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Altair Club Cars The Mercedes E-Class from Korea: Hyundais bold new Genesis G80 luxury car

The Mercedes E-Class from Korea: Hyundais bold new Genesis G80 luxury car

This is the Genesis G80! The brand name may be a new one for us Western Europeans, but it was originally created by Hyundai to sell luxury cars in Asia… but the first model is now coming to Europe! The new G80 has looks that are reminiscent of the Audi A7 Sportback, and the front grille even reminds us of a Bentley Continental GT! So the styling’s pretty much on point, but would you really be willing to spend the same on a Hyundai as you would on a premium German saloon? Stick with Mat to see what you think!

In the beginning twitter created that’s us and then honda made a cure and nissan infiniti a cleared i thought oh that and so it’s created its own power brand behold our new brand is i have enough biblical references you see genesis has been around in south korea north america the united arab emirates and australia for a while now but it’s finally coming to europe and

That includes the uk because we are still part of europe well geographically at least the new car is the g18 oh yes and it’s basically a korean version of the mercedes e-class and here’s the coleye top 10 things you need to know about it and also the g8 is a bit like the korean version of the e-class but looking at it it so reminds me a lot more the audi a7 sportback

That sloping designs and also the design of the lights and the way you got these horizontal lines and the leds and the front headlights as well it is quite ld ish then there’s the crest grille i like the look on brilliant in america not so much in the uk though because we’re going to put a big number plate on the front and they all just ruin it that’s been look at

The grille and the genesis logo it kind of reminds me a little bit of a bentley that’s prolly not coincidence you see the guy that designed the g8 ii also designed the bentley continental gt and before that he designed the lamborghini gallardo so click on the pop-out banner up there to vote which you think looks the best the new genesis g80 a lamborghini gallardo or

The bentley continental gt ya doesn’t seem fair does it but i don’t care it’s macho my game play the new g 80 gets a huge central touchscreen it’s actually 14 inches diagonally which is the way you measure touchscreens it’s it’s bright and if you want to input addresses to the sat-nav you can do that by using a little touchpad between the two front seats though it’s

Quite small so it’s gonna be hard straw on remote images like you come in some german cars oh well the car so gets augmented reality satellite navigation which means it uses a forward facing camera which sends a feed of the road ahead onto the screen then superimposes directions on top of that so you never make a wrong turn that’s something to say this was first

To do on the a-class now the genesis also gets a huge digital drivers display this time 12 inches it’s nice and bright yet again and you can have it in either 2d or 3d view it also changes color depending on what driving mode you’re in so it goes red if you’re in sports mode obviously then a yellowy orange in comfort and blue if you’re in eco mode though i don’t

Know why people use blue for eco because surely it should be green there is one thing that annoys me though it’s the rev counter that goes backwards just like on bmws in fact if you want to see my full in depth video review of the new bmw x6m click on the pop-up banner up there everyone wants to connect their devices to their cars these days and the g80 will be no

Exception so you’ll be able to use your virtual digital assistant to preset the cars temperature so when you’re leaving the house engage the car it’s at the right temperature for you and it should work in reverse that you can be driving home set the temperature in your home so that when you actually go through your front door it’s at the right temperature there as

Well so you never have to worry about being at the wrong temperature and then there’s some other features that are available so you can actually pay for fuel using the cars infotainment system you just press a few buttons when you at the pump and it’ll pay now this is only available in south korea at the moment but they look to extend it to the rest of the world

And there’s some other features as well for instance you’ll be able to use the cost surround view cameras send live feeds to your phone so you can see if someone’s getting a bit too close to your pride and joy and if they look really weak you could go out and confront them and make them go away though if they look big and scary you could just kind of cower in your

House and maybe call the police go please come and save my car if in the uk obviously the police won’t come but you can give you a go inside the new g80 is fairly plush there’s lots of ward leather and soft touch materials plus you can spice things up a bit if you want to by adding some styling packs which includes stuff such as special stitching on the seats and

