handles this one actually has the night package because the exterior window surrounds the finish in night black or gloss black let’s take a look at the interior gray contrast stitching on the leather

Here very comfortable seats they have five support right here car seat hooks for the back black seat belts climate control systems usb c ports down here storage and uh 64 colors ambi lights we’ll drive and then we’ll take a look at those it’s a neat four-door so leave some comments let me let me know what you guys think about this car the interior quite stunning

Two displays on either side ten and a quarter inch for the digital instrument cluster for the driver multimedia at the center here mbux system this is fully touch screen we’ll browse through that in a minute upper dash black piano accur rubber material 64 colors ambient lights as i mentioned two liter inline four 188 horsepower with 221 pound feet of torque

Let’s go for drive love the touch contours on the steering wheel on either side click control options right here multimedia options right inside as well as voice assistance and the phone options the driver side rear view at the passenger section it’s a nice car like it wow love the light show before we drive out i’ll change the menu options go to designs and

Displays choose the spot look presents an amg focused look and if you swipe up on your mbox system you can group your menus into themes trip experience efficiency let’s go to the experience team which allows us to look at the vehicle performance metrics or the vehicle data engine consumption and so on wow the talk is quite responsive actually 221 pound feet

Of torque for this a220 is not bad 188 horsepower also quite good seven speed automatic transmission very well balanced as well and uh put on this light the steering wheel is all leather wrapped it is very comfortable i believe there are other options to get this in perforated leather the led lights single eyebrow at the top uh these are just your basic led

High performance lights these are not uh adaptive or intelligent lights but they are they do do the job and then vehicle settings nbox system will receive more data from acceleration braking and how much braking power you’re applying or hum what’s the degree of the turn when you drive all these metrics are provided for in this mbux system menu and if i do

Go back to home this is the info menu which is where you find vehicle engine consumption data it’s good balance i think down here we have dynamic select options which provides different dynamic select drive modes there is a eco mode fuel savings comfort mode balance daily driving mode sport mode which tightens your suspension and the responsiveness from the

Steering wheel is also very apparent in the sport mode and individual mode which you can configure your comfort suspension braking all through the ambulance system i’ll set it to sport mode i like the sport mode in terms of noise and insulation this cabin is uh insulated decently obviously it’s not an s-class or a c-class or an e-class but there’s very

Little feedback from the road that i can feel from inside this cabin i can barely feel the cars passing by or hear them driver’s perspective digital instrument cluster tons of data and uh everything is quite balanced i like it and uh i’m gonna make a u-turn right here up ahead at the at the intersection it’s a very rewarding drive experience in this 8-20 also

Because if you go back to your many options it has this comfort menu and the comfort menu allows you to adjust your seat kinetics so through the ambient system if you press the driver’s seat and the play button starts to move now what happens is the seat adjusts to the driving terrain and the drive aesthetics in the car that’s one thing i like about this this

Car and how it drives i’m gonna turn right through here so so so the brakes are quite good actually these are simply four piston brakes nothing special i believe these are 19 inch rims i just love how the performance data shows up on this display you can view the performance engine torque horsepower battery voltage and air pressure as well all in all very

Good balance i think everything about this a220 is just right for a daily driver it’s a car that you can get behind so and one thing i didn’t mention is this car has part of shifters i’m gonna engage those right now and as you change your part of shifters there is a green arrow which lets you know when to change for the next gear all right guys that’s a brief

Look at the 2021 mercedes-benz a220 4matic sedan if you do like this video please consider subscribing give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to motocar and mercedes lounge for weekly mercedes videos until next time stay positive by test negative peace

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