the last convertible tv mini ser
Altair Club Cars The Last Convertible (TV Mini-Series 1979) Bruce Boxleitner,Sharon Gless,Perry King

The Last Convertible (TV Mini-Series 1979) Bruce Boxleitner,Sharon Gless,Perry King

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Army air force sir ever since you’ve got here you’ve been given me that same line your arm’s no good well your arm looks plenty good to me the article’s a war state that an army officer if captured will employ everything at his disposal to seek to escape and borrowing escape will attempt by all means available to him to disrupt the enemy’s ability to carry out

His mission end quote now it just so happens that you’re the only man here in this camp with a decent command of the german language i need you out to carry back important information to london your ability to speak german will help you to do that but all i seem to get from you is one excuse after another are you ordering me to attempt to escape sir you know damn

Well i can’t order anyone to escape any more than i can order someone to stand up and be a man i want to know one thing just between you and me why won’t you volunteer your skills when you know we need them so damn badly i have a wife sir and i love her very much and i want to get back to her alive and in one piece i see it well then i don’t suppose it’s any

Important continuing this discussion you’re dismissed yes sir um hello and it’s chris how are you chris what a surprise where are you where else you’re talking to the number one home buddy how’s terry well i’m um chris i’m really not sure i haven’t heard from him in months uh but i think that’s because they hold up his mail the last letter i got he said that

I’m treating him okay at least i know he’s not being shot at are you going to be at liz and nancy’s apartment next week ah i haven’t decided hey come on you can’t miss this it’ll mean so much to the boys if everyone takes part in it besides i want to see you okay i’ll be there i promise that’s the spirit see you next week then bye-bye bye chris come on annie

It’s all right no it’s not all right i’m so confused i don’t know what i’m feeling i love you but i can’t say that i don’t love terry face it we love each other we’re not gonna stop when this war ends i can’t tell terry about us we’ve been seen together we’re not a secret anymore the one thing we can’t let happen is for someone to write to terry about us and

If we don’t tell them that’s what’s going to happen is that what you want i can’t write a letter like that so that’s all i can say for motherhood and married life these days hey about you any uh prospects for joining the race fully married happily not who’s got time conjugal bliss in a career only go together for men and i’m not even sure about them ladies if

We are gonna make a v record for the boys it’d be positively unpatriotic not to sound happy we won’t be making this thing anyway uh g sherman’s emporium listen i don’t know how we’re all gonna get into one booth but we will i never could carry a tune now if kay were here which she isn’t god be praised is it really true her last record sold a million copies her

Father bought half of them oh here’s to k long may she wave and flutter and undulate christmas got left because he knows that it’s gonna drive us all crazy in about another month or three or nine first you know you’re never gonna get any more sleep for the rest of your life i’ll sign that what’s the second the second one the second thing you love about sea

Escapes duty join the sea breeze mr courier just like the creature yeah that’s right chief just like in the beach at cape cod dude chewed you out last night following up the code richard no he awarded me the navy cross you must be getting tired mr perry a lot of water out there why don’t you take yourself a swim hilarious chief chief one more smart remark like

That from you and we’ll see how hilarious you are as the only semen deuce in the six hash marks all right you

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