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Altair Club Cars The Manual Toyota GR MKV Supra – Is It The Best Supra Ever?

The Manual Toyota GR MKV Supra – Is It The Best Supra Ever?

We drive and review the highly anticipated Manual MKV Supra just to see if this could be the MK5 Supra we all wanted.

Oh god hi guys alex peak performance reviews welcome to another vlog and welcome to another car review this time i am super excited for this review i am driving the mark 5 supra but hang on it’s not just any supra it is a manual it has six gears three pedals and it is a proper manual and i’m not going to get too excited about this yet but i feel like it promises a

Lot and to me this could be a more complete package than the mark 5 has ever been and could it mean that i want one of these so much more badly especially with this manual quite possibly will it feel more akin to a realtor uh to the the super badge that it should have i don’t know i mean i love it anyway i’ve always liked these anyone will know if they’ve followed

The channel for a long time i did order one of these but i did cancel more at a last minute number of things yes maybe the bmw nurse of it not saying that’s a bad thing i mean it’s a great thing but the fact that you kind of want a toyota and you get a bit more bmw um however obviously toe have settled it um the engine etc and they’ve done a really really good

Job and overall it’s a great great car but this great car is lacking a few little things and that feel for me for a proper driver’s car and for me often that comes in the form of having a manual gearbox and i know not everyone will agree with that however it’s just something that i prefer and the driver engagement just feels that a little bit more amped up and

A bit more special in my opinion anyway enough of that there’s nothing else more to this than obviously the normal one is but it’s a manual it’s going to feel completely different um can’t wait let’s get on with the drive see in a bit right let’s get a fade with the mark 5 manual supra um first things first i have to say i haven’t driven so many press uh cars

Which were all auto um it is really weird getting used to manual supra especially mark 5. obviously i’ve got a mark iv in a manual so i’m used to that but having a mark 5 it just feels really foreign being in here with it having a manual gearbox first things first let’s address that or talk about uh this manual gearbox it is uh absolute one that i have to say it

Hasn’t been robbed from just any bmw it is still a bmw gearbox but apparently they had to mishmash and like loads of different bmw gearboxes all into making this so they really basically hand selected little bits and bobs to make this really feel very nice and very unique to this car and it is this gearbox effectively in its iteration is only in this car which is

Really really cool and let me tell you now it is beautiful i’m not obviously pushing on yet but i’ve been told that this has got a super close ratio fairly shortly stacked with a shorter final drive ratio as in the auto i think tara have done that basically to try and make up the speed differential that you would get in the auto power and torque is still the same

Power being 335 horsepower and the uh 500 new meters at all however i never believe that figure there is no way this car has only got 335 horsepower it’s probably got the same as what the american market one has at 380-ish um for driving it feels even quicker than that but yeah this manual box is only accustomed to this car and this car only and what a box it is

Um really really lovely chunky clunky earth um kind of throw and gear notches it feels very precise you really know when it’s in um it feels like it would be very hard to mischief this gearbox and yeah like i say these ratios are really really stacked oh geez it goes holy yeah um it goes guys it goes um i have to say on first impressions of speed um i swear

This feels quicker um and again it probably is only due to the fact that the ratios are are more tightly stacked but they’ve obviously the gear changes and an auto um on paper probably you know cycling through the speeds you’ll probably notice that i’m sure the auto should be quicker it certainly is in the uh naught 60 department as you’d expect this does not 60

In a not at all shabby 4.6 i was going to test that today but it’s a little bit damp out on these roads but it’s starting to get a little bit better so we may still be able to do that so i will try and get that for you later in the video um but yeah let’s talk about a bit more about the drive obviously it feels you know no different to the standard car and that

Is absolutely epic these were built to be nicely neutral so they can be driven fast in my opinion by anyone um obviously you turn the traction control off you can and still invoke it into a nice towel sliding it cam you know invoke the car into a nice oversteer situation however and much more harder i would say to do that in this than it is say a bmw m1 or like

The a110 alpine and even the box star but the box is probably similar to this in in the respect that chassis does feel a bit more neutral um but yeah because of that it does really really look after you and it doesn’t matter who you are you can drive this car really fast and it really does look after you so i do like that um steering input obviously if you are

