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Altair Club Cars The Elegant Mercedes EQS SUV | Overview

The Elegant Mercedes EQS SUV | Overview

Mercedes has just unveiled their flagship electric SUV! Packed full of luxury, technology and with space for 7, watch this video to find out about the EQS SUV both inside and out!

Hey everyone welcome to ropa’s the buzz for today is the all-new mercedes eqs suv for 2023. so the eqs suv what really is it well it’s mercedes most luxurious all-electric suv yet and in this video i’m going to be telling you about everything that you need to know about it the eqs suv is built using the same electric eva2 platform as the eqe and eqs which means

That these three cars all share similar features both inside and outside at the front the eqs suv has that now typical eq face with the black slab and the daytime running with long light bar the headlights have a triangular design which is unique compared to other eq models surrounding the massive logo there’s a pattern of tiny three-pointed stars that you’ve

Already seen on some other models at the side you have the usual eqs logo and mercedes flush door handles that improves the aerodynamics of the car there’s also optional aerodynamic side runners that help improve range it’s black trimming around the windows which continues around the back on the roof spoiler the rear end also has that with long red light bar and

A chrome design at the bottom that makes it look that it has exhaust pipes even though it doesn’t need any you can also get the aqsa suv with really stirring of up to 10 degrees which amazingly gives this large suv a turning circle of just 11 meters as it’s an suv the ground clearance is obviously better than the normal eqs at a height of 181 millimeters the

Car gets mercedes aromatic air suspension which allows you to electrically raise and lower the car as you wish within a range of 25 millimeters this is a useful feature that works well together with the eqs suv special off-road mode furthermore if you go over a bump or uneven road the car can remember that exact spot and will automatically raise the suspension

The next time you’re about to come across it this car can seat up to 7 people with a sledger or vegan-made seats forming a 2-3-2 layout the front two rows of seats are electrically adjustable and have massage functions but don’t think that you’re missing out on all the creature comforts if you’re cooped up in the third row behind the electrically folding second

Row of seats because you can even get that final row as heated seats and have the car fitted with five zone climate control which will reach you all the way in the back now the dash design and trimming is very similar to that of the normal eqs’s except that the eqs suv will have a brand new wooden trim with aluminium mercedes three-pointed stars embedded into the

Wood another cool feature is a lovely panoramic gloss roof anyway this car is a dual screen setup as standard a 12.3 inch driver display and a 12.8 inch touchscreen for infotainment however if you go for a higher spec of this car you can hit it with the famous mbux hyper screen that debuted on the normal eqs it consists of two 12.3 inch screens one for the driver

And one for your passenger along with a huge 17.7 inch infotainment touchscreen in the center all of this is seamlessly connected by a curved glass panel and spans 56 inches across the cabin nearly the whole width of the car it boasts mercedes zero layer technology which uses ai to have whatever you need a single touch away in some places now your passengers can

Watch movies and videos while you’re driving using a special technology that will help with not distracting the driver if you do happen to glance over to see what your passenger is watching though the car will simply turn the video off pretty smart huh and don’t worry your rear seat passengers also can enjoy the same mbux entertainment from the back with two 11.6

Inch touchscreens and even an optional removable tablet to control the mbux features galore one more thing to mention of course this car gets mercedes fabulous ambient lighting that surrounds you in colors of your choice at launch the eqss cv will be available as two models the eqs 450 plus and the eqs 580. the base model 450 plus is a single electric motor that

Powers the rear wheels only its 360 horsepower will propel this heavy suv from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 6.2 seconds if you’re looking for a bit more speed the eqs 580 is the right choice for you its dual motor all-wheel drive system pumps out a mighty 544 horsepower and will accelerate the car from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.7 seconds

But don’t worry these two aren’t the only versions of the eqs sc will come in eventually mercedes will make both amg and maybach versions of this car all this power is okay but how far can the eqs suv actually travel with a single charge well its 108 kilowatt hour battery pack will give the 450 plus a range of 370 miles and charging well this car will charge from

0 to 80 full in just 31 minutes with a 200 kilowatt dc fast charger that’s it for today if you enjoyed don’t forget to give this video a like and subscribe to roboz would you get this eqs suv over a tesla model x let us know in the comments below see ya

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