the genesis gv70 the bentley on
Altair Club Cars The Genesis GV70.the Bentley on a budget???

The Genesis GV70.the Bentley on a budget???

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We’re putting off if you do a mistake in this car for bentley the car gods is not going to be mad at you because when you have a car like this that looks like this and can do things like this nobody’s gonna blame you for calling this event foreign it continues in here too because because when you even come in the car you can actually use your finger

To start the car with this little fingerprint right here and then when you do actually start it up you can actually see all the glory and the beauty i mean look at this i’m all right i’m about to turn all the lights off look at the ambient lighting in here and then not only that when you change the ambient lighting you actually change the lighting in the gear

Selector which is insane even when you’re in reverse check this out foreign so now as we’re going through everything in the interior you can actually see you have two screens right here both of them touch screen and you can actually not right now all right so back to what i was saying you have two different screens here both of them are touch screens as well you

Can adjust the fan everything down here is basically for the air conditioning and it keeps it super simple and that’s what i like about this car everything is not simple to the point where it’s boring but it’s simple to the point where it’s understandable and that’s the key to this card because not not a lot of younger people are going to be driving this car it’s

Going to be older people most of the time but it makes it so simple for anybody to use so you have this whole big screen everything’s showing right here let me get my head out the way but there is a funny part and i’m gonna show you right here so you get to settings all right vehicle okay and let’s see let’s go to the seat function so here’s a couple different

Weird settings you have a seat warmer balance and what that does it basically just balances the heated seats for where you actually want it to direct to so if you want it more to your back or if you want it more to your butt you can actually adjust it right there or you can just have it set to leveled out all right so let’s get out of the seat warmer balance and

Let’s go up to the one right on top of it the smart posture care so check this out so let’s go ahead and try it so we put in our height so i’m about 5 10 to 511 uh inseam let’s see what is this right here i’ll just let i’ll just let that slide uh my weight and okay i’m about 210 anything else okay and let’s see what it says analyzing posture all right so it

Says right now in the way my seat is i’m in a very bad posture so let’s go ahead and adjust the posture little old lady all right so back inside with my normal posture analyze my posture be quiet i know my own posture all right so you have apple carplay android auto all that good stuff in here uh and like i said just awesome quality up in here beautiful beautiful

Screen beautiful setup everything is just absolutely beautiful in here and uh let’s get to the back because i want to show you something in the back too all right so i’m going to show you something back here that you won’t believe all right so all right so as you can see i’m inside the car i’m a little squished but this ain’t a range rover velar so what we’re going

To do we’re going to adjust the seat i can move the seat forward and backwards i can lean the seat back if i want to and lean it forward i don’t know if it’ll work with passengers in it but whoever is in the front and you have kids in the back you better watch out uh but of course you can have as much room as you need plenty of headroom air vents back here plugs

Back here as well and it’s just absolutely comfortable you have the same beautiful uh quilted leather down uh quilted leather in the back and it’s just a nice place to sit all right so in the back of the genesis i don’t know if there’s like some hidden button or something like that but i can’t see oh wait a minute ah not bad that’s pretty clever all right so in

The back of the gb70 you have plenty of space over here you also have you also have a first aid kit so all your boo-boos and scratches you can be healed by the genesis get off me that save me but anyway you have a first aid kit you also have a spare tire in here with the jack and everything to go with it and then you also have your privacy shade you have your

Privacy shade so all you nosy people can mind your business also for the back with the exhaust you get some twins back here take a listen foreign this is the genesis gv 70. and if you didn’t think genesis could build a car like this oh you better believe it and i got to admit i actually really want this car right now because this car is far it’s not it’s not

Short of being better than a mercedes an audi or any bmw with this kind of class and i really mean that and before anybody thinks that i’m crazy let me just take time to explain this real quick the mercedes-benz glc the bmw x3 the audi q5 are all competitors to the genesis gv70 and if we compare their prices the genesis starts at 42 900 the x3 starts at 43 700

The mercedes-benz starts at 43 850 and the audi starts at forty three thousand five hundred dollars all making it more expensive than the genesis and when you take in consideration that all their interiors they look all right the genesis it refreshes the interior design and with the beautiful suede materials all the technology in it especially using the cameras

With the turn signals that’s luxury right there and you don’t get this level of class you don’t get this level of just absolute beauty you have suede on the headline if you have leather everywhere you have little bits of plastic and you know little tiny spots the build quality in here feels way better than what an x3 would or even a mercedes of this class would

And you know in this car it’s a little more friendly you know it’s a little more you know hey drive me enjoy me cruising me you don’t feel scared of pressing buttons and everything because it’s it’s so how do i like the ride let’s find out what’s under that what’s under that bonnet as what the english people would say is a 3.5 v6 twin turbocharged engine that

Produces this amount of horsepower and torque and this is the transmission that is in it as well and this feels absolutely amazing you know and it doesn’t invite you to you know it doesn’t want you to be sporty but if you wanted to it doesn’t have a problem doing it and you get that sense out of it but when you put it into comfort mode and you put your well it’s

Not really massage seats it’s they really could say it’s you it’s straight it’s a stretch but when you do have the seat in the function that you want it to be whether if it’s sport and it cushions you hugs you in the seat a little bit or if you want it in comfort and you just want to really relax and shout out to uh the ceo of elevate get the merch but back to

The car is special and it and this hat this car has no reason and no business of being able to perform the way it can handle the way it can and it just it does it does not make sense for this car to be able to do the things that it’s been able to do the genesis gv70 which should buy it should you avoid it honestly that’s not even a question it’s definitely worth

Buying and although the one thing that did kind of trick me up was both rotary dials and i ended up twisting the wrong one at one point but apart from that the interior is gorgeous the exterior is gorgeous and you’re driving a genesis that

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The Genesis GV70…….the Bentley on a budget??? By 10 Speed Auto

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