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The LOUDEST Valved Exhaust on My Audi S4


Foreign oh is oh okay all right guys welcome back to another video um today we’re gonna talk about my exhaust i know i made an exhaust video a while ago but it was dead in the winter i can’t really you know do any sort of pull or anything like that it’s just so cold and snow on the ground but finally the spring is here and i can show you guys my exhaust

Setup so a little background story before we actually jump into the car and uh show you guys the onboard how it sounds and stuff so i got this exhaust system from ecs tuning i think last year maybe this is the ecs tuning valve exhaust system this is the valved non-resonated which means there’s no resonator it’s basically uh two casts on the front uh i believe

There’s an x-pipe crossover and then two mufflers it’s valved i’ll get into it a little bit more in terms of why i chose this exhaust system over ewe army tricks miltek and all that but let me show you guys what it looks like on the car i mean it looks fantastic it sounds even better so i can’t wait to share with you guys all the sound footage and all of that

But let me turn the camera around and show you guys this is the ecs tuning exhaust system um as you guys can see exhaust ecs uh label quad tips right here i chose the silver tips just because um i think it looks with the car a little bit better it kind of stands out versus the black but i don’t know now i kind of think black might be better just because the

The chrome tips really show uh you know the wear and tear and stuff but yeah i mean nevertheless it looks good also this is the ecs diffuser so it fits the the diffuser perfectly these are four inch tips i think they are 105 millimeter so four inch uh for four and then if you guys take a look under the car only you can see that but there’s a little a blue

Wire um but that’s basically how it controls um the valve these are four inch tips four of them uh they come with the exhaust system i believe you can select either three and a half inch or four inch and you can select uh what kind of finish so you they have the chrome and they have black as well so i don’t know i chose the chrome i think it looks pretty good

Um i mean it fits the car pretty well um but yeah so basically let me i guess pop the hood and kind of show you guys the i guess the the mechanical uh part of the uh the system but before i show you guys this do not roast me about my engine bay it is very dirty okay so if you guys can see actually i don’t know if you guys can see but somewhere back here uh

Basically that’s the valve uh sorry the vacuum system for the car so basically what it does is it sucks air from the vacuum control and that’s how it holds the valve open i actually had an issue not too long ago probably a month ago with the vacuum control i think the line there was a little leak in it so the valve will randomly close at high rpm just because

There’s no enough pressure to hold the valve open other than that i own this system for over a year now i daily drive this car in the winter and i am in canada toronto so you know we get pretty harsh weather over here salt snow and and just very cold in the winter and it survived all of that there’s no problem other than that vacuum line and then that um you

Know i open and close them every day and there’s no issue so i guess before i say any more i’m gonna put the camera down i’m gonna show you guys a little sound clip um how it revs in terms of both valve open and closed and then i’m going to do a little pull and then we’re going to jump in and uh get actual driving footage for you guys so let me put you guys

Down and uh enjoy the exhaust um oh oh holy i think i surprised myself in terms of how loud the car is oh my god this thing sounds so good i just replayed the footage and i’ve never like heard my car from the outside before so that sounds sick but now i’m going to mount you guys up inside i’m going to take you guys for a little drive and talk about

It and also give you guys a realistic in cabin sound so let’s go all right guys so i’m gonna take you guys for a little drive and um you know talk to you guys about the exhaust and let you guys hear you know what exactly sounds like when you’re driving so a little bit background about this exhaust so this exhaust is the ecs valved non-rest uh cat-back system

So what it means is uh it’s the louder version or the aw track version of the exhaust as you guys can hear it’s uh it’s quite loud when the valves are open so this one does not have the resonator in front um it’s basically a two flex pipe coming down and then a crossover pipe and then the two mufflers so you can also get a i guess resonated version which is a

Similar to the aw touring which they have a middle resonator but what’s good about i guess this particular exhaust or this platform is that it’s basically they’re all modular so what it means is that if you get let’s say the non-res which what i have right now and you think it’s too loud you can always get the middle resonator from ecs for like 100 bucks uh vice

Versa as well so it’s very very easy you don’t really have to i guess commit right to a thing and and and you can’t go back or you can’t change it right now uh is valve open i generally drive with the valves open just because it’s you know i enjoy driving like i enjoy hearing the exhaust sound i mean it’s so good i i can never get tired of it uh you know i

Love the tone i think what this exhaust does very good is nailed the tone and volume i know a lot of exhaust uh you know either too quiet or they’re too loud and is a lot more raspy and all that stuff but i think this exhaust just kind of hits a good balance with all that stuff um it’s loud it’s a little bit raspy but it gives that edge as we’re on the highway

