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Altair Club Cars The Most Ingenious Ideas for Secret Places

The Most Ingenious Ideas for Secret Places

Rear Light Drawer

Rear light drawer it would seem that finding unused space in a car is pretty much impossible turns out it’s not designed for the volkswagen amarok pickup truck this drawer fits securely under the rear light and makes efficient use of the entire body space and the areas that weren’t accessible before the kit consists of two drawers installed on both sides of the

Body however the shape of the pickup makes the drawer on the left shorter than the one on the right the right one offers enough space to fit a small rifle or fishing rod both drawers can be locked with a key and can only be operated with the tailgate open that is accidental opening while driving is impossible at the same time the rear lights continue to function as

Usual the manufacturer notes that for proper functioning the drawers must be installed with great care and only by professionals since this is a serious intervention in the car’s body structure but if you follow the installation guidelines your car will be fine and get additional storage space as it often happens this manufacturer wasn’t the first who thought of

This modification the powell sports wagon cars have been called the very first crossover suvs they were assembled using the simplest technology from the most affordable materials their only luxury feature was an optional storage tube that slid out of a compartment between the inner and outer sheet metal it was intended for storing rifles or fishing rods in general

Any thin and long object would fit fox vault this device turns a car’s license plate frame into a small safe that can fit keys an id and other small items the driver doesn’t feel comfortable having close by the creators assume that a person always carries a smartphone which is why it’s used as the key foxvault opens and closes with one click in the app the safe is

Securely attached to the vehicle with specially designed anchors that can only be accessed from inside the fox vault overall the manufacturer promises that thieves won’t be able to just tear the device off by the way it also protects the license plate from theft issue box looking at the issue box it’s hard to believe it can conceal anything else except for tissues

Because well this is a tissue box an object that looks as harmless and unreliable as it gets however underneath the box you can find small storage for a standard size pistol it’s not locked that is you can access the weapon anytime when you’re threatened it’s worth mentioning that the issue box is made of plastic which means that it’s not a safe for secure storage

Of weapons but it’s designed to hide them from prying eyes providing quick access in an emergency secret doors and rooms concepts company designs concealed doors and spaces that keep people and valuables safe traditional storage solutions for jewelry weapons and money are not secure enough and attract detention covert concepts company helps conceal these items

In secret rooms hidden closets and within functional furniture a secret room can be arranged behind any closet bookshelf or simple wall panel secret rooms can protect your family from home invasions and theft they’re securely locked by a system of electromagnetic clocks and that are so heavy it can’t be opened with a simple effort only by pressing a special button

Illuma safe this fully automated personal safe is hidden in a smart lamp that looks completely ordinary the idea of the manufacturer was to replace inconvenient safes with buttons or locks and make them a part of the interior design the safe is seamlessly integrated into the various types of the lamp body slides up from the base and provides safe access to the

Items stored inside the interior compartment is fully customizable so you can combine different options up to six small drawers or three large ones necklace hangers a watch holder and a drop down firearm holder that fits up to two firearms but the main advantage is that not only the lamp but also the safe itself is smart the safe can be controlled from anywhere in

Real time using a secure smartphone app or a special key in addition the smart lamp safe alerts you to emergencies through in-app notifications that is if someone tries to open illuma safe you’ll immediately know about smart saves smart safes introduces several products at once designed to securely and discreetly store your belongings the devices can be unlocked

Using a smartphone via face id or touch id and if these options aren’t good enough for you you can use a special key you can access your belongings without even taking your phone out of your pocket as long as it’s within reach of the smart safe just touch the small access point at the bottom of the smart safe and it’ll open the app tracks every opening and closing

Of the safe so you can know exactly who used it and when the safe can be hidden at the bottom of a shelf or behind a fake ventilation grille the latter option is designed to fit any wall and installation is very quick couch bunker where else could you hide the safe maybe inside the sofa there’s more to this furniture than meets the eye looking like a super soft

