the mice are eating my cars wiri
Altair Club Cars The Mice Are Eating My Cars Wiring, 2018 subaru forester

The Mice Are Eating My Cars Wiring, 2018 subaru forester

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the subaru would crank but did not start, after a bit of investigation found the fuel pump wires had been bitten through by mice which had managed to climb under my car and on top of my fuel tank.

Good morning everyone i hope you are doing well as of me i’m feeling so stressed i cannot start up the engine of my car i’ve been bugging alan about it since yesterday and he asked me to check the battery purse and i did and i took it to the shop to check if it’s working and then he said the battery is strong the electricity is very strong so there must be something

Else there’s some reason why the car doesn’t start so the next step we’re gonna do is hi there we go my name is i am here to assist you please leave your credit card details below and i would try to resolve all your problems using my predetermined generic answers thank you bring it over here anyhow enough for the jokes let me get to the story kenna phones me up

My car won’t start and i’m like i don’t know is the battery okay by the way her car was a 2018 subaru forester two liter petrol she’s owned it from brand spanking new it’s never had a problem with it so you know and you know how sometimes you’re talking to a woman about a car issue there’s a little bit of a communication problem but we got past all that we come

To distinction that the actual battery was fine she gave me a video call took me to the car and this car has got keyless ignition so she pressed the ignition button and i could see that the car was cranking over by the red meter and i could hear it cranking over but it didn’t start up at that point i said look the best thing you can do is get hold of a mechanic

From somewhere with a scan tool getting to plug it into your car and read the fault codes that way it will give us half an idea where to start looking but she goes oh i had it read i had it read recently a guy come out because my fuel gauge stopped working and i thought oh that’s interesting what did the guy say he said that there’s something wrong with the sender

Unit in the fuel tank and you’ve got to drop the tank out of the car to get to the fuel sender unit so he didn’t want to know so he left but she gave me the code it was like b1500 and i’ve done a bit of searching on the internet and i found that some of these subarus they have access panels underneath the back seat to get to the fuel sender unit and they have a

Separate sender unit and a separate fuel pump so i thought hmm and i said something else i thought as well she lives on a farm and i said to her when was the last time you started your car she goes about a week ago and i’m thinking to myself it’s been sat for a week the fuel gauge doesn’t work maybe the fuel pump has got stuck or i did say this to her i thought

You live on a farm you know your car’s sitting around doing nothing don’t you have problems with mice trying to eat your wise or get into your car i just sort of like run that buyer but anyway after that she said right the next day i’m going to go out to the car and i’ll lift the back seat up and i’ll have a look and i said when you’ve got the back seat up if

There’s an access panel there take it off and i can see if you can see the top of the fuel pump if you can look at the wires if they’re okay give the pump a tap with a screwdriver because if it’s stuck then it might free it off and i left it at that and of course she goes out there the next day as you’re going to see in the video now and she’s fixed it so have a

Look at what she’s done while we are waiting for the mechanics to come i will do some initial check on the fuel tank right here shoes now we open this part oh my god i don’t have enough tools to do it just manual foreign so this is it alan was right the mouse bite the wires that cause short circuit and the pump cannot see the fuel and then the fuel can get

Through to that engine the reason why it doesn’t work so the mouse came from this area to the to the well and then divide all the wirings oh my god so i need to get the new wire for this one um now i have protect the wirings this is the fuel pump so let’s see if the engine will start at this time this one is also been cut by the mouse yeah and even

Here the people gates so really crazy uh you see um so i put an electrical tape okay you’ll be fine all right now let’s try if it’s working yahoo starting now oh my god oh my god but this one is the fuel gaze which is all also come by the mouse it is working now finally oh my god this is so amazing i’m so happy yeah this is it thank you superman alan hall

For the rescue this is kenneth saying every journey begins in a single step until next video guys thank you

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The Mice Are Eating My Cars Wiring, 2018 subaru forester By Khennahs Farm

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