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Altair Club Cars The Electric Dodge Charger Daytona is Freaking AWESOME: No, Youre Wrong

The Electric Dodge Charger Daytona is Freaking AWESOME: No, Youre Wrong

Check out our reveal video covering the electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept on TFLcar:

Tflev is brought to you by flowcharger maker of reliable high quality charging stations for your electric vehicle my friend we’re living in the world that’s going through a major shift and electric muscle cars are gonna be incredibly awesome no you’re wrong what let me explain okay listen hear me out okay okay dodge has just dropped a concept car they call

The charger srt daytona concept it shows the future for the brand for dodge and it’s electrified we know electric motors produce incredible horsepower and torque from zero rpm it’s all wheel drive it has a transmission with multiple speeds and it has sound what else what else do they want what else do you want in the future muscle car okay here we go so

Here’s the bottom line first of all i think the car looks great and it’s kind of an interesting car that’s great and it’s going to be fast that’s awesome muscle car you use the word muscle cars that’s what i say that that’s a hiss and a no bad andre bad it is an awesome car it’s a fast car it’s cool car it’s not a muscle car muscle car v8 have you ever heard of

A muscle car that doesn’t have a gas engine no because it doesn’t exist why because it’s not supposed to exist muscle car is not a term you use for anything other than something that has an internal combustion engine and i guarantee you that a lot of people out there believe that also yeah in the next few sentences i’m going to interrupt you more than once okay

Can i speak now yes yes so you might you have to consider the imagine muscle yes you mentioned muscle muscle can come in many forms you see these guns right here yeah um small muscle but still muscle it can be electrified muscle it could be hydrogen muscle it could be gasoline or diesel muscle yeah internal combustion muscle is different than electric muscle i

Agree with you that electricity makes things usually more powerful and a lot more torquey i mean we know that we we’ve tested enough electric cars we know that however there is a major difference between muscle car which requires fire inside explosions things moving around carburetor and intake something like that exhausts going to the back and the only thing

You’ve mentioned so far that makes me think okay maybe is the exhaust part so explain that okay i’ll explain it uh i think oh this is my last time interrupting you what okay go ahead that was the last oh wow okay let me explain so tim kuniska is the ceo of dodge um has been a huge fan as you know of hellcat-powered machinery yeah i think he put a hellcat almost

Into anything he with the exception of like a minivan i think he’s managed to put it in everything yeah almost so so that’s wonderful but to me that that concept of the muscle car and i think tim this is where tim is going is it has to have several elements to it it has obviously horsepower and torque right okay that’s no argument but it also has to satisfy other

Senses right right which is why they have developed a system that they call fred sonic sound do you know what that’s after the fratzog uh triangle and they’re calling it frat sonic yes okay it’s a interesting name that’s not the name i would have come up with but back in the 60s and early 70s that this triple pointed star you could see it in the front of this

Car right that was called the fredzog there was a made-up term made by a designer now fast forward 55 years or whatever 50 years now they have a chambered system that moves air amplifies the sound that an electric car could or should have and makes it up to 126 decibels okay that’s really loud i mean that is louder than me 126. that’s well actually you could

Probably challenge that but but 126 decibels according to dutch is the same sound level as a kind of a hellcat v8 at full boil accelerating wide open throttle yes so let’s talk about the sound for a minute is it a overlap over sized gazoo you know what a kazoo is right where you blow into it is that basically what we’re talking about here because it sounds like

They’re putting air through something to make this sound and it corresponds with the throttle position and some other things that are going on that totally makes sense but is that what we’re talking about and if that’s the case does it cool anything does it help performance in any way what else does it do it makes sound it makes sound okay it makes sense okay

So so but they’re addressing that because other manufacturers let’s name them tesla ford vw kia hyundai chevrolet the chevrolet now is coming out they’re blazer electric which actually looks pretty cool too um so all these manufacturers of course consider this right but their take on it is okay let’s give people power and all-wheel drive and the sound is just

Gentle maybe a hum at the most you know for safety right but how safe is this this is the safest electric car in the world because 126 decibels you will hear it coming okay so i i have to reserve my judgment on that one until i see it and hear it in person because i’ve been told by you and by others that when you’re in the room and you were there at when they

Dropped the fabric on this thing yes when you’re in the room you can really feel it you kind of feel it in your chest and everything else it actually has air is moving yeah air is moving so there’s something real good that’s going on and i don’t necessarily hate that i am concerned though that some other people might not like the fact that what you’re doing is

You’re taking a step above artificial noise you’re creating noise that doesn’t really do anything in terms of enhancing performance but perhaps you could say but it’s enhancing the driving character of the vehicle maybe okay okay let’s move on to another element of this car right which is a transmission it’s a multi-speed how many speeds we don’t know so it

Could be a two-speed transmission maybe because they say multi so more than one multi okay so other manufacturers have done some of this like porsche for example yeah that’s right with a tycon electric car uh they have a multi-speed transmission for various reasons acceleration and then also efficiency so um this car and by the way we don’t know a lot of numbers

About this car uh this concept yeah this is this is still the charger daytona srt concept right but uh that feeling you know banging your own gears you know shifting asking for another gear to come in they want to reproduce it in this car and they’re doing it so do you think it’s going to be something like they’re gonna cut power for like a split second making it

