the fantastic hyundai veloster f
Altair Club Cars The fantastic Hyundai Veloster for iRacing

The fantastic Hyundai Veloster for iRacing

Hello sim racers and welcome to this new sim racing video featuring the new iRacing Hyundai Veloster TCR car against the AI at brands Hatch !

Hello there my fellow simi gracers i am the simrac racer and welcome to today’s video where i’m jumping back into i racing and i’m going to check out the all-new hyundai velosite tcr car which has just been released as part of the 2022 season 2 build now i know i know i only just made a video about the honda civic tcr and how great i thought that was and i was

Happy and i was content and i didn’t want or need another touring car but guess what i hit the buy it now button as soon as it was released and i instantly fell in love with this new car i absolutely love it it’s become my favorite tcr car and in this video i’m gonna tell you why so come and join me out on track after the intro so here we are at the back of the

Grid and we’ve got the full lineup of all the tcr cars that are now available in our racing of course we are in the brand new hyundai veloster which was the latest tcr car to be added to the lineup isn’t it amazing we waited what seemed like an eternity for some touring cars in our racing and then they come along three in one go in the last build we received

The hyundai elantra and the honda civic with the whole steady with the honda civic oh yeah cold tyres with the honda civic being my favorite of course they were added to the original audi tcr which although i enjoyed initially didn’t really float my boat because i didn’t like the dsg gearbox in it it wasn’t uh touringy car enough for me so anyway i thought

Right i’ve got my honda civic i’m a happy chappy and then out of the blue for the very next build they announce this honda velocita didn’t really know much about it so you know as always you scurry off have a little look see what the crack is it turns out it’s the previous generation of um hyundai touring car with the elantra being its uh replacement so we’ve

Got a chance to drive both because this car is still actively raced in the uh a lot of the uh american touring car series such as the uh pilot series clear left so i thought you know what i own all the touring cars in iracing so far i’ve found my favorite i don’t need to buy another one but guess what happened on the day of release click here to buy and i got

It and you know what i am steady chaps i’m so glad i did this is it to me this is the perfect touring car in iracing it’s got you know you normal flappy paddle gearbox with a clutch for your standing starts as you’d find in uh you know most of your popular touring car series so it’s already got a leg up on the audi for me it’s a shorter wheelbase than the

Other honda the elantra so it’s a little bit more nimble car left oh so when you you get into the tight twisty stuff it’s a lot easier to throw around you have to be a little bit careful though because it does suffer from a snappy rear end when the tires are cold which you would have seen at the beginning of the race on the first lap on your left but it is

Still there not necessarily predictable but it is definitely manageable so it’s you you know when it does skip well oh yeah he’s defending early as long as you’re on the ball it’s recoverable and it does feel good when it snaps out and you gotta whack on a quick bit of opposite lock to get it back it does feel good it’s very it’s one of those satisfying moments in

Sim racing that i really enjoy now it uh compared with the audi it doesn’t have the ultimate top speed down the straights nothing can really touch that audi and it’s uh aero and mechanical combination but it’s an unusual car to drive you always seem to be in a higher gear than what you think because of the drc gearbox on it so it doesn’t really float my boat

But it is rapid now compare it to my previous favorite which was the honda civic it’s just the uh the wheelbase configuration is just slightly different and it does have an effect on how the car handles oh a little bit of grass hold your line can we get him yes anyway back to the honda civic and yet i think it’s a slightly different track a wheelbase it’s

Just got that element of stability especially over the curves that you don’t get with the honda once you’ve mastered the the skippy nature of the honda it feels really alive to drive it really does and it’s when you nail that fast lap where you’ve been brave enough to take some of the curbs it’s genuinely a really satisfying experience but sometimes in a race

Scenario it’s nice to know that you can you can be a little bit more brave with the overtaking and track limits because you’ve just got that added stability but it doesn’t take away right against the limit there oh remember to change gear getting a bit carried away but you know it’s still fun to drive but the curbs won’t try and kill you every time you dare

Use them or when you want to be brave and put a move on which is how you go with touring cars is that you know you have to use all the track and then some if you want to make your way through the grid especially when you do these back of the grid challenges which i really enjoy against the ai especially in iracing i enjoy the you know the way that they’ve got

The talent spread the field spread so it’s easy to pass the early cars harder to pass the later cars all right let’s tuck him behind let’s use let’s let him punch a nice hole in the uh hole in the air for oh come off the throttle there in mid corner i just unsettled the card it become really floaty for a minute and i thought i was going to be in trouble but

Again the physics the force feedback this is going to be hairy i could feel that through the wheel i knew what was going on i knew i had to be careful i had to be smooth with my inputs there’s just something about this little honda that’s just clicked with me i just absolutely love it uh 89. wasn’t expecting it at all i don’t know if it’s my driving style

Which as you all know is distinctly average and hand-fisted and this car happens to just flatten my driving a little bit or it could be the trusty old akiforce direct drive wheel that happens to just be dialed in nicely with this car i just can seem to just throw it about with gay abandon not have to worry knowing i can 99.99 of the time i can collect it up and

I am as surprised as anybody i thought i’d found my my honda you know my touring car of choice for the future with the honda there on eye racing anyway it turns out and there a few weeks later after producing a video saying how much i love the uh honda civic you can watch that video there’ll be a link at the end screen for you along comes this unexpected tory

Car and that’s it i’m in love with something completely new and it’s hot honda civic what what was that one oh no i don’t remember anything about that you know not that i’m fickle of course not that i don’t get my eye turned by something new and shiny honest but for this build at least if you see me on high racing in a touring car i will be in the velocita

So much so that i’ve even given it the sim rig racer delivery ready for when i hit the track oh just listen to those sounds yeah this is another thing that’s a little bit frustrating about eye racing sometimes is sometimes they absolutely nail it the sounds are brilliant you got that little four-cylinder tin pot screaming away you got the you know the

Nice clunky gearbox change you got that dump valve chatter it’s really good the finish well done can we take a place at the line no not quite yeah as i say you know the sounds of exactly what you’d expect they are bang on touring car sounds and again i made a video about the new um brazilian v8 stock car in iracing love the sounds real what a real punch to

Them you know got that meatiness that deep sound that deep noise that the v8 can produce and then i uh i made a video in fact i made a lot of eye racing videos about the new content uh with the uh aston martin gt4 touring car and i was completely left uninspired by the sounds it was a real letdown seems so odd how they can get something so spot on and then

All of a sudden producer you know i don’t want to say duff one but certainly a weaker sounding car but uh anyway yeah that rub out that’ll buff out i enjoyed my look at the new honda tcr veloster in iracing i hope i’ve tempted you to part with some cash so i’m not the only man fool to buy yet another touring car that i didn’t want and until i bought it didn’t

Think i needed it damn ui racing in the meantime why not check out some of my other uh eye racing videos covering the new 2022 season to build content they’ll be coming up for you to enjoy in the end screen well i’m off to go and try this little cheeky tcr around some other tracks on eye racing in the meantime race hard race fair bye-bye

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The fantastic Hyundai Veloster for iRacing By Sim Racing Jason

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