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Baby ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and welcome back to the vlog i’m sure most of you guys have heard of the new thousand horsepower hummer ev rip tesla am i right i put a deposit down on one like a year and a half ago i’ve heard absolutely nothing if any general motors executives are watching today’s video please call me because i want my new

Hummer the crazy thing is a buddy of mine he just took delivery of his hummer he’s here in utah and he’s head of the house right now and we’re back this hummer ev has a thousand horsepower a thousand horsepower hummer the veyron it has a thousand horsepower now not implying necessarily but you might want to stick around in today’s video we might have the world’s

First hummer ev vs bugatti mordecai dude it looks so crazy on the road we’ve only seen one of the these and here in utah i don’t know how this is possible this thing is so sick how did he do this oh that is so dope bro what how are you driving this thing right now i don’t know man i don’t even know how this is possible as far as i know lebron james has a hummer

The ceo of general motors has a hummer and somehow we have one here in the driveway at the house that thing is so sick like if any general motors executives are watching i want my hummer it just looks good in the driveway bro you have one and lebron james has one how’s that possible i don’t know you’re like on the same level though pretty much now bear with me i

Have an idea it’s just a concept in theory but look at the hummer look at the 6×6 imagine the world’s first hummer ev 6×6 just get over the system it’s not functional it doesn’t matter not be functional either it doesn’t matter bro okay maybe it does that armor looks so good it’s crazy like this thing looks so futuristic in the beginning of the video i said rip

Test so like truly rip tesla what happened to the cyber truck like what happened it’s game over thank you one of the craziest things about all electric vehicles not only do they have a boot they have a front bro wow wow how does it feel uh just because i’m five eleven and three quarters and you’re six two you got to make such a big deal about it my entire life

Would be different if i was six feet tall if i was six feet tall if i was six feet tall off camera we’re doing some wheeling and dealing how much do you want for i will buy it today on the spot you name your number i’ll buy it well he told me before i came if the price is right what’s the right price i don’t 150 right now 150 one just sold for 275. okay so we’re

Out yeah okay yep um unfortunately we have to wait so we’re talking a thousand horsepower this thing weighs 9 000 pounds now just so you know andrew luke has a little bit of motion sickness issues he’s drinking a sprite right now it has a white interior i am so blown away about the quality of this thing it is so sick what i think one of the coolest things about

This interior is it feels like a hummer you guys might remember burlacker used to have that h2 hummer and it has like the ethos of the hummer feel it’s got the squared off dash the tiny little windshield this thing only has 104 miles on it like we’re out here getting the exclusive content i’m kind of sort of nervous a thousand horsepower 0-60 in three seconds

And of course on kyoto we have a military humvee right there it’s so crazy because you think the hummer name you think six miles to the gallon one of the most capable off-roading vehicles in the entire world and now we have the hummer ev fully electric the range is 300 plus miles and it’s still one of the most capable off-roading vehicles in the world if you if

You don’t like what i just said there don’t get triggered we’re gonna take this off-roading someday when we get mine someday now of course the new hummer ev is famed for its crab walk mode i love all the graphics on this thing it’s like a video game all right crab walk initialized also they have a camera underneath the truck okay okay i’m trying to feel it oh

Okay okay you guys gotta be here to feel the gravel oh that’s weird yeah yeah that’s so weird because it feels like we’re just going like this that’s insane yeah okay we got to get out we gotta i gotta show you guys this guy you look like that what in the world okay he’s gonna kill me bro i’ll give you a gt okay i almost said something i shouldn’t have said right

There i almost said it i always said it on camera i got the g and the t but i didn’t get anything to hang out in there in an rs now of course and we said yeah that shoot this guy that’s the problem with luke he wanted the three and now he wants the rs i want a two now oh wow okay now he needs a twin turbo luke was definitely driving last okay the camera says you

Were driving last it definitely wasn’t me it wasn’t me i swear we have nothing to do with it somehow someway luke gets in a hummer and he’s a crab walk excellent it’s because the cops are here i gotta go so off camera andrew just told me i should feel my butt tickle like what did he say when when the launch control turns on you’ll feel your butt tickle okay have

You heard it here first so returning traction control off all right all right oh i feel it yeah yeah you’re right okay launch control enabled vehicle will lower check surroundings continue okay okay so the whole truck is lowering down lots to freedom baby dude god bless america am i right like god bless america okay okay okay okay vehicle’s still lowering come on

Baby thrust mode possible please be possible oh oh standby butt tickled okay and drive okay floor it is okay wow lost the freedom baby that is so sick that is so sick i wish you guys could experience this oh bro that that feels so crazy all right just like that we’re back to home sweet home dude this thing is sick 275. can you call your dad right now we can’t

