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Altair Club Cars The Hyundai Elantra Hybrid SAVES You Money | But Is Right For You?

The Hyundai Elantra Hybrid SAVES You Money | But Is Right For You?

The Hyundai Elantra Hybrid is one of the most popular small sedans for many reasons. For one it saves drivers a ton of money at the gas pump thanks to its 1.6L hybrid engine that gets up to 56 mpg!

Hi kyle here with wallser hyundai in brooklyn park minnesota and today we’re going to be looking at the 2022 hyundai elantra hybrid so we start on the front of the hyundai not only is it fun to drive but it’s also great to look at they gave it this awesome looking grill with the bold face on the front super eye-catching so when you’re driving around the city or

Wherever you’re at people are definitely going to notice design that the car has so underneath the hood i think it’s important to talk about who this car is made for the hyundai elantra hybrid limited that we’re looking at today comes with a 1.6 liter smart stream engine paired with an electric motor which is going to give you up to 52 miles per gallon on the

Highway 49 in the city and 50 combined so especially now when gas prices keep going up and up you can rest assured that you’re going to be saving money at the pump because this car gets very very good gas mileage so as we make our way to the back of the car i think it’s important to notice too is these awesome looking rims so the elantra comes in two different

Versions the limited which we’re looking at right now it also has a step down which they call the blue so in the case of the limited it’s going to come with 17 inch alloy wheels if you were to get the blue it’s going to be 16 inch as you move to the side it’s really apparent when you look at it the hyundai’s really just done a great job with their design overall

If you look at the tucson the elantra any of their models they’re super eye-catching and i think one of the reasons for it are these aggressive lines they put in throughout and at first glance you don’t really notice it but once you now start seeing elantras or any of the hyundai product on the road you’re going to start to notice that when you’re on the side view

Just how great looking that is with the design they’ve done so as we move to the back you know cargo space is obviously important whether you’re picking up groceries you got kids they got sports stuff it’s important to have cargo space where you can store stuff so we’re gonna take a look quick at the inside and the space that you’re gonna get with the elantra like

I said it’s a great car whether you’re commuting to work but even if you have kids or things you need to haul you’re gonna have plenty of space for those needs now this is perfect for weekend trips to the cabin or whether you’re gonna hit the golf course you need to fit some clubs back here as you’ll see here in a second comes with plenty of space but one thing

I want to show you quick is the key hyundai’s done a great job with their keys making it super easy and giving you a lot of options on here especially at the higher trims like the limited this one does come with remote start and we all know in the winter when it’s negative 30 degrees out it’s not fun to sit in a cold car so with the key fob in hand you can start

Your car while you’re inside your warm house you can open your trunk from here just hold the button and i want you to take a look inside here it comes with over 14 cubic feet of space and as you can see you can probably fit multiple golf bags back here so you don’t have to worry about when you’re traveling if you’re going to have enough space great thing with the

Elantra 2 is say this isn’t enough space you have some kind of wonky object something that’s a little bit longer you need to fit in here this comes with a 60 40 split meaning some of the seats can go down the others come down you can actually put them both down both come on the side it’s super easy you pull this you can’t see it because we’re on the outside drops

The seat down same thing on this side too you can pull that drop the seat down so if you have some longer items like i mentioned you need to put back here makes it super easy with just a pull of a handle here you can put those down get your stuff in there so we’ll make our way to the side here we’ll touch on some of the safety again on the inside but just to know

With the mirrors you’ve probably seen this if you’ve been on the road and you come up on someone’s blind spot or somewhere else a lot of times you’ll see this little indicator light up to let you know that there might be someone on your left or right side to help you avoid any accidents so why don’t we jump inside there’s a lot to talk about in the interior this

Comes loaded with safety features and entertainment and connectivity options so let’s jump inside and take a look at those now that we’re in the inside of the hyundai launcher we’re going to look at some of the core features that come with it first is the 10.25 inch infotainment system great screen on it very crisp and sharp and if you look just to the left of it

Is another 10.25 inch digital cluster which houses all your information about your car that you need to know about the reason hyundai put it into the singular pane is really for safety they want everything close so when you’re driving down the road you’re not distracted trying to click things over here you can quickly access all the information you need right here

Another great thing about the elantra is it comes with apple carplay android auto either wired or wireless depending on which trim level you get great feature allows you to connect your phone through there and use a lot of the same apps you would when you’re on your phone maybe it’s your google maps apple maps whatever it is mostly can put on the screen you can use

It right from there great thing about the elantra when you’re cruising down the road listening to your music it’s gonna come with eight premium bose speakers so no matter what you’re listening to you can be sure that it’s gonna sound great doesn’t matter what season is because the elantra comes with heated and ventilated seats which just means that you can have it

Cool it on in the summer or turn the heat on when it’s cold in the winter really great feature and until you’ve tried it you don’t know how nice it is so you definitely need to stop by and try that out for yourself another great feature that comes with the elantra is the wireless charging we’ve all been there we’re on a road trip you go through your stuff and you

Forgot that you’re charging cables back home the other thing to take a look at if you can see me i’m 6’2 fairly tall guy i have plenty of headroom plenty of leg space and this is because the elantra actually is best in class when it comes to interior cargo space and leg room and headroom for your passengers so while it is a small sedan in this class it actually

Comes with so much space so you can have a comfortable ride for not only you but your passengers that you have the other thing i want to touch on is it actually every hyundai comes with america’s best warranty hyundai does this because they are confident in their product and it’s actually 10 years and up to 100 000 miles of limited powertrain warranty but it

Doesn’t stop there with walzer alone when you buy through us you’re actually going to get what we call our walls or care warranty it’s complimentary free to you and it covers you for 150 000 miles or up to 10 years of limited powertrain warranty so you can be sure that no matter where you’re driving this summer you are covered and you can drive at peace again my

Name is kyle with walzer hyundai in brooklyn park minnesota if you have any questions about the elantra or any other hyundai models we’d love to help you out you can visit us online at and if you haven’t already make sure you like and subscribe to stay up to date with all things hyundai related thanks again for watching look forward to speaking to you soon

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The Hyundai Elantra Hybrid SAVES You Money | But Is Right For You? By Walser Hyundai Brooklyn Park

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