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Altair Club Cars The Last Rolls Royce Wraith Sinister Look, Widebody Grey Lambo Urus.

The Last Rolls Royce Wraith Sinister Look, Widebody Grey Lambo Urus.

We were used to customizing Rolls Royce Wraiths daily at one point, so it’s refreshing to see one of the last versions of it come through for some work. This black badge Wraith is stunning, factory matte black paint with a serious black/red interior. We elevated its appearance with RDB Wheels, lowering and some accent changes.

No because santos this is not it’s not really heavy i told you i gotta lose weight last time you remember long time ago i tried to lose weight but very hard to do that so this time i see is it delivery from moses wow moses i’m starving i haven’t had food i haven’t had breakfast i’m dying well you had alcohol i had a lot of cigarettes oh little cigarettes

Yeah a lot of here you got pineapple jalapeno and age ham yes it’s from rafael what is it called rafael that’s good see what’s in here wow ranch good call three two what the hell is this that’s really good it’s buffalo all right now let’s look at the other special this is good that looks disgusting too oh you want to see the other one you’re going to die

In the world new york has the best pizza right no this is good this is like quality stuff that looks terrible i don’t know you guys have to try it i have a headache today eating desserts we’re like in the craziness of hollywood right now we are currently in the rolls royce race the last rolls-royce wraith model it is a black badge so it’s technically the

Nicest race model as you can see it has you know the black batch carbon fiber everywhere it’s got a black and red interior of course it matches the exterior and something very special about this car is actually the matte black that you see on it is factory it’s factory matte black rolls-royce color the whole thing was actually matte black but the top half of it

Has been wrapped in a gloss clear bra and we just also installed a set of rdb wheels these are the rdb22 wheels we call it because it has 22 spokes but they are 24 inch and of course paired up with pirelli tires it’s been lowered it drives great it looks amazing we’ve already solidified this look a long time ago and it’s amazing to see in 2022 we’re still working

On this beautiful wraith because this is still you know one of my favorite coupe cars out there with the suicide doors and all that and like i said these things drive excellent they’re very reliable actually people don’t realize how reliable this car is you have zero issues with it everything is like flawless on this car so again it’s the ultimate luxury coupe

In my opinion and you can make it look like this i mean what car looks like this you know it’s insane it’s got the suicide doors it’s got the big old grill in the front has the crystal spirit of ecstasy and like i said it came in matte black so the last of its breed the next rolls-royce wraith is going to be called the spectra i believe and it’s going to be all

Electric they’ve been testing it i heard they just tested it in alaska or something they’re doing all the cold weather testing so let’s see how that’s gonna go it’s gonna kind of look like the race which is cool but it’s gonna be all electric and i don’t think we’re hitting on that because we’re luxury car to be even quieter it’s gonna be really dope even though

This car is pretty quiet but yeah let us know what you think about the all-electric rolls-royce wreath coming out but yeah we’re done with another wraith and uh we have much more to do right now so let’s go back to the shop sealing the hole because over here is a spark plug when you glue the two pieces so i fill it up with the sealer this car gonna be nice

Yeah i do some extra thing and this one is kinda good nice thank you very much thank you why don’t you get to put the license plate no try to do something teamwork he got boring inside the office all day sitting you have to do something make sure it’s the right school right i don’t even think that this is the right spot now we’re good thank you that’s

It white body kit done there you go this is a harder this is more harder than uh doing the white body kit what happened we don’t need a temporary we’re going to put this place back on that’s right this way yeah whose screwdriver it is yeah that’s a good answer smart that’s why he has no hair because he’s very smart all right guys wide body ears another

One i mean it’s getting super repetitive i’m sorry about that but you know it’s what we do it’s what rdb does we actually build cars we don’t stick wheels on them and make youtube videos we actually build wide bodies every single week so we’re able to show you guys new builds all the time twice a week this is actually another 1016 industries carbon fiber wide

Body kit this is not a beautiful factory metallic gray color super hard color to actually color match without blending and that’s what we did and looks incredible super clean this customer had already purchased nova tech boston wheels and they were stock fitment so we had to do big adapters and put them on they are 23 inch not 24s it looks honestly really clean

It’s not the setup we’re super used to where it’s slammed and you know super flush and obviously everything has been painted to expect the whole roof has been taken apart and painted gloss black we didn’t wrap it customer wanted that nice nice gloss black finish so we took the antenna off all that stuff up and we painted a gloss black as well we have a few little

Things left on this this car is from arizona got shipped over here it’s going to ship back so a little bit more little details to do we got to install radar detector in there and all that kind of stuff and then it’s going to go back to arizona so hope you guys enjoy another one i came to talk to you about white sands whose wife says it’s a new matter verse

On open sea and they were on fox news today basically what it is is it’s a a place where there’s 3 000 islands and 250 villas and basically if you buy an island there you get a chance to buy the villa for five ether and i can’t even bring my charter though yeah there’s gonna be an island there’s gonna be cars there everything and it’s gonna blow up that’s why

I’m trying to get rid of this car for like 20 g’s i just bought it but um i need to talk to vic because maybe we can bring your guys’s nfts into that world so he definitely doesn’t want to talk to you about that really yeah i told them to come but don’t you guys have nfts like cars yeah yeah so those cars can be brought into people can actually drive them on

White sands yes we have cars they have like a ferrari and a gy but it hasn’t been released yet it opens up in april it’s based on minecraft technology by the way this is not just a regular mercedes it’s a twin turbo yeah check this out like you guys think it’s a joke what is it a 14 miles per hour no i mean it’s not a lamborghini but look at the turbo here

This is gonna blow up this is actually i need help with this what is this hershey chocolate it’s like it’s like giving too much uh too much fuel to that injector do you guys know how to reprogram them i’ll give you a thousand dollars you want to buy it why not i hate wishes oh

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The Last Rolls Royce Wraith Sinister Look, Widebody Grey Lambo Urus. By RDB LA

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