Super comfortable sofa the couch bunker hides a secure safe inside it’s large enough to hold jewelry money cameras weapons and basically anything else you want to hide from prying eyes thanks to the safe’s unusual location no one will know he’s sitting on top of a stash of valuables worth thousands of dollars couchbunker doesn’t just store valuables in the event

Of a home invasion you can use extra bulletproof cushions to save your life they transform into personal portable shields strong enough to stop a 44 remington magnum shot at point blank range q-line design furniture the very idea of furniture with secret compartments was quite popular back in the 18th century the idea was simple if thieves couldn’t find valuable

Items they wouldn’t steal them that’s why such furniture was custom made and only the manufacturer and the owner knew about the location of the hidden compartments q-line safeguard company follows the same principles since each piece of furniture is custom made it can be modified to suit your design and safety requirements only the owner determines what’s stored

Inside the q-line safeguard furniture stealth wall concealed storage any wall can become safe storage if you add a special hidden safe to it the mirror is just perfect for this it can be easily installed in just a few minutes and stores content securely to open the safe you need to use a magnetic key but not just hold it over a random spot you need to go for a

Specific area which only the owner knows about in this safe you can store well pretty much the same items as in most safes including something big like a weapon depending on the desires of the owner the safe can open to the left or right the manufacturer also advises placing the mirror where it’ll cause the least suspicion for example next to the bathroom or in

The bedroom however if for some reason you don’t want to hang a mirror with a secret for example if it doesn’t match the interior or you don’t like mirrors you can replace it with any other similar item on the wall for example a riding board the basics will be the same none of the outsiders will realize that something’s hidden inside and the owner can easily open

The safe siri cfc how about the safe hidden behind the sockets yes there are safes like that and they look inconspicuous and at the same time reliable a steel safe weighing 11 pounds is hidden right inside the wall which is perfect for storing cash jewelry medicine gold documents and other small items the safe has five compartments that move inside along small

Grooves to get to your valuables an intruder must know exactly how to move the compartments it’s worth mentioning that the safe is equipped with a sound absorbing coating so that moving parts will not disturb the neighbors behind the wall to open the safe you need to remove the socket you can access the contents using a standard key it may not seem safe enough but

What are the odds that someone will look for valuables inside the socket by the way the socket is compatible with european standards but if necessary it can be made to comply with another standard smart space stair storage harry potter’s uncle and aunt forced the young wizard to live under the stairs because they didn’t suspect that this place could be used much

More rationally for example for extra storage most homes have roughly the same amount of available and unused space under the stairs about 31 inches high that is four steps if you turn two steps into a door the space becomes usable few people think about such opportunities but it’s just incredibly cool in addition this storage space like the others in today’s video

Will be invisible to those who don’t know about it and no the guy under the stairs is not included in the kit anyway the official website says nothing about that but the most interesting thing is that in theory almost everyone can make a safe like that and you don’t need to be a certified safe specialist the likelihood of you being able to build a compartment for a

Rifle into the back of a pickup truck let’s say is not very high whereas you can always arrange an extra space under the stairs it’ll be big enough to fit all your shoes bags folding table ironing board vacuum cleaner mops in general everything you’ll hardly find a place for in a house without a closet or basement bed bunker the bed bunker is the older brother of

The safe inside the sofa it fits under the mattress of a bed weighs 1300 pounds and has locks used in high security government buildings for example in the pentagon device how reliable that is the safe switch costs between 2200 and 4200 are made from a steel body and 132 pound gas piston assisted doors that bunker owners can store 35 rifles and 70 handguns right

In the bed well you know some people keep extra blankets under the mattress and some people keep firearms there inventor and product designer john adrain from the heracles research corporation said that even billionaires have begun to purchase bedbunker because this bed is much more convenient than traditional safes that need to be placed somewhere in the basement

Or garage usually the humidity in such places is high and it can damage your stuff a bedroom’s a different matter it’s the most comfortable place in addition most standard safes can be carried out of the house when you’re away the bed bunker together with the bed weighs so much it’ll be almost impossible to move it though it’s not clear how to clean your bedroom in this case foreign

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