the electric audi q4 e tron is a
Altair Club Cars The Electric Audi Q4 e-tron Is a Good Luxury Crossover, But Is It Good Enough?

The Electric Audi Q4 e-tron Is a Good Luxury Crossover, But Is It Good Enough?

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Tf led is brought to you by flowcharter maker of reliable high quality charging stations for your electric vehicle hey everybody i’ve got such a cool video for you today because audi has flown me out to beautiful oceanside california to check out this the all-new fully electric q4 e-tron and the all-new fully electric q4 sportback e-tron so what is the audi q4

E-tron well you’ve probably heard of the volkswagen id4 which is the small electric crossover by volkswagen it rides on an architecture called meb this is the audi version of that car and in this video i also want to find out is the audi worth a premium over the volkswagen now the audi is going to be available in two very specific trims the q4 and the q4 sportback

And here’s the difference this is the q4 it’s got a very squared off rear end it’s pretty utilitarian back here the other option that audi is offering in the q4 e-tron is this model the sport back so it’s got a different roof line it’s much more sloping it’s supposed to look a little bit sportier a little bit more performance oriented now the wheelbase is the

Same between the two same with the overall length and you’d expect the sportback to have less cargo capacity however on paper interestingly enough it doesn’t now why is that well it’s because of regulation you see when they’re measuring cargo capacity they have to measure to write about the headrest right you can’t obscure the view out of the back and call that

Cargo a space and because of the scallop in the trunk of the sport back it has 26.1 cubic feet which is actually a little bit more than the standard q4 e-tron which i think is pretty funny however in the real world in practice if you go to ikea if you start stacking boxes in the back this sloping rear end is not going to be as useful the audi q4 e-tron obviously

Shares its platform with the id4 however i find it to be a much more attractive vehicle i kind of like the stubby proportions and i just i think it looks really cool so in the front of course you get the four audi rings bold and in charge and then this big silver lined grille this will change depending on your trim and i say grill and quotations actually because it

Doesn’t let any air in this is just a design element it’s a full electric vehicle you don’t need the same airflow as a gas model so the actual airflow comes in down here at the bottom to these little vents and there’s not many of them now we do have a fairly low front splitter and then we have these accents along the side very fake venting the headlights now this

Is a cool story there’s a couple of different options but the top trim the prestige you can get with a full matrix led design and you can actually configure what the running light will look like in the infotainment screen which is just fantastic along the side a couple of different choices of either 19 or 20 inch wheels depending on the trim got your review mirror

Over here with some black accents ink silver trim along the windows on this model we’ve got the silver roof bars which i think make it look quite good and then along the rear drum brakes so this is one of i think three new vehicles you can buy in 2022 with drum brakes there’s the id4 the q4 e-tron and the toyota tacoma but of course because it’s an electric vehicle

Because it’s got so much regen audi says that 90 of your braking actually comes through regenerative braking so you don’t really need that much braking power from a mechanical rear brake and uh i’ve also heard the volkswagen folks say you know it’s better for the environment because you’re trapping the brake dust in a drum now along back we’ve got our charging port

With both j1772 and ccs um dongles there it’s on the right side of the vehicle and in the back full led tail lights with one long continuous light bar broken up by these little slots in the back which is a nice look quattro badging and then e-tron along the rear bumper which i like a lot now mechanically there are two primary versions of the q4 e-tron there’s a

40 and then there’s the 50. the 50 is quattro all-wheel drive and the 40 is just a single motor rear wheel drive setup if you get the all-wheel drive you get a second motor in the front uh however it’s worth noting that between the rear wheel drive and the all-wheel drive the rear motor always stays the same now horsepower output right around 200 with three wheel

Drive and right around 300 with all-wheel drive and the all-wheel drive system is very very clever so at like cruising speeds it won’t supply any electricity to the front motor whatsoever it’ll just use that rear motor and range numbers depends on trim but it ranges between like 236 miles all the way up to 265 miles depending on the model the audi q4 e-tron has

An 82 kilowatt hour gross battery pack right around 77 kilowatt hours usable and the dc peak fast charge rate is 150 kilowatts and they are predicting five to eighty percent state of charge in right around 36 minutes at a dc fast charger now at home charging they gave us a couple different numbers it actually has a really juicy onboard charger up to 11 and a half

