the mahindra thar is a compact f
Altair Club Cars The Mahindra Thar is a compact, four-wheel drive, off-road SUV manufactured by Indian automaker .

The Mahindra Thar is a compact, four-wheel drive, off-road SUV manufactured by Indian automaker .

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Foreign it’s not only a vehicle it’s a beast it’s about where you want to explore the impossible to the jungles to these steep gradients of the mountains to the riverbeds to the sands and wherever it is when we conceptualize we were having a conference somewhere in the beaches of goa where a lot of our old cars are also in operation when we met a few customers

Over there they had an ambition that while we are driving on these beaches why don’t we enjoy the similar drives on the roads so that was the first thought which came in our mind that customer is now looking for enhancement of this product not only on the beaches but also on the weekdays and also on the city roads the challenge was how to bring this off-road to

On-road also so the first and foremost thing of this car is to make sure that the terrain capabilities that the off-roading capabilities are significant and the second thing is if this car has to succeed then we need to have on-road performance the one thing that comes in the way for the on-road performance is the the need in the off-road for the very high ground

Clearance the bigger tires and the water folding depth of 650 millimeters which is very similar to half of my height so what we did is we have to reconstruct the suspension system completely this suspension system of double wish one in the front and multiling interior gives you that bright quality and the second step that we did is to increase the wheel track by

About 74 millimeters so the third measure is to redistribute the the weight between the front axle and the rear axle and therefore you have very good balance of the weight acting on both the axles these three measures gives you a vehicle that can easily go at 150 to 160 kilometer per in the highway with a very good ride and handling on the safety front it comes

With a host of features inside like the esp the abs airbags both for driver as well as passenger in addition we have also given the iso fixed seat we have options on the rear seats can have a front facing seat or in our side facings it depends upon requirements we have a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system which keeps you connected with the latest trends in the

World it has two engines basically a diesel engine 2.2 liter diesel engine delivering 300 newton meter 130 bhp horsepower and a gasoline 2 liter engine delivering 150 bhp and 320 newton meter torque it’s a tgdi turbo engine so we have an engine you have a gearbox and you have a transfer case and the transfer case not only distributes the torque between their and

Front by 50 it also multiplies by 2.5 times and matched with a brilliant 6-speed manual transmission and a six-speed ice in automatic transmission it delivers the best performance in this category we introduced electronic braking lock differential as soon as one of the wheel that comes to the air starts relatively increases the speed more than 60 rpm it just bites

The brake and holds the wheel and the thought goes to the wheel that is with the ground it moves you beautifully the measures that we have taken it reduces the nvh levels by about 20 to 30 percent any speed range that you drive compared to the whole thought the frame is very stiff wherever it is required so we have improved the task of electricity 5000 and the

Bending stiffness is improved by 108 we also need to bring in lot of multiple options in the car hot dog convertible top along with the soft top that we had in the top it’s not the old car which was for the weekend journey or for something where you enjoy a part of your life in this new car you can go to offices during the weekdays and you can go to offroad during

The weekend it’s a quantum leap to your next generation i wouldn’t say next generation it’s the next benchmark that anybody in india would like to have it

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The Mahindra Thar is a compact, four-wheel drive, off-road SUV manufactured by Indian automaker . By vehicle. com

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