Feel like you’ve gone to another gear and then reapply the power or is it something like there’s actually going to be a transmission that’ll interrupt the flow of power to feed to a next gear and then reapply the power well they’re calling it the electromechanical multi-speed transmission they’re calling it erupt because dodge dodge has marketing names that are

Awesome okay i can’t even argue with that erupt erupted that’s awesome i’m sure eddie van halen would be three okay e rep no i get it i get it okay so it’s interrupting both an e erupt again yeah even even so we haven’t driven this car right we don’t know exactly how it feels uh you haven’t listened to it you haven’t heard it in person but still i’m just saying

Uh the future is bright because this car just flips it on its head it has a wing in the front uh it still has dodge typical kind of you know upright squared off stance but it’s still aerodynamically efficient right and it’s all-wheel drive and it’s a hatchback and it’s a hatchback so it can hold a lot and the seats fold flat at least in the concept are you offended

By that that it’s a muscle car with no no no actually not at all because i mean i the dodge durango srt is technically a hatchback if you want to look at it that way and i love that all right so let me be completely honest with you we do these things in order to get you guys to engage in the conversation i do not hate this vehicle really the only thing i dislike

Is the fact that they call it a muscle car anything else would have been fine they could call it a muscle missile or anything else along those lines and i would have been fine with it now they do have the banshee moniker and the banshee thing is very interesting because that’s actually uh representative of their new powertrain that will be in other vehicles as

Well just like the hellcat powertrain is available in a variety of different vehicles so is this one in upcoming vehicles i like that there’s the symbol right there it’s a screaming face i can see it from my peripheral vision i’m not good okay and it’s the wheels are ridiculously good looking and interior i mean if anything the interior of this vehicle uh and he

Wasn’t allowed to go in it but he was allowed to press his nose up against the glass and i think he got some fingerprints actually on the glasses as well well the doors were open so i was able to stick my head inside of the vehicle but i couldn’t sit down could you imagine if you did when andre went to this event he was actually sitting front row right there near

The center yes and for those of us who were able to watch during the unveiling which was all on video for everybody else we could actually see the back of his perfectly shaved head so it was pretty damn awesome well i wasn’t shaved i was groomed very groomed i’m not used to saying groomed i’m used to saying shaved because i’m yeah anyway so this is the interior

And the interior of this vehicle is unique at the same time it does hark to what current srt slash dodge products look like on the interior but in a more pronounced way yeah and it’s a once again the concept but i think it points to the direction of their design once again the detail in person is amazing there’s a floating console in the front and in the center

Of the car and that goes to the rear of the car as well there’s a with something they called like a pistol grip shifter inspired transmission shifter and it’s proper it’s in the center at least it’s a shifter and not a button uh yeah it’s not a knob you have to twist on a steering column or something like that they have huge screens the gauge cluster screen in

Front of the steering wheel right is 16 inches in diagonal it’s the largest you know of all clusters currently available it does it have a heads up display yes also um yes i know the tesla has a bigger screen in the center but i mean behind the steering wheel it’s the largest cluster available it’s a real steering wheel not a yoke it’s a real steering wheel and

You know uh dodge designers do a great job exterior and interior i think yeah they make they can make a really pretty car and also they were really really um this is important they were made sure this is a driver-focused area all the screens are angled towards the driver you’re kind of sinking into the vehicle right you’re part of it obviously you can shift or

You can you don’t have to shift if you don’t want to um and then also uh multiple power levels multiple modes so what do muscle cars do they go to drag strips and they race other people yes so so it has launch mode it has drag strip mode sport mode all different modes and nine power levels nine nine nine power levels in this car or nine power levels available

In the future it’s it’s a little bit more complicated of course so at first there will be three power levels and the idea is you buy the car the vehicle right whatever the uh underlying hardware is in this case 800 volt system we don’t know the battery size or range yet and horsepower we don’t know but if you’re buying that car you’ll have certain power levels

Some of them will be kind of available to you but if you want to upgrade later for example you want to go faster you can use your direct connection dealership you can talk to them and they can say if you want to step up to the next banshee level you might need to upgrade your brakes or your suspension also because you’re going to be going at light speed so in

Other words you can pull in to your local dealership and they can plug you in for a upgrade yeah it’s like getting a boost of nitrous okay right think of it think of it okay having a big hemi and have a couple couple of bottles of nitrous uh in there no i need i need more nas yes yeah like that so like that and it has a power boost feature a power shot which is

Kind of gives you a quick burst of extra energy because you can do that i write that name powershot yeah so so see see what i’m saying they’re trying to replicate every element that was there before but this is a new interpretation of it for the next muscle car and i think all of that is great everything you said except for one part muscle car everything else i

Love i love this car the design is fantastic the idea of it being super fast super comfortable super capable and utilitarian are you kidding me that’s awesome and honestly i really am looking for someone who can really beat the crap out of tesla only because i think tesla’s lost a lot of their magic and they’re kind of boring now this is exciting however you’re

Wrong because it’s not a muscle car it’s a super ev please uh resolve this argument in the comments below help us out is this really the future of muscle or is it something else entirely oh one thing we should mention is that remember this is a concept vehicle we do have some information about possible production though yeah 2024 this car should be live should be

Production that’s what they said right will it look identical to this maybe not there may be some changes to it right how much will it cost we don’t know will there be a base version of this car probably yeah maybe later yeah so to come there you are thanks guys we’ll see you next time thank you you

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The Electric Dodge Charger Daytona is Freaking AWESOME: No, You're Wrong! By TFLEV

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