Fresh to you know any super videos you’re looking at this review in isolation let me go through the other fundamental things of this car um the steering weight is lovely it’s fairly light i wish it was probably a little bit heavier but in general it’s it’s really really nice i’m going to stick it into sports mode um it doesn’t really ever feel like um the sports

Apart from it you can tell it increases the throttle response and it makes the car a bit more tighter with its dampening the steering doesn’t feel much different probably a little tiny bit weightier and in general actually i say it’s light it’s it’s not as light as say something like an rs3 which is a bug bearer of mine on an rs3 being a little bit too light this is

Probably about as a light heavy as i would want a car to be so it’s nearly about where it wants to be i’d prefer it to be a little bit heavier but in general really really nice these seats are absolutely beautiful they really keep you in check and where you need to be and yeah like say i’m in the manual and this is epic so we’ve got six um closely stacked ratios

Um bespoke and bmw gearbox made for this car and the bots at bmw and toyota had to basically widen this transmission tunnel you can probably see from my bits of vt this whole section has had to been beefed up some of the infotainment system would have been over here and yeah like say it’s huge this center console and you still got the um plenty of plenty of space

For your passenger it hasn’t really affected that too much maybe on the knee perhaps but in general no issues there whatsoever but yeah let’s drive it a little bit more got it in sports it does do you know what because those ratios are stuck more stacked and because you’ve got control of what that gearbox is doing so to speak which i love um it don’t have if you

Put your foot down it pins you in the sea it is a it is really sprightly um and on first impressions absolutely epic just going to push it around these corners a little bit more obviously again we’ve got to be a bit careful this is damp but it really has got a great grip from these michelin and pilot sport for tires like i said before still has got the same uh

Brake horsepower and torque however because of the ratios it definitely feels like it’s more you never know what the buds are um bmw have done to this car in terms of whether they have amped it up because they’ve seemed to have kept the high line uh bhp figure at the same always and it’s differing to the usdm market which is the american market but i honestly think

It’s definitely got no no less than that market out there which is about 380 horsepower so you buy one of these you go down the pub it sounds like you’re not you’re gonna brag and you’ll say 335 horsepower and these days it doesn’t sound like it’s very impressive 335 horsepower my hot hatch has got that um but no honestly this this hasn’t got 300 335 horsepower all

You need to say is it’s a it’s a supra it’s a manual and it’s damn quick we’ll come out on it oh it’s bloody brilliant it’s so quick it’s so so good um but yeah let’s push on and see what the driver dynamics and what this box does to the whole feeling essence of the car is it gonna make me regret my decision of uh canceling my order no because obviously i cancel

My order on a launch edition model which was an auto so is it going to make me want to buy one of these and is it more true to the super name well i mean you could argue that the super came in its mark iv uh form which we all know and love and probably know and love more than any of the other forms of supra it came in an auto and a manual straight out of the bat

Um whereas um toe are basically weren’t ever going to plan to do a manual transmission but only an automatic and the only reason why toyota ended up doing this basically putting a manual gearbox in this car is because people badgered them and told them they need to make this car with a manual they had no plans to do it they listened to everyone and they ended up

Making this manual car and i’ll tell you what they’ve worked on it so before we carry on with the drive a bit more let’s talk about because why not practicality a lot of people are not going to worry too much about this but obviously you could daily this car but you have to be either a singleton or someone with just another half and not a family when you um you

Really kind of take things down and slow it all down it’s actually quite a comfortable car and the damplers do a really good job in most roads it is firm don’t get me wrong but in general it’s not that bad so you could drive long distances in this i don’t think you would tend to daily this although this motor is really really good and it can be very very efficient

To the tune of you know 30 miles per gallon if you are careful but most of the time it lives life in between 20 and 30 miles per gallon as i’ve said but i am driving it very very hard but it’s got a really really decent sized boot so that’s where it can be practical but obviously at the end of the day if there’s you know more than two of you it’s uh it’s not going

To be any good in that respect but um yeah it’s really really good i’m just doing a little round about i do i always do a roundabout test just to see the grip it is a little bit damp but um it’s rear wheel drive as well obviously but it feels as though there’s a lot of lateral and bilateral grip definitely um from these big michelin uh pilot sport uh four tires