On-ramp i’m gonna do a little pull let you guys hear it now that’s fast uh oh my goodness it sounds so good it sounds good you know all the way from lower rpm wind wind it all the way up you know to 7000. it sounds good but i guess you know a lot of people are wondering there’s a drone and right now we’re about to open i’m going about 120 and about 2000 rpm

Yeah it does drone a little bit right it’s not bad it’s not anything like oh my god i can’t hear anything or i can’t have a conversation you do notice that a lot and especially if you press on the gas quite hard like this yeah you’re gonna have that drone sound right um you know there’s a couple ways to go around it one is obviously you go light on the throttle

So right now we’re still maintaining the speed i’m quite light on the throttle um you know that’s generally what you hear or you just either drive faster or slower to avoid the rpm range but however the main reason why i chose this exhaust system is because of this the optronic right right now the valve’s open if i click it it’s closed it sounds like stock i

Mean right now full throttling is uh accelerating you hear literally more wind noise than the exhaust which is exactly what you want um you know it’s so convenient because sometimes you know people are in my car my girlfriend my mom and stuff they don’t like loud exhaust or they don’t like loud cars and we’re trying to have a conversation or whatever and now

I have the ability to close it but you know when you do want to open it up right now it’s open i mean you’re flying right and this sounds good it sounds so good as i was saying before i think this exhaust uh does very well is kind of balancing the rasp and the volume and the tone right if you know this platform i love the uh the supercharged v6 but one of the

Common thing is that it’s very actually it’s actually very hard to make an exhaust system that sounds good or or that doesn’t have a lot of drone right you know aw touring does a good job but then again you’re sacrificing the volume it’s quite quiet or on the mild side i should say if you go to the track system yeah it’s loud but you have drone right you have

A lot of drone and it’s hard to make it sound good because it’s quite raspy but this i mean you get a little verbal you get a little backfire it sounds good i mean right right now we’re off the highways i’m gonna give you guys a little i guess just normal city driving some pool and just some normal driving i mean it sounds good man it sounds good i have

This as i said for about a year and you know every time i drive this or every time i do a pull they still bring a smile to my face and think you know that’s what it should do um i mean downshifts are violent downshifts are insane and if you guys think this is loud it’s way louder on the outside you know sometimes i’m driving my girlfriend is dropping another

Car and she’s like wow it’s really freaking loud i’m like hell yeah that’s the point tunnel coming up i’m gonna roll down the window it sounds so mean it just sounds so good i mean even just cruising right if i let go of the throttle and tap a little bit i don’t know if you guys can hear it you know or the mic is picking up but you do get a good amount of pop

I’m obviously exaggerating right now but um i hope you guys hopefully you guys can hear it but you know if i downshift and just tap the throttle you you do get a lot of pops and and burbles and this is not tuned by any sort of craco tunes or a verbal tune this is just all organic so this is what you get if you guys have this car you have and you get this exhaust

This is what you’ll basically get i mean just listen to it the downshifts are let me open just crack a little window so you guys can hear that sounds so sick man oh my god i need to calm down low key i mean i’m telling you guys man this exhaust system has cost me so much money because every time i just want to do a pull you know every time i just want to

Downshift and i just want to do that all the time and you know you waste a lot of gas by doing that i’m telling you guys it costs a lot of money so but i think it’s totally worth it i mean it just sounds freaking good the downshifts are crazy it’s freaking nuts dude oh my god give you guys a little corner action man it sounds so freaking good even though i’m

Sponsored by ecs and other companies i would never put something you know on my car just to make money right and also it’s just not who i am and that’s just not how i do things you know everything i put on my car and everything i recommend to you guys i genuinely like and i love and also at the same time you know if i put something just to make money or get

The sponsorship i wouldn’t you know keep on the car if i didn’t like it so everything on the car i freaking absolutely love this is you know to me the perfect sound and and just the perfect exhaust system overall is convenient it got valves it sounds good you know it the price point is actually very very good very very competitive and not cheaper than some of

The aw system actually but you get the valve feature so if you guys want to check it out go down to the link in my description box below go check it out read about it if you have any questions you can always you know comment down below or let me know what you guys think i mean oh man i gotta stop you know man i gotta stop i i gotta stop all right hope you

Guys enjoyed this video honestly this exhaust kind of blew my mind and kind of you know exceeded my expectation even though i had it for a year already just because i never really heard the exhaust system like from the outside or on camera so it sounds so good so i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did really trying to crank up more content for you guys

Making no excuses so make sure to subscribe to my channel follow me instagram right here and i’ll talk to you guys next time peace say

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