Do it we can’t we can’t right luke we can’t why not all right boys we’ve reached the moment in the vlog you guys have all been waiting for i’m pretty sure this has to be a world’s first right like there’s no way there’s no way a hummer evie is racing bugatti veyron now obviously it’s a bit of a drive we gotta drive to tijuana down to mexico so we’ll see you guys

In a matter of like 25 hours this is gonna be an abbreviated launch control okay launch control i’m gonna take the jump because you guys are gonna smoke me you ready you ready it’s all ready look’s not ready he’s not ready come on bro you broke it you see this is what happens luke breaks everything he drives three seconds in the hummer’s broken i drove that they

Couldn’t break anything the veyron is ready launch control is ready we gotta go we gotta go i said the bayron beat the hover because luke broke it what do you do though you know that’s how that’s all you can do if any general motors executives are watching today’s video that’s on luke terry okay you give that guy a car he doesn’t know how to drive it remember in

The last video i was driving the super and he’s saying i don’t know how to drive it unbelievable all right all right we’re gonna do a round two round two baby are we ready yep go the w16 lives to fight another day s8 dude that hummer launch is hard though that long just so hard but the internal combustion engine winner winner chicken dinner baby i see you there

Boy you gonna send it oh oh let’s go baby it’s so good it’s so oh good thing we’re in mexico you know what i’m saying 55 and american 55 right there bro that was crazy hey that was sick that was way fast uh should we go back to america let’s go back home all right all right see ya now the dumbest person in this entire group has been relegated to holding the

Camera we’re going to attempt to take the roof off the hummer which in theory could be very easy it also could take quite a while but yes ladies and gentlemen it is a convertible hummer the coolest thing about this it’s like a combination of a jeep wrangler and a tesla of course andrew’s in first place nick is in second place and luke is sitting pretty alive i

Don’t know why i just feel like this should be showed on camera this morning we are trying to figure out how to park all the cars and luke just drew this absolutely beautiful rendition of the house on the driveway got a little oscar right there i didn’t even sign it you can turn that into an nft a non-fungible token for sale high spinner link in the description

Below should we put that on ebay honestly should we if this is we can sell it for 226 000 that could be the down payment on your gt3 yeah yes now i gotta give a shout out to my homie doug dimiro because i watch this video before i filmed this video so i can learn everything about the hummer you press this button all the windows rolled down simultaneously that

Is so sick honestly this truck 275 bro 275. it’s just money it’s just a number just money we’re trying right now to come up with any scenario possible to keep that number right now so andrew’s gonna test drive the ferrari yeah he’s never driven a ferrari your dad likes ferraris your dad would love them for probably four or five eight we could do a straight up

Trade right that would be a good deal for us right that’s actually no no no it’s average yeah that’s a fair deal though that’s fair a couple more couple more come on the hummer hummer doesn’t sound like that one more i need your guys’s opinion i don’t know what to do msrp on a new hummer is about 115 000 there’s a bunch for selling autotrader for 270 000 that

Is a hundred and sixty thousand dollars over budget but it does this so at the same time it seems like a waste of money what do you guys think should we buy the new hummer ev because i pre-ordered mine i put 100 deposit down on it like i must have been 18 months ago and i’ve heard nothing like absolutely nothing we’re trying to figure out what to do because out

Of nowhere there are some very very sneaky clouds oh i just felt a raindrop i felt a raindrop this is a brand new hummer it’s a 300 000 truck do we park them that what could go wrong this is one of the most ironic situations ever it is raining but luckily we have a gas station you know what i’m saying so even when uh internal combustion engines go obsolete gas

Stations still serve a purpose when there’s four idiots that’s right i’m including you guys we’re stuck because we took the roof off our hummer what do we do i don’t know what to do well luckily we got the hard top pieces on just in time of course we got three windshield wipers why is that so cool so cool look at that silly tesla we could eat him for lunch ah

You hate to see her go but goodness gracious you love to watch at least someday one day that truck maybe that exact truck is gonna be parked right there you know i hate to be that guy i hate to whine and complain but it should be said if there are any general motors executives watching today’s video where’s my hummer i want it and i want it right now uh on that

Glorious bombshell today’s video is over so we’ve determined if we drive fast enough we avoid the rain those clouds are definitely cumulonimbus right there and we got another gmc ruin it cumulonimbus cumulus nimbus what what wow wow cumulonimbus right marine green clouds i don’t know how this is happening i wouldn’t let this guy drive anything bro you might never

See him again oh wow this is this is not good bro it’s 275 000 this is your gt3 budget you got that right no oh no i don’t it’s all a lie what you think it’s all a lie you actually have absolutely no idea what you’re doing it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter totally good as long as you’re hydrated thank you

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The Hummer EV is FINALLY HERE! By TheStradman

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