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Altair Club Cars The most unique Audi A4? Crossover style with the Audi A4 Allroad Facelift – Autogefuel

The most unique Audi A4? Crossover style with the Audi A4 Allroad Facelift – Autogefuel

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Join us for the updated od a4 allroad let’s go he with the faces of the audi a4 you get a bigger front grille the alward version has those vertical fins right there in a contrasting color think a very beautiful design quattro logo right there and then there’s silver contrast in the lower area that makes it really unique from the front those are the optional

Matrix led lights with the interesting daytime running light but you also now get normal led lights from standard equipment since the facelift form is 73 1555 or 1 at 86 inches is the length of the a4 always the same has also not changed and the wheel size is 16 to 19 inch those ones here are 18 inch wheels and this is quite good compromise thing already looks

Quite nice and the quattro all roti or they always quattro they call it it’s always very special oz from a side profile now gets this special new quattro batching here in the lower end with the silver contrast and so far there was a just plain plastic contrast in the wheel arches around here and now you still have the black contrast but it is painted very interesting

And looks a little bit more sophisticated yeah by the way you can see the cascading turning indicator right here also at the rear and our quattro badge at the rear – and then this contrast again from the darker paint together with the silver in the lowest part and again i think that makes this car really special in this case very very big fake exhaust but with this

Petrol engine here you have really exhaust on the inside each on both sides here today we have a 2-liter tfsi was 245 horsepower the top two litre petrol engine but there are also other horsepower specs available 190 horsepower one at fifty horsepower the smallest one also available and then with a manual gearbox and in the s4 in the us you will still get the 3d tvs

I3 and 54 power 4.7 seconds acceleration figure then on the other side there’s a 2-liter tdi with 136 off the war won a 63 or one at 90 and then the 3-liter tdi was 231 horsepower or the one we have already shown you the s4 3-liter tdi with 347 horsepower 700 meters of torque and 4.8 seconds is the acceleration figure right there so those are the facelifted engines

Available so far which one would you actually go for at the moment this is my favorites back here with the matt wood so this one here feels very nicely it doesn’t leave fingerprints then the leather red instant at the inside of the doors also clicking sounds for the window leavers also nice will call two here for the electric control for the side mirrors then some

Small balls would fit and there are seats from the a4 there also base fabric seats available which i were to recommend then you get those sporty are seats with more side support right there and this one here’s the optional animal skins spec so rest of the interior first glimpse and now let’s get into the details seating position it’s actually quite comfortable the

Base seats to me a little bit more comfortable because a little bit more open however in winding corners those ones here give a little bit more support interior overview and look instruments standard option of those for digital twelve point three inch and then only this new screen is always this half way a 10.1 inch it’s good that we don’t have like three different

Size now anymore sumo needs to that it pops out visually quite a lot but you can see you can reach it very well and you need to because everything is done we attached here there’s no control knob in the lower part so while driving those ones we have quite handy but then again you can read it very well to control it again zoom to the details climate unit i love

That still available here the head-up display is a useful option you can see here the current speed allowed speed and also some gps information and very well to see ya analog instruments will also do just fine but this one is of course somewhat cool especially if you put the gps map here all the way through and then you can zoom in and out with your thumb on the

Left of the steering wheel that’s pretty amazing and you can also put some other information on here if you like but the gps will be the most useful one in this case infotainment system is quite easy to learn you have this app view and things you use most will be of course the gps right here with them very nice satellite view visualization you do not get the gps

As standard so the difference is they make the heart the same but then you can upgrade this software for example go for gps or not and it does a very good job in here this one’s the highest software trim so to say epic our play can be accessed right there and then you can check it out here it’s also all the way over the whole area so it’s a nice digression in the

Rear here it’s quite decent from the comfort because not the best overall from all cars but in this premium midsize segment it’s actually quite good you also have some space left in front of your legs their electric hatch is standard for all a for advanced or estate this one here the all word only available as an estate and you open the hatch either below the audi

Logo you can have a foot kick opening mechanism this car does not have it the s4 van that we had that one had it or here press twice on the key and then take it lifts up beautiful job here with this cover but probably most of time you want to spend your time defending this or protecting this cover then here about a meter in width or we put the measuring stick

In here 500 to maximum of 1500 liters is the capacity here the normal length is about 1 meters and 5 when i’m driving the petrol engine there’s a better reaction from the lower rpm regions that’s somehow more fun to drive with the s4 diesel you always had to use the manual shifting panels to get it in a low gear and one of the reasons for that are also the new

Emission rules because when they would you know start with the diesels from low rpm they would you know put out a lot of emissions and then it’s hard to filter them and indeed the modern dealers they have pretty clean now but they also have to take some actions to keep them clean extras that is for example one of them to limit them a little bit or like with the

