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Altair Club Cars The LEAST EXPENSIVE NEW Silverado 1500 AVAILABLE – Review and Walk Around

The LEAST EXPENSIVE NEW Silverado 1500 AVAILABLE – Review and Walk Around

Trucks under $29,000!? This is the least expensive Silverado on the market. With the cost of trucks going up it seems like every single year Chevrolet does a great job with finding these budget friendly trucks. Check out the walk around and review on these 2019 and 2020 Chevy Silverado Regular Cab Work Trucks.

Everyone welcome back to the channel this is jacob’s atlantic’s over here at spitzer chevy out on amherst ohio and today i want to give you a quick video on probably the cheapest silverado that we’re gonna have in our stock and that is the 2020 chevy silverado 1500 regular cab work truck i’ve had a couple requests on seeing videos of these and they just want to see

Basic rundowns on these truck and i’m gonna give you a walk around and what i think on it with me i also have another one over here that i can explain two different packages that you’re gonna see on these so stay tuned be sure to like comment and subscribe to the channel and we’re gonna dig into both of these beautiful trucks alright so to start off this video as

You can see i have the 2020 silverados or this one’s actually a 20 this is a 19 but both new body style silverado 1500 s in the regular cab with the 8 foot bed so i just want to show you that these trucks look exactly the same i mean very very similar both silver ice is the colorway same type of wheel and everything but there are some differences between the two

Trucks that i’m gonna dig into and this one here is gonna probably be your cheapest one available and this one like i said is gonna have some added options so i’m gonna start over here with the 2019 that we have left so one thing that you’re gonna see on both trucks is the really aggressive front end you got the chevrolet plastered on the front grille there on

Both trucks and then you got the little bowtie in the corner there you’ll also see this grille staion like the custom trim level which i did a video on last week just gives that nice look it’s a little different than the lt style with the bowtie in the center there so looking at this one one thing that you’re gonna notice between the two is this one does have the

Recovery hooks at the bottom there this one does not your standard headlights you’re gonna see both trucks have the 17-inch wheels so your standard work truck wheels no upgraded package there and i will say that there is a package that neither of these have it’s called the work truck appearance package i didn’t have one in stock so i’m unable to show you it but

For the people that want a little more show of the truck but still want this style there’s a work truck appearance package which features a front and rear chrome bumper so on the front here instead of this like matte black look you would see the the chrome same with the rear and my favorite fart part is you see the upgraded wheels so they’re the painted aluminum

Wheels still 17-inch but for myself i think it looks a little better than the work truck style you got that crazy long bed with the regular cab the work truck style is available in a double cab as well as a crew cab so you can still get those cap size if you want i just haven’t put a video up of the regular cab so i just want to show you size-wise what it has

To offer this one here has a chevrolet on the back it’s gonna be the same on that truck over there you can see no trailering equipment on this one and then this has your standard pool which it’s locked right now but your standard pulldown for dropping the tailgate there’s a package on that truck which gets you the auto drop tailgate no bedliner on this one you

Have the standard 12 tie-downs on the sides there and then it does come standard with the backup camera which is really nice you got the steps on the sides here to help you get easy access into the bed and now i’m just gonna show you the inside now with this truck like i said this one’s kind of your value cheaper style truck you got the black cloth interior no

Carpeting and the floors it is the standard window so it’s a rollup which i know we haven’t seen on a lot of our vehicles so it’s like really the only one that offers it now no cruise control no options on the steering wheel same dashes all the silverados though so no big changes there so i’m gonna go ahead and just start this one up now one thing that does not

Have is the keyless entry so to lock your doors you have to use your key no keyless entry as i mentioned we’re going to go ahead and start this thing up now this has the 4.3 liter v6 which gets you about 285 horsepower i mean this is like your perfect if you don’t want too much equipment you just want the best price to be probably under 30,000 on a truck this

Is the right truck for you the msrp on this one’s thirty thousand two hundred ninety dollars and then also we have some excellent dealership savings right now it’s got the new infotainment you can see apple and android car player standard which are both excellent features it got am an fm radio of course but same platform as all the 19 or 20 silverados of course

Air conditioning and he it doesn’t have the rear defogger in it you do have the trailering package if you need it on that package but if you will have the total haul mode you do but if you add a hitch 12 volt a usb upfront it’s a lot of nice features you got storage up here you get the full storage console there some storage up front there in the same – you’re

Gonna see on this other truck over here which is normal for the customs so like i said this is uh this is perfect for the customer that just wants to get into a truck for probably under the 30,000 range for the most piece kind of the nice truck for the buck if you just want to use it for a normal working truck or just getting around you have the truck here so

We’re out on the side there so a thirty thousand dollar truck it’s kind of hard to find nowadays but this is the this will be the right truck for you and it’s also a two-wheel drive v6 so i just want to let you know on that so now what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna dig into this truck here which like i said looks pretty identical but there are some nice packages on