Other than that you can’t go too far on just spec it to how you want color wise there’s lots of different colors available i’m in the red which i do love i’m not sure whether it be necessarily what i would pick when i ordered mine and i counted my order it was a like a gunmetal gray color i can’t remember what they called it but that was a lovely color it really

Showed off the lines but i do love it in this red in the comments section guys what color would you have if you went for one of these um i’m intrigued to know your thoughts do you like the red um yeah in the comments section so i’m going to address the elephant in room obviously i’m a mark 4 super owner and some people i think there is some mark iv supras that do

Have a bit of a chip on their shoulder and do seem to be a bit harsh with this car and saying that it shouldn’t uh wear the super badge now i don’t like the fact that there is a lot of bmw parts and here in the sense of i wish it it was very unique to feeling you know all of the toyota essence and being like a proper toyota however i’m not that fussed about it if

It’s kind of my second car i mean i wouldn’t get rid of my mark iv that’s for damn sure but i would love one of these in my garage and now with the introduction of this manual honestly guys yes if you argued it before then maybe you could argue that maybe now it actually feels like it could be uh wearing that name with honor and uh you know vala because i have to

Say whatever they’ve done to this car they have done an absolutely superb job and i adore it and i want one yes it gets snaky if you want it to i’m telling you even with traction control on yes it’s a damp day but i’ll tell you what this car is just so much more fun than the outgoing auto model oh jeez lovely box as well jesus is fast breaks i should probably

Talk about them great breaks i mean i don’t know what these would be like on the on the track they’re not huge breaks for a car this size especially these days um with the caliper disc combo however on the road they feel really really good i don’t know how they’d fare on track but i have seen a few of these smacking round tracks and they seem to be going around

For decent amount of laps and they’ve still got a stock breaks so they must be decent and on the road yeah they feel they feel awesome to be honest with you they feel really good and it’s just yeah well i think especially when you get heat in them when you get heat in these breaks they do start to feel really good at first if i’m honest they felt a little bit you

Know okay okay to average but get a bit of heat in them and jesus yeah they stop really really good it’s great it is great this is a fun fun awesome awesome car i love it well done tyler and weld on to the guys at gr i should mention that as well gazzu racing you have created a damn fine car that absolutely takes the fight to current gen m to a110 uh different

Kind of car the a110 is just so fun and raucous and mad and between the three cars this the m2 comp and says the 718 they’re the three cars a little bit more neutral than say the a110 which is just a raucous mad car um of those three cars now i have to say this has made a more bigger name for itself finally the auto car i have to say i love and i adore but if

You had to decide between those three cars in isolation you might argue the supra is maybe side in the pack um although weirdly in many different respects i would kind of still have the super over them possibly the m2 super close but now with the manual in the in the mix i would actually probably now definitely take the supra it’d make my decision easier right

Car i’m telling you just push it a bit more around these because break in superb chassis corners nice and flat dampening just keeping the car hunkered on the road and mated to this awesome six-speed box this car is divine i love it well done bmw and well done toyota sorry i did say bmw but well i’m tired so guys that is the end of our video on the manual supra and

You’ll probably see from my facial inspect expressions throughout the video and even now i am so so so impressed and so in love with this car um it always had an amazing chassis very neutral but when you turn the traction control off especially with the ratios on this now you can really invoke it into obviously you’re a lot easier than you could with that auto box

And it just feels more accomplished and akin to this beautiful 6b manual gearbox um that they’ve put in it and i have to say now it goes from a really good car to an outstanding car and i adore it i’m going to give the um gr mark v supra manual of peak performance reviews rating of 9.4 in its kind of range and segment um because it’s just one of the best out there

Now it really is if you’re in the market for something that has a platform that is modifiable if you’re watching it for this reason um now with a manual gearbox to have that engagement and enjoyment amped up should say because the other one was amazing but this is just really that much better than on honestly guys go get yourself a test drive you will be impressed

Or if you can’t get the opportunity to get a test drive don’t worry just buy it trust me you will be so happy this car is just awesome and toyota gr ab well done guys guys as always thank you so much for watching as always like share comment subscribe and we’ll see you again in the next one bye for now foreign

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