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Altair Club Cars The half price Range Rover? | Volvo XC90 review

The half price Range Rover? | Volvo XC90 review

The Volvo XC90 isn’t cheap, but compared to the new Range Rover, it could be a bargain…

The brand new range rover is undeniably brilliant but there is one major downside and that my friends is the price the cheapest one that you can buy is over 94 000 pounds and then you want a seven seat version that starts at 103 000 pounds i don’t have that money but what if i told you that you could have seven seat luxury for nearly half the price of that

Seems impossible right well no actually this is the volvo xc90 and it is a class act okay so it’s not exactly half the price but the xc90 costs a whisker under 62 000 pounds which is 51 000 pounds less than the range rover so you can buy this modern luxurious seven seat suv and a porsche cayman for less than the price of one seven seat range rover or you can

Get an xc90 and a crocodile skin umbrella or uh 63 chanel fire extinguishers oh decisions decisions but none of that really matters if the xc90 isn’t any good which we’re going to find out today but straight off the bat i mean it’s a lovely looking car isn’t it i like the black makes it look quite sleek and classy doesn’t it it makes the chrome moments kind of

Pop out it makes the wheels pop out it’s a bit of me this oh and i do really like the thor hammer headlights yep like it the rear end is pretty neat as well okay it’s not quite as suave as the brand new range rover but it’s probably a less polarizing design we like it a lot now of course this is a luxury suv therefore the interior is far more important than the

Exterior i mean the end of the day this is where you’re sat when you’re doing all your miles on the motorway now given the fact that this is 51 000 pounds cheaper than the range rover you would expect this to have cut a few corners but actually it hasn’t it’s quite nice in here i mean i love the kind of veneer wood effect that’s kind of dotted around the cabin this

Two-tone steering wheel was the first thing that caught my eye when i sat in here digital dolls lovely head up display very nice wireless charging yeah i love a bit of that as well but one thing i really like is you can optimize the sound for wherever your sets we’ve got harman kardon’s sound system lovely but what you can do right when it’s just me in the car i

Can optimize the sound for just me so everything kind of aims towards me and sounds nice for me then if i want if i’m a little bit sick of it and then i’ve got people in the back that are desperate to listen to the backstreet boys i can optimize the sound for the rear seats or if we’re all ready for a party we can just optimize the whole entire car oh there’s

Random little moments of quality that you pick up on right so i put my sunglasses in the door bin and then i went oh there’s a nice little it’s like a sort of felt lining inside the door bin which is a really random thing to notice but i noticed it and thought i would mention it to you now the last little mention of opulence that i thought i might throw in is

This little gear knob here it’s like sort of glass crystal loveliness i feel quite posh when i’m using it i really like it it’s really hard to find anything wrong with the volvo’s cabin the seats are great it’s very roomy you even get a snazzy digital instrument panel like most other modern luxury cars look okay it doesn’t feel like a range rover but volvo has

Put its own twist on things and it really works what doesn’t work so well is the infotainment system i mean it’s not a train wreck but the 9-inch screen feels a bit small in such a large cabin it’s not that responsive it’s the one area where the xc90 lags a little bit inside especially when you look at the new range rover’s massive 13.1 inch screen with amazon

Alexa built in but for over one hundred thousand pounds you’d certainly hope it would be better here’s a thing right every xc90 as standard gets dab radio sat nav led lights front and rear heated seats which is all very lovely it’s well kitted out but i mean that’s just a bit worthless isn’t it if this car isn’t smooth on the move but i can tell you that it is

This car is how can i put it into words this car is wafty it’s very wafty in a good way like it’s really quite relaxing to drive and if you go for the smaller tires then it kind of adds to the waftness is that a word it’s a word now it adds on to the waftness which is only a good thing this is the kind of car that isn’t trying to be a sports car which is a

Good thing and it means that when you do take corners you do it in a wafty manner i mean if you do try and whip it around a corner it is gonna roll a little bit that’s because of the soft setup that it’s got but you don’t want to whip it around a corner you want a waft i want to take my corners ah like this ah like that i just wanna waft in places that’s what

This car does to you more importantly the xc90 is accurate enough to guide along with confidence it’s a big car and the last thing you want to be doing is soaring at the wheel to keep it on the right path you get the idea but thankfully if you do veer off track for some reason you can get optional air suspension for an even more cushioned ride all xc90s are

Four-wheel drive as well useful when things get slippy and then also you get it onto the motorway and it’s a really lovely motorway cruiser i mean you get a little bit of wind noise by the wing mirrors but it’s not too horrendous picks up speed nicely and it just feels effortless i mean i did a two-hour commute twice yesterday so four hours on the motorway

Driving in this and i didn’t mind it at all in fact i don’t even really remember the drive because it was just so easy breezy so yes you will be very happy in this xc90 i mean don’t get me wrong if you had a range rover you’ll probably be a bit happier and if you can afford it good for you because it’s you know just that little bit more quiet and lovely and

Refined but for us normal folk this is lovely oh engine wise by the way this is the diesel model so you do occasionally get that diesel grumble but it’s not too bad the added bonus you get the diesel efficiency with every xc90 getting some sort of electrification the mild hybrid diesel can do 40 miles per gallon not bad for a big family bus although the petrols

Are a little bit thirsty you’ll get 32.4 miles per gallon out of the b5 version but the t8 plug-in hybrid offers 202 miles per gallon yeah right it could do 41.6 miles on electric power as well though which well we’ll believe that when we see it it’s very nice back here i mean leg room is delicious headroom glorious you can smell the quality in here it’s quite

Lovely look at this satisfying cup holder i just like pressing the button i like that oh and keep out the riffraff now the thing is it’s very nice in this middle row but this is a seven-seat car so we need to see what it’s like to get in the back one second okay right there’s a handle here that’s that has made it go like that that’s not right is it okay yes

Then does that lift up like that that doesn’t lift up like that does it pull up that doesn’t pull up like that but that made it lift up like that though didn’t it am i supposed to just climb over i’ve gotta climb over it haven’t i okay well um challenge accepted surely this can’t be right can it it’s got me right where are you supposed to put your legs there

Okay write them in i did it and i made it look really graceful although i mean to be fair it’s not it’s not too bad back here don’t have your hair up because my head’s like on the ceiling good for kids good for kids back here they can climb it don’t make your mates climb it not after a few drinks anyway it’s not fair on them how am i supposed to get out i’ve

Got to get out now because then how are you supposed to lift this back up so then does that let me lift that so you’ve got to do that to then lift that back up how do i get out oh man this can’t be right have i missed something here there’s no way that i’ve done that right that doesn’t make logical sense to me this surely should fold up like this oh it goes

Forward look at that oh oh that’s so much easier i wish i would have discovered this earlier before i made an idiot of myself sneaks into the darkness the boot is mahusiv too you get 356 liters with the third row seats up and one thousand and seven liters with them folded one thousand and seven and as this car has made me feel very posh i’m off for a wafty

Drive to waitrose to buy several bottles of bolly sweetie darling sweetie

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