Kilowatts and they’re saying full charge in right around seven and a half hours at eleven and a half kilowatts or if you use the included charger right around nine hours at what 9.6 kilowatts and i actually love this about the new q4 e-tron is that they give you a dongle for both 120 and 240 volt charging and the actual included evsc is a pretty cool little unit

This is audi e-tron on there i like that a lot now when i heard this car was based on the volkswagen id4 i had a very set idea of what i thought the interior was going to look like and that was completely wrong because this interior feels entirely different than the volkswagen and that really in my opinion is a good thing it feels very futuristic in here but

Also very premium so a couple of things worth noting lots and lots and lots of screen and technology so we’ve got a digital instrument cluster and then this screen is a 10 inch screen however for 2023 models that’ll be upgraded to an 11 inch screen and this is such a big deal the volkswagen 94 is a great vehicle but the infotainment technology is one of its big

Downfalls i find it very tricky and cumbersome to use but the audi q4 e-tron does not use the volkswagen system instead it uses an audi system and it is much much much better there’s also a couple of other important differences between the audi and the volkswagen that volkswagen has that weird system where it doesn’t have rear window switches in the front you got

To do this weird like toggle back and forth in the audi we got proper window switches for the the back windows which is fantastic now a couple other things worth noting these seats are a little firm but they are leather lined and they um they do feel quite good overall i could probably use them a little bit softer i like this wood trim along the top of the dash

It makes it feel kind of like a swedish nightclub in here and this is a funny feature you get two vents pointing directly at the face of the passenger so you know that person is never going to be all that hot or cold now lots and lots and lots of piano black one thing i’m not a big fan of you got this floating central console which is where you’ll find your start

Button your gear selector and then your volume and track selection but it’s all lined in piano black just a little bit too much piano black for my liking the gear lever is uh it looks like a domino it’s this little black slider you push it forward and backward to engage the different gear selection and then the the regeneration modes are actually selected via the

Paddle shifters and you can go back and forth to change what level of regen the vehicle has we don’t have a volume knob which is a bummer instead what we have is this little touch sensitive panel that you kind of twiddle your finger across to increase or decrease radio control not a big fan of that i prefer knob however we do have physical controls for the climate

System so you can actually toggle up and down for the dual zone automatic climate as well as the fan heated front seats in this model and then the steering wheel we also have some controls on the wheel which illuminate with the car is on for heated steering wheel we got audio controls we also can change uh the look in the view of the cluster all throughout there

This is a nice interior it’s much nicer than the volkswagen 94 and something which is kind of unique to the audi is not only can you slide open this panoramic sunroof to let sun in you can actually open it up all together which you couldn’t do in like a tesla model y so that is a nice touch the storage capacity of the q4 e-tron is 24.8 cubic feet with the rear

Seats up or fold them down and you can get up to 53.1 cubic feet of space which really is pretty good seats are easy to fold and it’s just a very intuitive setup to getting a lot of space for furry friends or for other friends or whatever you may need to put in the back seat or the back of the q4 e-tron the rear seat space in the q4 e-tron is certainly one of the

Biggest surprises this is my driving position at six feet tall and i have a tremendous amount of leg room like almost full-size truck levels of legroom that’s how comfortable it is back here and headroom well that is actually very good too in this standard model however when we go to the sports back the story is going to be well let me show you now in this model

The leg room still incredible but the sport back is uh pretty compromise on headroom they do try to scalp it a little bit for taller rear passengers but it’s just not very good if you’re over uh you know well certainly over six feet but maybe even over like 5 10. you’d probably strug a little back here pricing for the q4 e-tron starts at 48 800 for the standard

Model or 56 800 for the support back so that’s a pretty big price bump and both of these are significantly more expensive than their sister cars the volkswagen id4 and the id4 now starts at like the high thirty thousand dollar price range so we’re talking like 10k more to get yourself into a q4 now is it worth it well there are certain things which certainly are

Worth it to me like the fact you have real rear window switches in the front um a much better infotainment system and a much nicer interior but let me know what you guys think in the comment section below would you go for the q4 e-tron or for the sport back leave me a comment as always has been telling me with tflev we’ll see you in the next video

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The Electric Audi Q4 e-tron Is a Good Luxury Crossover, But Is It Good Enough? By TFLEV

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