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The Dragonfly is BEAUTIFUL

The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 is more than a laptop. Dragonfly Folio G3 is a versatile device that takes many forms. Sponsored by HP.

So we recently checked out some new laptops from hp and today we’ve got something fresh in a different category elevated category this one is gonna flip around turn into a tablet have a pen input have a leather-like finish it’s the hp dragonfly folio g3 exquisitely crafted and ultra light three pounds intel i5 or i7 with a really cool little setup for housing your

Pen box in a box there we go all right so what is cool about this device i think it’s pretty obvious straight away converting it is doing different things it’s a laptop when you want it to be it’s a tablet when you want it to be it’s a companion at the table when you’re uh eating your breakfast it’s taking up a very small amount of space you have this leather-like

Folio aspect to it so like when you’re carrying it around it kind of has that nice grippy texture and executive presence look at that look at the different modes including this kind of flat drawing mode or inking mode when you’re taking notes maybe touching up a photo okay now you’re gonna notice right away they did go with three two and that’s going to give you

More vertical workspace and a 13 inch laptop and it also elevates your eye line a little bit slightly more ergonomically leasing comfortable you want to get that top edge of the display as close as possible to your eye line so you’re just hunched over a little less which is obviously targeted at extended hours of uh work spreadsheets web pages all of the above oh

Okay leather like texture on the outside there is something about that grip confidence inspiring you walk around you can see me this thing is nice and understated you could just imagine it fitting into any environment even when you’re just driving around with it you put it on the passenger seat like it’s a nice looking item little seam in the center a little bit

Of uh stitching in a lighter color metal on the bottom and because we’re packing uh intel in here we’re getting a full windows experience i’m not gonna open it up yet let’s just look at the other items in the package a bit of an elevated unboxing experience as well a very portable power brick with the braided style cable however it terminates in usb type c which

Is the most convenient obviously in the most universal 65 watt capable this little package houses your paperwork whoa the pen it’s also coming with a number of different tips interchangeable tips if you want to get a fresh one you just pop one of those in one thing about pen input in general is where does that pen go how do you make sure you have it with you when

You want to reach up and use it oftentimes these can be forgotten whoa yes okay let me explain so this little recess section the magnet in there is kind of suspended and when the pen approaches it pops oh it’s on the pen so the recessed section has a strong magnet inside and then the pen has a portion that pops out look at that and sits in there so it’s a little

Bit more than just a magnet it has some resistance to it you have some confidence as you walk around like this so now the pen is always with you which is lovely and you can just leave it there you can go about life using your device by the way if i had to read that little diagram i would have figured that out more quickly you can leave it there everything is

Still accessible and then you can just quickly get your pen and do your pen stuff and then slap it back over there is it charging that way too you know what it is you know what it is it’s charging over there as well which is good so you really never need to worry about it or think about it oh look at the deck on that one blacked out big track pad you have the

Big hp fonts on the keyboard which i’ve been a fan of on uh the last few models this is a very portable and slim laptop but somehow they fit a fairly substantial keyboard into here as well let me do a quick brown fox get the focus bro i do like this keyboard for a thin laptop like this and i know the construction materials are robust but this thing is so solid

It has like a this is a lovely experience it’s also a pretty quiet keyboard if that matters to you this is laptop mode you see pick your angle you get your work done no big deal but that’s not really the magic there’s more to the story here let me just lean back like that so there’s a magnet down here that it slaps into that it’s a strong when it’s in laptop mode

There’s no confusion that it’s in laptop mode but anyway that pops out and this is a nice little angle you’re note taking your inking photo touch-ups well anything you might want to do with a pen and then so is this look how natural that is with the spot for the thumb in portrait on the leather then i’m really in folio land cool 10 kilometers of glass versus plastic

Durability wise these nibs these nubs they should last for a little while this is obviously a cool format how about that one if you have something in front of you you’re also working on so if you have a reference here and then you’re working in front of it or you’re eating a meal airplane tray table where you’re really limited for space your display is now just

Closer to you and the nice thing about this with having the touch input and the pen input it can still interact with the display or just reach up and touch it i don’t think we’re done yet though this angle over here which sits right and and the magnet just picks it up look at this so you’re just kind of like reaching down and it just clicks right into place a nice

Little viewing angle you still have access to your track pad you still have access to your touch input it’s just a tremendous amount of flexibility and different angles to get your work done depending on the environment there’s some examples where somebody might be doing a video conference on a couch somebody might be sitting at a cafe table somebody might be in

The back of a cab there’s all these different scenarios for all those different scenarios but i actually don’t think we’re done quite yet are we there would be one more which would be this tent you could also do tent i don’t know why or when this would be important to do but i guess if you had a really small amount of space you could do this a really narrow i don’t

Know you might be in france or something like you’re in france and you’re in one of those really small coffee shops which has like only a ledge do you know what i’m talking about you only have a ledge and you’re trying to do a quick uh video conference you put your cup and then you put this i have a vision in my mind of the place in which you’re using this that is

Tremendous flexibility and look at that i mean it’s just it’s kind of also satisfying as you just like look at the mechanical aspect of this solid in all scenarios all right let’s look around the outside that’s your magical connection point for your pen we have a vent here also on the other side an analog audio jack for your headphones two type c ports one with an

Led indicator so that you know if you’re charging i think this is a sim tray it is a sim tray windows 11 pro 12th generation intel core processor i5 and i7 non-v pro and v pro the device is starting at 3.09 pounds so the display i have on this one thank goodness 13.5 inch diagonal 3k by 2k that’s 3 000 by 2000 pixels touch input ips bright view corning gorilla