Gearing in the very low rpm regions when you get full throttle them but here it’s easier with the petrol engines even the petrol engines they also have particle filters meanwhile always keep enough distance so cyclists are important so a lot of car drivers are also cyclists themselves that’s always you know gives you a better understanding then and you know this is

To me then again a little bit more fun to drive with the petrol engine because it just gives you some more power from the very low rpm regions the diesels are really a strong force when you are for example or way on the motorway i have already picked up speed and then accelerate further then all those newton meters are kicking in and then the diesel is also a lot

Of fun to drive but again sweaty for city traffic and so on the petrels are a little bit more fun because they are more spontaneous from the get-go you do not necessarily need the highest horsepower trim here for the a4 but i thought it’s quite fun to have this this powernow here on the hood the adaptive suspension your normal driving mode is relatively soft you

Know it shakes also a little bit also for example when you head of 8 the brakes you feel it but that’s totally fine the or word is also this bit higher and you want to have this plus uncomfort however now here and the winding roads like though let’s go to the dynamic mode then the suspension gives me a little bit more feedback and about any traffic information so

You know a little more feedback than from the road also the gears turn up higher quite a nice sound but of course there’s still a big difference to the s4 at the fall suspension and here now in those winding roads you also feel that the allroad sits a little bit higher so that’s a little bit less fun than in those winding roads however when you are driving straight

And so on it’s also more cool to sit a little bit higher half this cross over feeling of the allroad so although i think it’s nice depends on if you have let’s say a lot of views where you do exactly the thing i’m doing it right now it’s still ok but definitely less fun than in the normal a4 or especially than in the s4 but you know still gives you a good feeling

For the whole vehicle see here i don’t have to turn this steering steering wheel that much it’s a very progressive input by the steering wheel with the s4 it was even a little bit more progressive so better to control but still you know this is an a4 although it’s not meant to drive sporty but it’s a reasonable fun what about co-driver haga here how do you feel

That is still ok or is it too shaky than with this soft suspension yet no it’s ok wonderful landscape yeah wonderful landscaping is so-so for coal drivers also occasional but it’s always good i’m measure to ask the the guy next to you like how do you feel because i can hold on to the steering wheel it definitely comfortable yeah yeah it’s still very comfortable

So again they must are very good compromise here with the a4 range great suspensions probably you know that’s what what small was the best about this vehicle next to the interior built for the a really great suspension and they get this sophistication that this vehicle delivers you might also give you an impression of driving a segment higher this is also what they

Try to achieve with his face event we talked about it earlier also visually they move the closer towards the a6 ya price-wise this will still be very intensive you think about 35 k is a base entry version of an a4 and then an s4 would be you know 60 k plus 65 k at least when you put some extras in it even more that’s a cosmetics very expensive than this one year is

Not as expensive as the s4 but with the strong a petrol engineer and the all-world frame and so on and a lot of extras it was still by far not be a budget car but a very good ride still i have fun enjoy those winding corners here and you know this petrol engine years really good on the gaza the fe feeling you always get in the right rpms you’re also especially with

The s shifting modes so with this car here now i don’t have the feeling i would need to use the shifting pedals i can of course here go back for a second year then click here third stay in third gear then and but i don’t need it really so hold the right pedal then it goes back to the automatic shifting mode again matt yep it always jumps back maria so i don’t have

The urge to use the pope and some of the birds find very low over the street so you always have to pay attention wow those mountain ranges there and in the back really cool and now to our conclusion for this episode with the audi a4 allroad the facelift has added more strong designer men stephanie front and also on the other side and the a4 or is the one that

Actually looks the most different of all the different versions because now has those painted contrast wheel arches and the s into asian si and silver even stronger than before overall a very unique one the most unique version probably of this very model and i think it does really fit to the vehicle but would like to hear your opinion on that on the interior more

The infotainment changes especially with this big new screen it is very well to use yes you do lose this knob to control while driving that’s the downside then again everything is quite easy to control that’s the plus of this infotainment system and also with those optional digital instruments those are quite cool especially when you want to check the map while

Driving for example in general that very high build quality they’ll do like some animal skin alternatives in the high trim levels but you get some base fabric seats for example which are doing a great job would advise you to go for those and driving experience really very confident here with the softer or road suspension that gives you this little bit lifted ride

It’s more across over star than it’s not as sporty as with the others especially as with the s4 we’ve also driven but still doing a very good job very comfortable and when it said to sport mode it also gives a little bit more reaction this one here if you do not want an suv that’s maybe too high or more you know don’t like the suvs and renault or something but you

Still want something a little bit higher than than with the normal driving feeling so this is a very interesting compromise what do you think please tune in to the comments sections let’s discuss this vehicle and please also join our other oda for facelift episodes or also some of the competitors we will also link other videos in the video description and in the

Comment sections thank you so much for supporting us see you next time

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The most unique Audi A4? Crossover style with the Audi A4 Allroad Facelift – Autogefuel By Autogefuel

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