It i’m gonna break down for you so we’ll dig into this truck now okay so coming over here to the 20 20 regular cab eight foot bed work truck regular cab first thing that you’re gonna notice about this one is it does have a different tire pattern so still have the 17 inch wheel same tire style but you can see this is more aggressive tread that’s considered like

You’re off-roading tire as i mentioned before on the front end you also receive the recovery hooks up top there so you do have the recovery hooks down at the bottom i know a lot of people use these for work purposes and you can actually install the snow plow prep package which is available on many of these and one thing that i kind of thought was kind of cool

That i never really knew about until this year you can actually get the z71 off-road performance package which gets you hill descent the off-road suspension skid plates in a high-capacity air filter which is kind of cool just looking as far as value i actually have a double cab here that has that package which i might get a video on just to show you guys one

Thing that’s different with this one is you do have your four by fours so this is a four wheel drive and it also has the v8 engine in it so that was your two-wheel drive v6 this has the v8 this one also like i said has the drop tailgate so nice and easy there you’re also gonna see your hitch down at the bottom there so nice bed like i said the standard tie-downs

That you saw before back up camera standard on it the package of this truck has that that one doesn’t is called a convenience package it’s a work truck convenience package and with that you’re getting the remote keyless entry which i’ll show you when we get inside you’re getting power windows you’re gonna see that this one has the rear window tint on it as well

Cruise controls another feature that you gain with this package and then it’s power and heated beers which i know a lot of people like you can also get the trailering brake installed with the trailering package and like i said that work truck convenience package is also a very very nice package to have so now what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna dig into the interior

On this truck and what kind of different so first thing you’re gonna notice is you do have power controls over here no roll-up windows like i said that’s what that convenience package you have your mere controls here your windows power locks trailering mode here your 4 wheel drive controls are all on the side powered lights your parking brake which that one did

Have an electronic parking brake as well one thing i didn’t point out is this one also has like the vinyl style seats so really easy to clean up if you’re in using this truck for work and then you can see no carpeting again you got cruise control on this one which that one did not have you have both manual seats of course the same cluster up top here so you can

See everything is the same there you have the 7-inch touchscreen with the same infotainment that you saw on that one this one you have audio bluetooth apple carplay android auto again all standard features am/fm radio which we got on right now if i turn that off once again you do have the back up camera and this one actually has the trailer guidance since as the

Trailering package on it which will kind of line you up with the hitch your home button once you put it in park you got your climate controls and this one also comes with the rear defogger on it that that truck did not have and the rear tinted glass as i said he got the tailgate drop tracks control and this does have the trailering brake which was an option usb

And 12-volt storage their storage here this is not a center console just to let you know but you can’t fold up the seat and have the extra there for anybody that’s riding with you so that’s your main differences between the two i’ll show you a quick window sticker on this truck here this one you’re gonna be looking at a different hot a little higher pricing just

Because it does have those options on it but like i said this is a perfect value truck if you’re trying to stay under that at 30,000 range this is the truck to do it on if you’re okay with features of course now i’m gonna show you this window sticker here so you got 20/20 i’m gonna try to get this as best i can 2020 silverado regular cab work truck four-wheel drive

Silver ice you got the 5.3 liter v8 six-speed automatic your warranty information here standard features here standard and then work truck convenience package a sixteen hundred dollar package remote keyless entry window tip defog or cruise control all those nice options that i was telling you about and then i don’t know how this isn’t coming out too clear you

Got the 5.3 option which is a $14 package trailering package 395 trailer brake controller 275 all-terrain tires which gives you that nice aggressive look i think being at 270 200 so your total after all your destination charges and everything is going to be an msrp of the thirty eight thousand seven hundred and sixty five so you’re looking about a eight thousand

Dollar difference between these two trucks that look very very similar but like i said value wise this one’s probably gonna be under thirty thousand dollars so i hope you guys enjoyed this video like i said i just want to kind of give you a rundown of what the work trucks have to offer the regular cabs like i said i’ve had a couple people request an information

On this so both trucks look pretty identical but there are some added features on this one that a lot of people like to have so of course for that eight thousand dollar difference if it’s worth it to you then great if not we do have the truck that comes out to msrp around 30,000 but i’m hope you guys enjoyed the video hope you got the information you’re looking

For go ahead and leave a comment below if there’s more videos you want to see be sure to hit that like button and hit the subscribe with the bell notifications to get alerts on my videos and also be sure to like my instagram or facebook page slash chevy clee all one word and that’s the same with instagram so thank you again guys hit that subscribe

Button and until next time have a great day bye

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The LEAST EXPENSIVE NEW Silverado 1500 AVAILABLE – Review and Walk Around By Chevy CLE

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