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Altair Club Cars The Hyundai Vehicles Discontinued for 2023… | RIP Veloster N, Accent, and Ioniq HEV

The Hyundai Vehicles Discontinued for 2023… | RIP Veloster N, Accent, and Ioniq HEV

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In this video I tell you about the Hyundai vehicles going away for the 2023 model year in the Hyundai lineup. These includes the Hyundai Veloster N, Hyundai Accent, and Hyundai Ioniq HEV and PHEV vehicles. These model year changes are just a few of the major changes coming to the 2023 Hyundai lineup. Make sure to check out the channel for other model year changes!

So the rumor that’s been floating around for six months or more now is finally true as hyundai usa has finally announced that the veloster n is officially dead so welcome if you are new to the channel today hyundai has dropped the full 2023 model year change list for the hyundai lineup here in the united states now i’m not going to cover every model in this video

Because that would make for a very long video but i will break it up into vehicle specific videos so make sure to check out the channel for the full list of 20 23 mile your change videos for hyundai as well as other brands as well so as the thumbnail and title says the veloster end is officially dead which means the veloster nameplate as a whole is officially dead now

It’s no surprise because there’s a leak out of korea about 10 days ago or so that detailed that production was officially ending in july now given that velociran was the last veloster in production at all it was likely a very costly expense for hyundai to keep producing just the end model of the veloster rather than the entire lineup like they had in the past and

Not to mention the new elantra n has been outselling the veloster end several times over not only in korea but around the world and i think a lot of people realize that the elantra end is just a superior car as it is a new modern platform and has several improvements over the old end so it’s no surprise here that both the elantra and kona and are mainly responsible

For why the velociran is going away i think overall we are lucky that we got a second generation velociral because the first generation uh wasn’t too great of a car to be honest it was kind of cheap and quirky and you know the three-door design in general didn’t connect with everybody so just the fact that we got a second generation that was far superior than the

First generation velocir uh was a huge win in my book so in addition to the veloster and hyundai is also discontinuing three other models and those are the accent the ionic hybrid electric vehicle and the ionic plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and don’t confuse those with the ionic 5 that has been out since late last year or the ionic 6 coming out early next year

As those are the replacements for the new sub-brand in the ionic lineup and hyundai quotes that those are going away because they have significantly expanded the electrified lineup with the hybrid electric elantra sonata the ionic 5 the kona electric the hybrid versions of the tucson as well as the santa fe and nexo vehicles as far as the accent goes it’s not

A surprise really to me that the accent is going away given that the venue exists in the hyundai lineup because people are trending towards compact suvs and mid-size suvs no matter the size difference between a large sedan and a mid-sized suv people just want something that sits up higher off the ground gives them you know a better view of the road and a higher

Perspective so it’s no surprise that people are migrating towards either compact suvs or mid-size suvs in general so that is why hyundai claims that the venue is the new entry level in the hyundai lineup and the replacement for the hyundai accent and even though hyundai says the venue is the new entry level and replacement for the accent they also say sedans remain

An important part of the lineup and hyundai continues to offer the elantra and sonata at least for now so i’m sure there’s already quite a few press articles out there and stuff coming out here on the velociran as well as some of the other 2023 model changes for the hyundai lineup so hopefully you guys found this video helpful if you want to check out any of the

Other 2023 hyundai changes again i’ll have each model have its own individual video because there’s a lot of changes here in the press release so i want to cover each one in a little bit of detail so if you found this video helpful please hit that like button again if you are new please consider subscribing and checking out some of the content that is currently

Available i do have a video on the ionic 5 as well as the elantra n so make sure to check those out and as always we’ll see you guys in the next video you

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The Hyundai Vehicles Discontinued for 2023… | RIP Veloster N, Accent, and Ioniq HEV By Cars Made Simple

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