Glass 7 400 nits of brightness there’s other display options if you don’t want this resolution or the beauty of oled because there’s something wrong with you this display i mean i’m just looking at the spec oled displays in general and then the pixels i can’t personally turn it down so that would be my display choice up to 32 gigs of ram up to two terabytes pcie

Nvme m.2 ssd storage battery life acclaimed 13 and a half hours seven hours for the oled panel hp fast charge support over that 65 watt charger is going to charge charge this thing up to 50 in 30 minutes the premium keyboard as hp calls it is apparently spill resistant which is nice in those cafes that i was referencing earlier no spill zone oh and these a usb c

Connectors are actually thunderbolt 4 capable which is lovely hp elite series mill standard 810g durability standards that’s 19 different tests dust water desert ocean dirt mud just cafe i stick to the cafe right look how nice your laptop is all right we are also protected by hp wolf security oh that is definitely the oled let’s play wow that’s a lovely display

I don’t even want to touch it with my fingers right now i think i will use the pen instead let me tell you the other benefit of the pen is that it keeps your fingers off the display so you can still get the benefits of a touch display but without the fingerprints to go with it which is good yeah you know one of the reasons i like to use this as a sample it’s a

Nice contrast essentially and where oled truly shines is in the darker regions as we’ve spoken about in the past is totally black in these sections over here i realize this is a sort of like a business targeted laptop but this particular display option is going to crush for media consumption watching your netflix watching your youtube watching your lou later your

Criterion collection if you’re mo or kirk this is going to be a great place to sit and watch especially when you consider the convertible aspects of this device and flip it like that i could use my little pen maybe this is a more comfortable way to watch the film i’m going here because now on the couch i don’t have the keyboard tray in my way as i’m trying to just

Appreciate the display obviously apple has been a part of that conversation where are you speakers some of our most differently interesting content from across part of this must have something to do with the fact that this had to change and yeah you know what here’s the thing guys this test when i used to listen to the speakers on a lot of laptops there was more

Variants in like a good sounding speaker and and like a tinny one but they’ve all tuned things up and taken it more seriously thank goodness maybe it has something to do with these tests and these videos that people do here on youtube that sound experience more than sufficient obviously i mean you you heard it so oh look at this pen configurator oh pen tip

Sensitivity i’m gonna leave it tilt for the artists you can program the buttons barrel button top and bottom on pen detach open the menu look at this on pen detach we can launch onenote microsoft whiteboard cool you also have a radial menu option for nav indirect inking which kirk is very excited about moe’s very excited about they both told me about this feature

Before i even got into the package here they were like you can you can use this as an actual tablet like an inking an art tablet on a different display well that’s pretty sick you can use it as a tablet for pen input on any computer through this indirect inking feature slap this baby back onto the to its docking location we pull it out and microsoft whiteboard pops

Up got it got it got it and then just like that oh baby that’s my cafe wow this is mostly just for like ideas like you’re supposed to just do like this you’re supposed to just be like yeah you’re supposed to just be like okay ideas lead to big ideas big ideas lead to bigger ideas think about it the hell is this how about this one yeah bart simpson i’ll

Take it you crazy guy man this would be such a doodle machine for me good loaded slow day this is bo after a long day right here you want to know something this feels good drawing on this feels really good and the contrast with the oled and such it’s an experience that’s infrequent for me feeling that level of kind of uh input you know is there something intuitive

And kind of like weirdly creative about it i’m just sitting here goofing around and then all of a sudden it’s like your hand is just moving and you’re kind of jotting things down so when it comes to like ideation and brainstorming and stuff because i know we’re joking around in good i know we were goofing around the whiteboard effect it also applies here in the

Digital realm obviously quite cool can i have a bowl of cereal in front of this all right now the other thing to mention here they had to consider what they were going to do with the microphones because you have all these different form factors that are supported you found a way of putting the mics on top of the bezel right here one there and one there apparently

These are gonna pick you up up to three meters away and for those of you that are not part of the metric system that’s a pretty substantial it’s like around here if you’re in a room with a group of people and they’re all spread out all over the place or for whatever reason you want to walk away from the device itself because maybe you’re doing a cooking show for all

I know three meters back or or and and or 360 degrees around the device 8 megapixels we just one up to the last test take a video why don’t we this is a video test of the webcam 8 megapixel capable webcam on the dragonfly folio g3 on the oled display with a pen in my hand the audio that you are hearing is also directly from the device and i’m staring right into

It this is about oh i don’t know 30 centimeters away and this is about one meter away microphones on the top of the device 360 360 360 i’m now behind the device 360. i’m now behind the device and i’m gonna move back around to the front of it and it should have hurt me all the way around there uh yeah i don’t think there’s gonna be any complaints when it comes

To video conferencing the thing is legit it’s also got the auto framing just like the other hp devices that we featured recently so if you move around the frame find me foreign i go forward what a cool combination of things what a versatile device that’s really doing so much it’s it’s truly a tablet it’s a note taker it’s a portrait mode device it’s obviously a

Landscapable device it’s a three pound laptop with up to an intel i7 up to two terabytes of storage it has thunderbolt 4. in my case here it has a 3k by 2k oled display but they’ve even found a way to pack decent audio into it nice thumpy weighted keyboard with big keycaps even though you have a 13.5 inch device and then also by going with the 3-2 aspect ratio you

End up with something that for productivity gives you a little bit more vertical space lastly the styling you have this nice leather folio style so that you can carry this around and not really feel like you need to put anything else on it it’s comfortable enough you just kind of you know you put it under the arm you walk around and you get things done you show

Up like this you’re getting things done you have everything you need to get things done there’s no more excuses no

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