the ideal porsche 2022 cayman gt
Altair Club Cars The ideal Porsche? 2022 Cayman GTS 4.0 – POV (binaural audio)

The ideal Porsche? 2022 Cayman GTS 4.0 – POV (binaural audio)

Ever wonder why some prefer the Porsche Cayman over the 911? Adam discussed why he choose this spec over the 911.

Good morning everybody my name is adam this is my 2022 cayman i’m going to talk a little bit more about that i’ll do a quick walk around this is shark blue uh over red and black interior with the red calipers and you’ll notice something if you if you astute portrait file out there may notice these rims they’re actually a factory mistake they’re solid black

This rim is supposed to have a brushed aluminum outline around the rim and around the spokes and uh this one came from the factory wrong which is really funny because i actually emailed my dealer and asked if they can make it all black for me of course he said no they can’t do that so this is the gts and gts package i’m gonna talk more about that we go so the uh

This is the 718 came in gts 4-0 so the 718 was a name that was started with the 982 cayman series uh porsche switched to the 718 which was a throwback to the 70 team from the uh i think that was the late late 50s early 60s and um it’s funny because they switched to that to make boxster and cayman one line and then just a coupe and a convertible but everyone still

Calls it the cayman and a boxster but um and they switch to a four-cylinder porsche folks hated that but the original 718 was a four cylinder so people didn’t like that but uh the original like i said it was the 550 james dean’s car and then you had i believe after that was the um the 718 and those were four cylinders and they were very very good mid-engine very

Good in the racing do very well and you know but everybody from porsche and all the fans hated it because it was a four-cylinder they said oh it’s not poor should be a flat six the funny thing about that is um you know originally there were four cylinders so in response to the fans i guess porsche came out with the gts ets had the flat six which is what this

Is the name gts actually came from the next series of porsche which was uh the 904 that was i think early 60s early to mid 60s and um so that’s what they gave the name on this it was uh gtes gran turismo sport and the idea behind that was it was a race car for the street it’s a little bit of luxury which is really what the difference is between this 4 which is

Really just a pure track car a little bit of suspension difference front ends from the gt 3 on that one and about 20 more horse and a higher rpm whereas this is a little bit more of a street car because of the extra luxuries so like i said this is the gts gives you the gts package chrono i love it i bought it brand new it was shark blue brand new color for this car

This year shark blue of course introduced on the 992 gt3 the year before and yeah so i’m not new to porsche i grew up 70s and 80s i was a muscle car guy had mopar is a lot of pontiacs always a muscle car guy but yet i love sports cars small good handling quick sports cars so i kind of go back and forth between those two and i’ve had a lot of different ones so i

Always wanted the 911. it’s all of course you got to have a 911. 11 so i wanted an old air cooled 911 so i started looking at 911s again not about 10 years ago drove one wasn’t what i remembered i guess do modern driving car anymore and uh i didn’t love it got myself uh at a dealership i test drove at 996. which is a huge leap forward in driving technology and

Uh bought it so i had a 1999 996 original factory aero car and i like the very unique car unique build and i really liked it but as i was driving it as i got to know it i did not love the way the 911 drove particularly the steering was just too light and floaty for me and i finally got into my mindset that the way to drive that was think of it as a small powerful

Motorboat where the power and the steering all comes from the rear and you know then you can kind of aim for a spot on the horizon and that’s how you drive but i didn’t really ultimately love it so i saw that and i’ve had shelby cobra replicas i’ve had a gt350 i’ve had patios had a lot of different things and i wanted to get back into a porsche again so i started

Looking at mid engine and uh the boxers with the caymans siding between do i buy a slow car drive slow car fast or a fast car slow on the street and my friend andy convinced me to step up to the gts get the six cylinder it’ll actually cost you less in the long run because the resale value is so good on it chris that only works if you actually sell it and i

Have to tell you i may never sell this this car is probably one of the best all-around handling cars ever certainly that i’ve ever owned and probably that i’ve ever driven and like i said i mean 50s shelby uh bmws this thing is unbelievable so with that mid engine basically strapped to my back here it’s just incredible um you come around a really hard turn and

It almost feels like the car mid-turn will stop reset itself and leave the apex and that’s the porsche torque vectoring so it’s got the limited slip rear the torque vectoring the the padm the engine mounts sports suspension and it’s just incredible the way it handles in and out of turns you know that 911 was always in slow out fast and believe me i’ve been

Behind 911 gt3s in my gt350 and watch them just hunker down and launch out of a turn this is going to give you just about the same thing except that the entire way around the turn it feels like the car is atop spinning and right in the center of that we’ll go back and i’ll talk less if you listen to the car more so this car in particular like i said shark blue

First year they offered it came out shark blue on the gt3 the year before and um bought it silent seam the color and i love it um these cars come equipped in the exhaust sport exhaust but they have the gpf the gas particulate filter which really kind of muffles it it’s also got a sport exhaust so it’s got a valve so stock i was not pleased with it um before

I even took delivery i replaced the gpf with over the axle pipes which just those those gps filters don’t do anything in the usa anyway they’re not even monitored so just that one change in pipes is uh unbelievable sound and then i put the car graphic valve controller in so you can hear that exhaust and i can have it open all the time if i want or i can switch

It closed if i’m talking on the cell phone rev match is really nice i never would have thought that i would have liked it so much it’s just really enjoyable the oep pipes and the exhaust give it six extra horse so the 394 horsepower i can honestly say it’s now 400 and um car is just incredible i hide if you have the means i highly recommend one ferris would say

All right i’m gonna shut up enjoy the car foreign foreign foreign i hope you enjoy this pov video thanks for evan for putting it together following trying to keep up in his m3

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The ideal Porsche? 2022 Cayman GTS 4.0 – POV (binaural audio) By At the Apex

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