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Altair Club Cars The history of Lexus LS series evolution (1989-2020).

The history of Lexus LS series evolution (1989-2020).

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Six years ago a new car maker called lexus began a relentless pursuit of luxury and of safety introducing the lexus ls400 luxury sedan one of the adjustments you’ll have to make when you choose a luxurious lexus is that there are no adjustments to make anymore at the push of a button lexus automatically adjusts everything back just the way you like so all you

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As you accelerate you may notice the sound of shifting gears is missing the hybrids v8 tends to rev up with vehicle speed until it reaches an optimum rpm then it stays there the electronically controlled continuously variable transmission adjust for any additional vehicle speed increase however you may detect what feels like a conventional gear change at about 50

Miles per hour this has to do with the dual range reduction here in the transmission designed to optimize the output of the electric motor if you prefer a more performance oriented acceleration program press the power side of the hybrid button on the center console press the snow side to help control traction in slippery weather the switch position between power

And snow is the normal or default setting the sequential feature on the ls 600h l shift lever is recommended for use in engine braking on long downhill grades in this mode it functions somewhat like a conventional lexus transmission when using the engine to slow the vehicle the lower the s range selected the greater the engine braking applied when shifting into

Sequential mode the system will choose the appropriate setting or s range or current vehicle speed pushing the lever forward up shifts to the next s range pulling back down shifts to the default for the current speed or the next lower setting whichever is less in some cases you may notice that transmission control prevents a manual downshift if that s range setting

Would be too low for the current vehicle speed sequential mode is only recommended for engine braking on extended downhill roads although using the feature may allow the engine to rev higher there is no appreciable gain in performance and it can significantly impact fuel economy you in 1983 at a top-level top-secret meeting chairman eiji toyoda proposed an idea

An idea so ambitious and so risky that many people even within his own company didn’t think it was possible he didn’t want the quietest luxury car or the most comfortable or the best performing luxury car he didn’t want the fastest acceleration or the best fuel efficiency he wanted all these things in one car the finest luxury car in the world and in 1989 after

Six years in development the result was an automobile that stunned the world the result was the lexus ls but that end was just the beginning from that moment on lexus was pursuing perfection while the rest of the industry was pursuing lexus the ls had the world’s first rear climate control with an infrared sensor it had the world’s first low beam led headlights

It had the world’s first 8-speed automatic transmission it was the world’s first v8 all-wheel drive hybrid sedan and it set the new benchmark for precision craftsmanship and won numerous awards and accolades along the way making the ls a legend of the industry introducing the new beginning introducing the new 2013 ls offering 15 of all-new lexus vs. and for the

First time ever the 386 horsepower ls export the legend continues

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The history of Lexus LS series evolution (1989-2020). By Technology Mode

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