A two-tone steering wheel also i like the way the dash has been designed the way you’ve got that central vent with the infotainment screen above it and then the climate controls below it it all looks fairly smart in fact it’s a far cry from the high-end eyes of the olden days i remember the hyundai pony he was all for this new genesis model is fitted with something

That’s called machine learning does sound sort of frightening and may end up in some kind of like mad max dystopia but what it really means is that the car can monitor your driving style and it will learn how you drive and try to apply that style to the cruise control system which seems like a good idea but what happens if your driving is really bad if you’re a

Tailgater or your speed will you do dangerous maneuvers i’m assuming that it’s not gonna pick up your bad habits there’s a hope it won’t there’s no newfangled electrification technology used on the ga t it relies solely on the good old fashioned internal combustion in life so there’s a 2.5 liter petrol with 300 horsepower a 3.5 liter v6 petrol with 380 horsepower

And a 2.2 liter diesel with 210 horsepower you’ve got an 8-speed gearbox automatic obviously on every car as standard and they’re all rear-wheel drive unless you pay some extra for all-wheel drive which you can do now because there’s no hybrid or electric powertrain or anything like that economy isn’t great so the petrol v6 you looking around 20 miles per gallon out

Of that the diesel around 40 not brilliant however what is brilliant is a suspension setup so it uses a camera to read the road ahead it can spot bumps and we’ll set up the suspension accordingly so you don’t feel those bumps like mercedes you can get the car with acoustic glass which is basically double glazing so you don’t hear any kind of annoying noise from

The outside there is some annoying noise though it’s fake engine noise pumped into the speaker’s to make the car sound more sporty though why bother why not just have it quiet it’s an executive girl as i said at the beginning of this video the g80 hasn’t yet been confirmed for the uk even though it’s probably lighted to come so it makes a bit harder to predict

The pricing in korea it’s gonna cost around 35,000 pounds and they think about the starting price of an eclass over here in england is thirty-nine thousand pounds i reckon the ga is going to be about thirty-seven thousand pounds which may seem quite a lot for a high-end i’d but tried not to think of it as a high-end i think of it as a genesis in the way that you

Think of a lexus has being different than the toyota okay now if you wanna see how much money you can save on a new car click on the pop-up banner up there to download the free call out app you know when you go for a long drive and it doesn’t matter how come if your car seat is because you’re just starting the same position for so long you do get a little bit achy

After a while well there shouldn’t be a problem in the new g 80 because it’s front seats have something called a go motion sounds like something that would make you go to the toilet but what it actually is is seven air bladders in the situ which constantly move and adjust to keep you active while you’re driving so you shouldn’t have the aches and pains that you’d

Normally have in other cars along the journeys this new genesis has all the latest driving aids so it’s got adaptive cruise control which will keep your safe distance from the car in front and automatically steer to keep you in lay or good or quite common but it also change lanes for you automatically if you use the indicator you don’t have to do anything it ordered

The rest and when you need to come off at a motorway it’ll steer you off and slow you down it will even slow you down if you approach a bend all good or clever what’s even more clever though is the fact that it’s headlight system can be on main beam but oncoming drivers only see it as being on bit beam no idea how it does that but it does that apparently one of

The cool feature is the fact that the car can park itself without you even having to be in it you just get out press a button and it just does its thing easy the g18 looks just as nice in the back seats as it does in the front in fact the seats themselves are very similar to the front seats and they can recline and they can slide forwards they’re fully electric

Obviously you also get rid entertainment screens your own kind of control there in the back all very very luxurious in fact in the rear it’s a bit more like the korean version of the mercedes s-class rather than the e-class there are some small problems though for instance the middle seat is tiny you’re never going to want to sit there and because you’ve got the

Electric operation of the seats you can’t actually fold them forward to load larger items into the boot still at least the boot can be opened and closed remotely so that’s some saving grace i wanna do it the video if you did please give it a like also let me know what you think of this car in the comments below is it a bit of a copy of the germans or do you like

It is it worth is having it in europe or if you think it should just stay away let me know tell me also if you click over there you can download the car while i like i said it’s totally free and includes a special number plate reader so you can scan a car’s number plate with your phone’s camera and they’ll tell you how much that car is worth if you wanna watch

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