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The Evolution Of The Volkswagen Golf

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Hello and welcome to car throttle my name’s alex and today i want to talk to you about the evolution of a car that’s been sold over 35 million times i am of course talking about the volkswagen golf or the bleeder be a golf pronounce properly now before we dive in did you know that the name golf actually derives from the word golf as in the gulf stream you did oh

Okay cool the year is 1974 and the beetle needs a successor enter stage left the vw golf that’s styled by giorgetto giugiaro tzeitel design and that takes all the beetle ingredients tears them up and chuck’s them in the skip rear-engined rear-wheel drive becomes front-engine front-wheel-drive air-cooled evolves into water-cooled and round soft lines transform

Into hard angles because boxy is beautiful outside the sea pillars are upright the headlights protrude downwards and the grille is made to be horizontal and slim a feature that still remains to this day under the bonnet engine choices range from 1.1 petrels to the 1.6 liter gti and the later 1.8 112 horsepower gti with the option of naturally aspirated diesels

And the range-topping gtd that features a garrett turbocharger to produce 70 horsepower and 96 pounds foot of torque big the mark 1 takes the world by storm selling 6.99 million cars worldwide and putting the golf lame at center stage in 1983 the new king is born the second-generation golf follows vw’s mantra of the golf master domain a golf meaning that when

You put both cars next to each other and squint a bit you think they’re the same car the golf’s new design cues are subtle and include taillights that are higher up a slightly more rounded body and bigger dimensions overall in fact compared to a similar mark 1 the mark 2 is now around 120 kilograms heavier while also being more aerodynamic and better to drive in

Every respect the technology is better – with abs power steering a catalytic converter and an all-wheel-drive version called the synchro becoming available oh my god the synchro don’t get me started on that under the bonnet vw spices the engine lineup with a 140 horsepower 16-valve gti as well as a supercharged g 60 that pumps out 210 horsepower and 186 pounds

Foot of talk 6.3 million mark tubes are sold and in 1991 the mark 3 is upon us for the mach 3 golf vw steps away from hard lines and angular cuts opting instead for curves and round edges this was after all the 90s where everybody but me had a tamagotchi and when a backstreet boys were still cool the point is people wanted new design trends and the mark 3 did

Exactly that by dragging the boxy but beautiful golf out of the 80s and into a new and exciting decade as well as it’s soft new exterior the car is also considerably safer bigger is available for the first time as an estate can suddenly be optioned with a multicolored body because 90s but is still unmistakably oak golf onto the punish gets real – along with a 150

Horsepower 2-liter gti volkswagen fits the golf with a new six-cylinder vr6 that produces up to 190 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque 4.8 million mark threes are sold worldwide before handing the torch to the mark 4 in 1997 vw releases what will soon become the best-selling car in europe compared with its predecessors the fourth-generation golf is suddenly

Way more upmarket with better interiors and higher equipment levels it’s so good in fact that the pope is one and he should know a thing or two about cars because he used to be a motoring journalist not many people know that anyway this is also the first time reproduction golf is able to hit the 250 km/h mark thanks to the 3.2 liter r32 that comes to market with

240 horsepower and 236 pounds word of torque in terms of its design the mark 4 is another subtle golf evolution with its steep rear strong c pillar and long roof while under the bonnet buyers are given no fewer than 24 engine options from small run-of-the-mill petrels all the way through to the 155 mile an hour r32 and diesel motors with up to 150 horsepower by

2003 the golf is in its fifth generation christina aguilera maya pink and lil kim release lady marmalade marmalade mama lard ipods also hit the market and i’m a badass with a haircut to match mm-hmm the world now craves excitement and sex appeal from the car industry and vw answers with a more athletic front-end and for the first time a bonnet that follows the

Contours of the headlights underneath this sporty new body the golf gets four-link rear suspension extensive chassis tuning and the option of a 7-speed dsg for the first time in a gti the 2-liter gti engine now produces almost 200 horsepower making it one of the most capable hot hatches around while the addition 30 ops that’s a nearly 230 horsepower meanwhile the

R32 6-cylinder is turned up to 250 horsepower making it the fastest golf in the range until one day cole hines jurgen and clop remember one thing hae young’s get the e festival gibbs but happier baklava must retire crassus – born jewish vie smushed ish meseta do is happy and zack slit of its rothstein can’t even autzen its hole magna charta thea the car took just

Eight weeks to build would hit 62 miles an hour in 3.7 seconds and had a top speed of 202 miles an hour and while it weld the world the gti w12 650 was only ever a concept car and not relevant to this story i just wanted to tell you about it because it’s so cool with the sixth-generation in 2008 the gulf becomes the world car of the year it’s now smashing it for

Safety with its first 5-star euro endcap rating and although it’s billed as a new generation it’s more of a reengineered facelift of the mark-5 in 2009 engine downsizing means that the 3.2 liter r32 is replaced by the two-liter golf r and despite only four cylinders it pumps out 270 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque and has an autist 62 time of 5.5 seconds in

2012 the golf evolution goes into overdrive it becomes the first car to be based on the mqb platform a platform shared with the audi a3 sayit lian and skoda octavia meaning that the front wheels are shifted forward to considerably reduce the front overhang the new catback would look makes the golf appear more upmarket while the car is now 100 kilograms lighter

And up to 23% more efficient and features a new digital display as seen in luxury vehicles in 2014 the new e golf becomes the first electric model in its class and shortly after the gte plug-in hybrid is launched – but the really big news comes in 2016 with the introduction of the new gti clubsport s that sets a new nurburgring lap record for a front-wheel drive

Production car the seven minute 49 second and 21 milli second lap is a full 1.4 seconds faster than a civic type r leaving the japanese mega hatch in the corner with a bloody nose with 6 million mark sevens having left the assembly line the all-new eighth generation is revealed in late 2019 and here we are the present day with the all-new eighth generation golf

Its lost it sharp looks yes but the real excitement happens inside because this is a car designed for millennials with super smart horizontal lines and a sexy digital cockpit the point here is the golf eights new tech which includes lane assist gps guided adaptive cruise control as well as a larger range of hybrid powertrains the gti will be launched later in the

Year and the r has been confirmed with 330 horsepower and manual gearboxes are on the agenda too and despite vw making a big deal about the electrification of the golf 8 diesel is not dead a 2-liter tdi will be available in two states of tune 108 and 148 horsepower with the gtd arriving at a later date for more information on the brand new vw golf click the link

In the description below and there you have it the evolution of the volkswagen golf from the bite sized runabout of the 1970s to the tech fest that is a brand new golf eight i hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and if you have make sure you subscribe to the car throttle channel and check out more videos over there i’ll see you next time stay safe

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